Sunday, August 05, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - August 5, 2007

The McLaughlin Group
August 5, 2007

McLaughlin: this country is falling apart

Buchanan: it's a metaphor for America we suck at everything we don't build anything anymore

Clift: Hey we're building a Bridge to Nowhere while teh real ones are collapsing

McLaughlin: Iraq is Teh Bottomless Money Pit then we're giving billions to Saudi Arabia that's fucking brilliant

Blankely: you said it was Bush's fault

McLaughlin: no i didn't

Blankely: this bridge fell down it's all Bill Clinton's fault!!!!

McLaughlin: what did bush do about it?

Blankely: you want to abolish the Pentagon well i disagree

McLaughlin: welcome to Maria you're foxy

Maria: fixing bridges is not sexy

McLaughlin: honey you can make talking infratructure sexy

Clift: we're all selfish

Buchanan: the Chinese!!

McLaughlin: illegal immigrants brought down the bridge

Buchanan: FDR was a great President and Greepeace brought that bridge down

Blankely: that bridge was perfectly safe until it fell down

Clift: well there's more where that came from we need to spend more

Blankely: we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

Clift: not if it collapses dude

Buchanan: unfunded mandates are killing this country look at Europe!

McLaughlin: dood their bridges are fucking beautiful

Blankely: sure but how many middle east wars are they proudly bogged down in

Maria: hey dood americans are making money in China construction

McLaughlin: we suck don't we

Maria: yeah


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