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Interviews with the Democratic Candidates
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August 9, 2007

(Sorry - only caught the middle of Richardson and Hillary Clinton. Hopefully it will be rerun)


Bill Richardson:

sure i've said slurs against gay people but i've had gay cabinet members and iv'e even had good relations with transgendered people like Rudy Giuliani

Carlson: that's ok, pedro, we all make mistakes

Bill: i killed Doma don't kill me

Joe: gay marriage yes or no

Bill: [ long silence ]

Joe: speak english senor?

Bill: gay marriage is not gonna happen so hey whatever

Joe: cop out dood

Bill: i hate discrimination

Melissa: is gayness a choice or not

Bill: oh definitely a choice

Melissa: christ how did you ever get elected i don't think you understood me idiot

Bill: i'm not a scientist but i remember choosing to like women - especially hot latina women with a big caboose

Melissa: ok that's enough

Bill: that's just me i'm hispanic

Melissa: how do you think it makes me feel to live a country that tells me i don't deserve equal rights

Bill: that’s bad

Carlson: but if it's a choice then it's not a civil right so where is your brain

Richardson: no it's a matter of equal rights -- look maybe i'm not getting through cause i look bored and uncomfortable but look i've actually done shit on this issue

Carlson: closing statement

Richardson: please melissa tell Al Gore not to run

Etheridge: anything else

Bill: i plan to unify america by so boring everyone they will forget whatever they were angry about


Carlson: wow you're hot i like your blouse

Hillary: thanks but i'm not gay

Carlson: don’t ask don’t tell

Hillary: i came out against "don't ask" in 1999 but hey look if you remember 1993 there was a witch hunt

Carlson: people were out to get you it's true

Clinton: no i mean against gay people - it was a Military Gay Relationship McCarthyism in those days

Carlson: wow Andy Sullivan's head must have exploded he’s gay but loves McCarthyism

Clinton: it was terrible in those days in 1993 they drove many cunning linguists out of the military - hey even Colin Powell saw "Hairspray" and changed his mind.

Joe: why do u hate gay weddings?

Clinton: it's personal for me i'd have to start going to even more weddings and buy gifts, and not just a toaster but something really tasteful - you know how gays are - and that would be just a huge pain in the ass

Joe: that's a good point

Clinton: look a lot of people hate gays so we have to move with a slow hand

Joe: well dammit we're frustrated

Hillary: oh i get it but admit it this is not a long term struggle yet look at how long the Jim Crow laws lasted

Joe: too damm long

Hillary: we had to have DOMA or Karl Rove would have rounded the gays and put them in camps

Etheridge: i came out as gay the week your husband was elected and he broke his promises and threw the gays under the bus

Clinton: well now hold on -- we had to deal with Gingrich and impeachment and my ambitions and i marched in the gay pride parade and that surprised people who didn't know Oprah and i had an affair

Melissa: so let’s see some leadership now

Clinton: if i were like you i would feel like you do

Melissa: you mean if you were gay?
Democratic Candidates
LOGO Network
August 9, 2007

Sorry, only saw then end of Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton)

Clinton: no, talented

Capeheart: Peter Pace sez gays are immoral

Hillary: well he's an idiot then isn’t he

Carlson: will u be my girl

Hillary: maggie i am your girl!!

Carlson: ooh hooo!

Clinton: America is a whacked out country its true -- my GLBT aides tell that they're human and that's very interesting to me

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