Sunday, March 22, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 22, 2015

Alex Marquardt
Hamish MacDonald
Terry Moran
Lindsay Davis
Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX)
Gen. Carter Ham (Ret.)
Tim Longo – Charlottesville Police
John Cohen – Fmr. terror official
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)
Steve Inskeep
Cokie Roberts
Van Jones

Raddatz: OMG Yemen is one of the
most dangerous places in the world!

Marquardt: it's total chaos here!

Raddatz: wow

Marquardt: US troops are pulling
out just to avoid another Benghazi

Raddatz: can't blame them

Marquardt: the U.S.-backed 
President has fled and jihadists 
and taking over the country

Raddatz: that's not good

Marquardt: al-qeada attacked the
USS Cole in 2000 in Yemen and
that's also where the underpants
bomber came from

Raddatz: they're the University 
of Kentucky of producing terrorists

Marquardt: ISIS also attacked in Tunis

Raddatz: well shit

[ break ]

Raddatz: OMG a stunning new
threat from some unknown group online

MacDonald: holy shit this crazy ass
terror group published the names
and home addresses of U.S. armed forces

Raddatz: how did they hack 
into this information?

MacDonald: it was all in the phone book

Raddatz: o m g

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Congressman
what the hell is going on and
how terrified should I be?

McCaul: Yemen is incredibly 
dangerous Martha

Raddatz: I hear it's total craziness there

McCaul: now we won't have spies
there anymore which is terrible

Raddatz: that's not good

McCaul: right – how will our
drones know who to kill?

Raddatz: good point

McCaul: we pulled out of Libya
and look what happened

Raddatz: I wouldn't vacation there

McCaul: there are power vacuums
all over the world being filled by terrorists

Raddatz: eek

McCaul: Yemen is going to
attack the United States!

Raddatz: Iraq was going to take
Tikrit but then they stopped

McCaul: Obama is making the
military fight with one hand behind its back

Raddatz: how sad

McCaul: the head of the 
snake is in Iraq and Syria

Raddatz: they body is Saudi
Arabia and the tail is in Yemen

McCaul: there are foreign 
fighters right here in the United States!

Raddatz: you're freaking me out

McCaul: Attacking Americans
would be easy so to pull off!

Raddatz: OMG our troops could be killed!

Raddatz: welcome Carter Ham

Ham: the idea that information
in the phone book could be
corrupted by terrorists is so sad

Raddatz: some accounts on
Facebook are still public

Ham: yes – service membesr should
take their home address off the Facething

Raddatz: I was in Iran and 
they kind of like Americans

Moran: Obama reached out 
directly to the people of Iran

Moran: is Iran building a bomb?

IAEA: maybe

Moran: so you don't know

IAEA: exactly

Moran: they install underwater
cameras and sent pictures back to Vienna

IAEA: our inspectors must have access!

Moran: any deal is only the first stepping

IAEA: of course -- it must be implemented

Raddatz: OMG UVA campus
cops beat the hell out of a student

Student: no one was surprised
this was racist incident

Davis: the alcohol cops
said he was belligerent

Bar Owner: no he wasn't

Elderly student: let's not
have a mob mentality

Davis: you don't think a white
student would have been arrested

Student: hell no


Longo: what we saw on that
video was disturbing

Raddatz: the owner of the bar said
the student was not drunk and he
had a legal right to be there

Longo: we will look into that

Raddatz: why do cops beat up black people?

Longo: that's a discussion we need to have

Raddatz: I guess so

Longo: I met with the local
head of the NAACP

Raddatz: what needs to change?

Longo: attitudes need to
change and hearts also

Raddatz: it's a start

Longo: law enforcement needs
to learn the racist history of this country

Raddatz: perhaps

Longo: but we can't let the great
reputation of this school be hurt
by a few bad apples or a whole orchard

Raddatz: the police chief called
the video disturbing

Cohen: it's very sad that some
people have already made up their
minds that the cops were wrong
to beat the shit out of this kid

Raddatz: that is so sad

McCaul: we're dealing with a terrorist threat!

Raddatz: this should be done quickly

Cohen: yes but it should be honest
and it's terrible for public officials
to jump to conclusions

[ break ]

Raddatz: OMG Ted Cruz is running
for President and Aaron Schock
is running from the cops

Lewinsky: it's time to stop tip toeing
around my past and take back my narrative!

Raddatz: is it time to re-asses Monica?

Roberts: more power to her –
the Internet is brutal – just ask the Romneys

Inskeep: there is a culture
of shaming and it's not good

Raddatz: were you cringing  
when Monica was talking?

Cole: I don't care about Monica

Van Jones: Monica's talk was riveting
people live in fear of cyber bullying!

Raddatz: Nixon tried to fix Prince
Charles up with his daughter

Inskeep: ha

Raddatz: can you imagine if the
Nixons married into the British royal family

Roberts: the ravens would fly away

Jones: I am not a rook!

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