Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democratic Debate - ALF-CIO

Democratic Debate - ALF-CIO
August 7, 2007
Soldier Field Chicago

Obama: Everyone knows where Al Qaeda is, but how far are we prepared to go - they pull a knife, we pull a gun, they send one our troops the hospital, we send of theirs to the morgue thats teh Chicago Way!!!

[ applause ]

Biden: in Hillary's little city mole people live in aluminum tubes its crazeee!!!! I will debate Rudy and i swear i will yell so loud he'll wish he brought bernie kerik to whisper in his ear thou art immortal!!!

Olbermann: okaaayyyy

Edwards: everyone knows i'm down with organzied labor i'm like Gephardt only with eyebrows and integrity

Keith: interesting

Edwards: look at what happened Saturday at YearlyKos Hillary loves Lobbyists and i say no to that!

Keith: taxpayer funded Steroid Palaces?

Kucinich: i was mayor of KeelberTown and i bought the Elves baseball team they won the chocolate pennant

Olbermann: awesome

Kucinich: sure we should invest it will bring jobs

Obama: that's why i spent your taxes on a football stadium go Bears!

Richardson: AFL-CIO in da house!! Give me money!!

Audience: wooo hooo!!

Bill: Electric grid! Commuter rail! Flying cars!

Olbermann: NAFTA yes or no?

Hillary: this will shock you but i have 12 point plan that addresses this issue too

Olbermann: of course you do

Hillary: i want a Trade Cop, maybe -
[removes sunglasses]

David Caruso

Olbermann: excellent

Richardson: no more trade agreements ever unless it's all unionized and no wage disparity

Olbermann: no shit

Obama: i keep trying to call the President of Mexico but he keeps dodging me - either that or i'm calling a restaurant by mistake

Keith: yo quiero NAFTA?

Biden: u hate me don't you

Olbermann: quit bitching baldy

Biden: i would bomb Canada

Dodd: i'm really really old and i've been in teh senate a long time

Edwards: Lobbyists wrote NAFTA i hate corporate America

Kucinich: Withdraw from NAFTA!!

Olberamann: wow i think corporate America fears u more than Edwards

Edwards: fucking midget stole my thunder

Hillary: look assholes this is real simple support me and we can have a united party - you wanna make the wingnuts head explode - i'm your girl

Obama: look this is a global economy but the Republicans are in too deep with Corporations so it's subtle but important

Keith: China yes or no

Richardson: China should stop you know fooling around with currency and stuff

Obama: Take 'em to the mat! Hit 'em with the chair! Stop borrowing from 'em!

Biden: George W. Bush borrowed money from the Chinese to pay for the Iraq yeah that was brilliant

Hillary: damm right bush is the credit card king

Dodd: the yellow peril is building an army!!!!

Edwards; what about human rights and inferior shit and tainted water and crap

Kucinich: when you’re in a hole to china, stop digging!

[applause ]

Gravel: [asleep in front of Matlock marathon]


Keith: what if al qaeda takes over the entire country of Iraq

Richardson: that's ridiculous

Obama: i remind you for the millionth time i was right about this war

Keith: we all know that

Obama: criminy shocking i know but the reason al qaeda is there is because we're there - and they already are in Pakistan

Biden: let's set up a government and DIVIDE IRAQ!!!!

Hillary: i have a 19 point plan to withdraw troops but we can't leave until al qaeda is completely gone

Dodd: i luv our boyz and girlz in teh uniform

[ yay! ]

Edwards: i would sit down with the sunnis and shia and get to them to settle their differences like i did when i was a trial lawyer

Olbermann: like how

Edwards: like say there's genocide i would plan to sue in that case

Kucinich: Get out Now! Here's my plan: Congress should start dictating foreign policy to George Bush

Keith: what's up with paying for war Obama dude

Obama: trying to send a message to the president but i'm not like Kerry i luv the troops and it's bush who is fucking them over

Keith: can u command

obama: the joint chiefs will say how high when i say jump

Hillary: now wait just a second Obama this is Bush's war not mine and look i had to weigh how angry primary voters are with how that vote would play in the general election!!!

Dodd: Obama is irresponsible to talk tough on Pakistan after all words matter and we might piss somebody off

Obama: heh heh heh oh well excuuuusee me for not having 26 years experience fucking up like you do Chris Dodd but let me be clear if Osama is hiding somewhere how could you not attack dude Osama was never in Iraq and voted to attack there!!

Hillary: it's Barack Obama's fault that Bush misued the CIA -- look we have to lie to the American people we're hunting rabbitts!!!

Dodd: you can't tell the truth i've learned that in 26 years in Washington

Obama: I can't believe my big fucking ears if lying during a Presidential campaign is what you get from three decades of experience i don't want it


Obama: this is the most important foreign policy issue we have and you all are up there announcing a campaign is not the right time to discuss it - when is the right time my fine vulcan friends???

Q: Union!?!?!

Kucinich: I'm a union man when I president even the US attorneys will have union!!

Keith: awesome

Iraq Vet: so i serve my country and then i get back and the damm factory closed my life is a Springsteen song

Richardson: well that sucks i could enforce OSHA but i doubt that would stop a factory from closing

Vet: yep

Bill: Heroes Health card!

[ yay ]

Q: my daughter the 19 year old solider has to buy her own fucking equipment sweet jesus

Dodd: i served in the reserves and i can tell teh Republicans don't care about the troops whatever they tell you

Steel Worker: my pension vanished when the bosses skipped town -- what is wrong with America???

[ standing ovation!!! ]

Edwards: this what i'm always talking about - hold corporate feet to the fire and universal health care - i've walked picket lines 200 times - i'm corporate America's worst fucking nightmare!!

Hillary: i fought tooth and nail for unions and i have plan to rebuild manufacturing do you HEAR ME SISTERS!!!??

New Citizen: illegal workers what's your plan?

Obama: congrats dood i hope you don't regret it later heh heh we need strong borders and also go after employers it's abusive - path to citizenship - hey did u know i got started in politics in Illinois labor so in your face Edwards!!!

Nurse: nursing shortage doods

Biden: nurses brought me back to like and i sang Puttin on the Ritz it was awesome

Keith: you look almost human

Biden: hey i've walked on lots of picket lines and i'm from Delaware in your face Johnny Edwards-come-lately

Kucinich: universal single payer health care!

Edwards: oh yeah joe biden is down with unions sure whatever he says i didn't know MBNA has unions -- i will crack down on scabs!

Keith: but isn't it your fault that North Carolina is right to work?

Edwards: um, no -- everyone knows where i stand on this issue for pete's sake why do you think GE is obsessed with my haircut

Biden: Puttin on the Riiiitz!

Dodd: fewer miles per gallon also my toddler just made his first pee pee in the toilet

Olbermann: congrats dood

Hillary: Green buildings! Green Power!

Keith: i asked about NCLB

Hillary: that sucks too

Keith: your vice president dood?

Richardson: well not dick cheney

[ big applause ]

Keith: lobbyists getting rich?

Hillary: hey i opppose special interests too like in 1994 you think that was easy

Keith: Obama, bundling?

Obama: who am i fighting for? Who did i start with? Unions!

Edwards: i never paid a jury for a verdict and that's what happens in Washington right now!

Biden: what makes you think you can have a liberal health care plan or foreign policy??

Keith: because it's popular?

Dodd: we're not safer - terror is tactic not philosophy

Dennis: we made a promise to get out of Iraq and i'm doing my best to make it happen

Keith: is Barry Bonds on the 'roids or not

Obama: no because he's stuck at 755 dood

Keith: Katrina?

Clinton: it's a American problem for god's sake let quit fucking around

Bill: I'm about change, experience and electability

Olberamn: if u say so

Obama: sure everyone knows politics is all about the money but i'm trying to start a movement it's Obamania!!!

Biden: no when i president people will be so happy they may just cancel the next election

Keith: i think those hairplugs are hitting your brain dood

Hillary: i will be so busy on health care and education and energy and watching bill i won't notice

Dodd: hey the reason it started so early is that this country is a collection of pitchforks away from tossing stupid on his drunken ass

Edwards: hey i invited the cleft palate guy to Soldier Field here tonight - we have to hit corporate America with the chair!!!

Kucinich: the Republicans are afraid of me i'm like Seabiscuit i'm small but i got a big heart!!!

Keith: for those of you who haven't suffered enough here's Chris Matthews with a post debate roundup


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