Sunday, August 12, 2007

*Special Edition* Hardball, August 10, 2007

*Special Edition*
Hardball, August 10, 2007

Matthews: my money!

Erin Burnett: dood it's like 1987

Chris: yeah but you were 12 and i was poor!

Matthews: should we whip inflation now?

Erin: Sure Bernanke could reduce rates but what about the Chinese and Japanese and Russians and others

Matthews: scary

Erin: lead toys and poison food keep real estate prices low!!

Matthews: Californication?

Erin: better not buy that vineyeard Yellow Haid

Matthews: god damm there goes Chateau Aqua Velva

Matthews: what about the young ones

Erin: maybe everyone wasn't meant to owe a home it's not a right

Matthews: yeah Jimmy Stewart said best to wait to own one until yur too old to enjoy it

Erin: welcome to Pottersville dood

Matthews: could you come in closer honey

Erin: what?

Matthews: closer to the camera baby

Erin: what the fuck dood

Matthews: closer love the lens do it baby

Erin: are you crazy?

Matthews: HA! just kidding honey baby yur the best

Erin: you a deeply mentally ill

Matthews: i love it!!!

Erin: get some therapy pscyho

Matthews: Ha!

Erin: oh my god you are so fucking weird


Hillary on tape: unite and back me are you with i'm a winner and i'm your gurl

Majorie: i love the phrase it's like saying you go girl

Kate: i'm not a feminist but oh my god i was clutching my pearls and i got the vapors she's a hyprocrite because she's pretending she's not a radical

Matthews: but it's not fair why can't Rudy call her a girl or feminist or a bitch

Marjorie: oh for god's sake

Kate: but it's hypocritical we all know Hillary is evil and she's pretending she's not radical

Matthews: ha i love it

Kate: radical feminist!! radical feminist!!!

Matthews: will all wommin vote hillary

Majorie: no guess what they care about economy and change and iraq and everything

Matthews: you girls are both wearing pearls ha ha ha

Kate: what an idiot you are

Matthews: is this the junior league why don't you pretty ladies go bake me something

Marjorie: jesus what stupid fucking white boy

Matthews: Romney poll tax ?

Deroy: yeah it's the straw poll tax

Eamon: it's the only game in town

Chris: ha that is the funniest thing i've ever heard

Julie: ha ha ha ha ha

Chris: huckabee's waterloo?

Chris: i hate mexicans

Julie: Tancredo!!

Deroy: ron paul

Matthews: i love that guy! He's like Barry Goldwater!!!

Matthews: hillary was very successful even though she was wrong going after Obama

Julie: i can never remember six months

Deroy: flip flopper im very concerned

Matthews: let's all be honest i would use a small kiloton bomb in Iraq but not in Pakistan

Eamon: incinierating innnocent people is not a big selling point in Democratic politics

Deroy: i love nukes

Matthews: oh you're absolutely right it's nice to burn the skin off people now and then -- you never know we may need to kill milllions to avoid getting into a war

Deroy: oh let's not argue about which Republicans dodged the draft or had affairs who went after teenage boys

Matthews: but dammit young men are in Iraq thanks to Mitt Romeny but what about his OWN FUCKING FAMILY

Deroy: well maybe they told him to fuck off

Eamon: um yeah obviously he's rich of course they never serve

Matthews: yeah but they're so eager to start wars aren't they

Eamon: i asked a WWII vet about those dudes who never served and they said yeah it made them more hesitant war is not a Rambo movie despite what the freepers think

Matthews: is Obama black enuf

Obama: dudes i'm not that kid from the Fresh Prince i organize in the inner city and everything

Deroy: Clarence Thomas!!! Drop of blood! Dood looks black to me!

Matthews: me too i guess that settles it


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