Sunday, March 08, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 8, 2015

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
James Knowles – Mayor of Ferguson
Pierre Thomas
John Karl
Donna Brazille
Mark Halperin
John Heilemann
Nicolle Wallace

Stephanopoulos: OMG in the news this week
Hillary Clinton's e-mails and police shootings
and Ferguson is a totally racist town

Audience: that covers it

Stephanopoulos: also 50 years after
Selma we have black President

Audience: oh right that

Obama: what they did here will
reverberate through the ages –
they proved that non-violent
change is possible

Obama: things have changed but
racism hasn't vanished either

Stephanopoulos: the DOJ issued a report
calling Ferguson a corrupt town with an
armed gang for a police force

Thomas: Eric Holder is prepared to
dismantle the Ferguson police dept

Stephanopoulos: wow

Thomas: 93% of all arrests were 
of African-Americans

Stephanopoulos: that seems high

Thomas: the report showed government
officials sending racist e-mails calling
Obama a chimpanzee

Stephanopoulos: that's not good

Obama: it was a repressive and
abusive situation and it's not an aberration

Thomas: the DOJ under Obama
has investigated many towns finding
unconstitutional practices

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Mayor

Knowles: hi George

Stephanopoulos: your town is shockingly
racist and corrupt and abusive and criminal

Knowles: look in our defense many
of our police officers are part-time
employees and full time idiots

Stephanopoulos: are you prepared
to dismantle the police dept or at
least fire the police chief

Knowles: no why should I

Stephanopoulos: they're all 
hopelessly corrupt and racist

Knowles: we were singled out by the
federal government it's very unfair

Stephanopoulos: you think?

Knowles: sure every town 
around here is worse

Stephanopoulos: that's terrible!

Knowles: well it's true

Stephanopoulos: will you at least
stop breaking the law?

Knowles: we'll take a look at it

Stephanopoulos: well good for you

Knowles: we're going to have the
first civilian review board in the St Louis area

Stephanopoulos: the city manager 
is a crook as well

Knowles: we're going to read the 
report and look at that

Stephanopoulos: ok thanks for coming

Knowles: I have to break a few more laws now

Stephanopoulos: good luck

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome General Powell

Powell: good morning George

Stephanopoulos: you're black –  
what do you think of Selma?

Powell: the violence in Selma was
so shocking it changed America

Stephanopoulos: amazing

Powell: Selma gave the President 
and Congress the urgency to pass 
the Voting Rights Act

Stephanopoulos: the President says
we've made progress – have we?

Powell: of course – we have a black
President and I was secretary of state

Stephanopoulos: good point

Powell: I'm troubled by the voting
restrictions and what I say to my 
black friends is register and vote 
these jackasses out of office

Stephanopoulos: were you shocked by Ferguson report?

Powell: I was shocked but not surprised

Stephanopoulos: sounds about right

Powell: arresting people to 
raise money is not right

Stephanopoulos: true

Powell: racism is not right

Stephanopoulos: not it's not

Powell: violating the Constitution is not right

Stephanopoulos: can't argue with that

Powell: shooting unarmed people
who pose no threat is not right

Stephanopoulos: okay okay sheesh

Powell: just saying George

Stephanopoulos: you say there is 
intolerance in the Republican party

Powell: it's pretty much their thing

Stephanopoulos: If you say so

Powell: hey it was only 60 years
ago we still had poll taxes

Stephanopoulos: not that long ago

Powell: but young people today
understand the beauty of diversity

Stephanopoulos: that seems true

Powell: but we also have to
make sure our government
is not openly racist

Stephanopoulos: aim high I say

Stephanopoulos: would you vote for Jeb?

Powell: I worked for his brother
and I've rarely met a dumber person

Stephanopoulos: is that right?

Powell: I was his Secretary of State
and voted for Barack Obama -
what does that tell you?

Stephanopoulos: you were Secretary
of State and had an e-mail account

Powell: I modernized the State Department
and used e-mail but I didn't keep any copies of them

Stephanopoulos: so there's no record at all?

Powell: I don't know what happened to them

Stephanopoulos: well no problem them

Powell: they're were all pretty boring
anyway – it just the days after 9/11
and during the buildup to invading Iraq

Stephanopoulos: oh well never mind then

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Colin

Powell: you're welcome George

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: OMG HILLARY'S E-MAILS!!!

Karl: President Obama didn't even know
Clinton had a private e-mail account!

Axelrod: they're allowing the issue to fester!

Karl: Clinton may violated State Dept rules

Karl: remember the secret health
care task force and the Rose law
firm billing records?!

Stephanopoulos: will this hurt Clinton?

Halperin: I used to think she was inevitable
but now I've decided I don't like her

Stephanopoulos: wow!

Halperin: she's not going to be President!

Brazile: private e-mail accounts
was the norm for cabinet officials!

Stephanopoulos: so why not get
out ahead of this story?

Wallace: this reminds me of how
the media unfairly went after
that Saint Dick Cheney

Stephanopoulos: the parallels are uncanny

Wallace: the is a media problem
because they feel those e-mails
are their property but voters don't care

Heileman: I don't dislike her as 
much as Mark Halperin

Stephanopoulos: well he is a
conservative and an idiot

Heileman: on the other hand she
is probably hiding something

Stephanopoulos: is she doomed?

Heileman: a lot of Democrats are
getting that queasy feeling again

Halperin: she withheld documents!

Stephanopoulos: what should she do now?

Brazile: talk about the economy

Stephanopoulos: the what?

Brazile: Democrats are very 
confident about 2016!!

Wallace: Benghazi!!

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