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Hardball - August 3, 2007

Hardball - August 3, 2007
Guest Host: Mike Barnicle

Edwards guy: edwards sued a lot of bad guys

Obama guy: my candidate wuz against teh war

Clinton gal: iowa is a finishers state and she's a closer and she's got experience and newness and she'll end teh war

Mike: okay then

[ break ]

Barnicle: why do u hate children you don't want them to have health insurance

Zuckerman: no i do and i like this bill I think it’s great

Barnicle: oh ok other chick do you hate kids

Lucas: yes it's terrible its socialism

Barnicle: wow thanx could u bash teh bill some more

Lucas: this is horrible some people might get health care who are not children it's Karl Marx's wet dream

Zuckerman: 90% of those covered would be children and maybe some adults like pregnant women

Lucas: see it’s national socialism

Zuckerman: this bill would help people who have to choose between food and health care

Barnicle: but, but, but, diane this is terrible people might get covered who don't belong you know blacks or mexicans!!!

Zuckerman: calm down dood there is going to be a waiting period to punish people who are sick and really need care so nothing to worry about

Lucas: conservatives care about poor people too much to allow them to be covered by evil socialism

Barnicle: dammit why can't congress solve this problem now that i spent 20 minutes bashing their attempt to solve this problem

[ break ]

Barnicle: wow Obama now leads in Iowa

Craig “Giggles” Crawford: ha ha ha ha ha ha

Barnicle: calm down why should i care about the subject i just brought up

Giggles Crawford: people don't like hillary but they think she's electable

Mason: ha ha ha we're playing doctor

Barnicle: why isn't edwards leading dood he practically lives there

Jay Carney: it's not so bad considering he had the Haircut of Doom

Giggles: ha ha ha ha - what if it's snowing!!!

Barnicle: wow first obama is attacked for meeting with Fidel and now cause he wants to bomb pakistan and now again because he won’t use nukes

Mason: are we planning on nuking a country that i don't know about?

Barnicle: people love this dood but they're afraid he's too young to fight Osama

Carney: that's right he has no experience in doddering around Connecticut or Delaware

Barnicle: what does it reveal?

Carney: it shows that Obama is wrong - you see I dispatch Conventional Wisdom in DC and it "Simply Isn't Done" to tell the truth in Washington

Barnicle: how gauche

Giggles: really how rude

Mason: rookie mistake

Giggles: ha ha ha ha

Barnicle: wow look democrats are abusing power they are so pathetic i am so outside the beltway ha ha

Giggles: ha ha ha ha - no see the Republicans kept votes open forever and Dems finally said no to that

Barnicle: who cares i hate pundits and people in Washington - fuck the facts

Barnicle: i love Republicans and like Mitt Romney and i hate YouTube and bloggers and ordinary people -- god i hate my life -- why can't a man running for president have some privacy???? Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Carney: it's an outrage when a candidate makes a public statement and people might make a record of it

Barnicle: it's disgusting it makes me sick

Giggles: ha ha ha ha ha

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