Sunday, March 01, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 1, 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz
Terry Moran
Alex Marquardt
Brian Ross
Matt Bradley
John Kerry – Secretary of State
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)

Raddatz: OMG ISIS is unleashing 
a new wave of terror!

Raddatz: also another crisis in Moscow
as a Putin critic was shot in the back!

Moran: Boris Nemstov was murdered
and protesters say Putin has created
a climate of fear and terror

Raddatz: in another crisis Israel
and America are feuding!

Marquardt: Netanayhu is coming
to America to accuse Obama of
letting Iran have a nuclear bomb!

Raddatz: omg the search in on
the for world's most wanted terrorist

Raddatz: many are asking –
could the British have stopped him?

Ross: British intelligence can't
watch everyone all the time

Raddatz: what??

Ross: he grew up in London and
slipped out of the country and
murdered Americans oh and
some other people

Ross: do you condemn murder?

Brit: I condemn America for being murderers!

Raddatz: how long will it take
to completely destroy ISIS?
- I will ask John Kerry

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Secretary Kerry

Kerry: hello Martha

Raddatz: ISIS is on a rampage
just like Genghis Khan!


Raddatz: what?

Kerry: sorry that was my
salute to Leonard Nimoy

Raddatz: how's the war coming along

Kerry: which one?

Raddatz: the latest one

Kerry: ISIL is on the run!

Raddatz: they are?

Kerry: yes but invading and
occupying Syria will be a bit trickier

Raddatz: you don't say?

Kerry: yes but I'm meeting with
the King of Saudi Arabia this week
which should solve all our problems
with beheading muslim extremists

Raddatz: James Clapper said this is
the worst year for terror deaths ever

Kerry: we're safer than ever!

Raddatz: the American people think
they are about to be killed by terrorists

Kerry: compared to WWI or WWII
things are really good

Raddatz: ok so it's not the
Battle of Verdun or Iwo Jima

Kerry: we're focused on the that
whole internet cyberspace battle thing

Raddatz: when will the Iraqis re-take Mosul?

Kerry: that's a secret Martha

Raddatz: you can tell me

Kerry: we're still training the Iraqi troops

Raddatz: Centcom said we
would invade in the spring

Kerry: you can't trust them Martha

Raddatz: so will it be 2015?

Kerry: I just said it was a secret

Raddatz: how much do you hate Bibi?

Kerry: I love Israel

Raddatz: don't we all

Kerry: you know Obama
has waged war on Israel's
behalf two hundred times

Raddatz: it's not enough

Kerry: but not consulting the
White House on his visit
is total bullshit

Raddatz: you sound angry

Kerry: Israel is safer today
because of Barack Obama
and this is the thanks he gets

Raddatz: it was either than or
a gift certificate to Radio Shack

Kerry: we are inspecting inside Iran
that's more than Bush ever got

Raddatz: perhaps

Kerry: we are going to guarantee
Iran can't build a nuclear bomb!

Raddatz: does Bib's speech
actually help Iran?

Kerry: I won't comment on
that but probably yes

Raddatz: whoa

Kerry: Obama gave Israel
Iron Dome – fuck this guy!

Raddatz: go on

Kerry: remember no one supported
the Interim Agreement and it
turned out to be awesome

Raddatz: what are you talking about

Kerry: this is a test of whether
diplomacy can work or if America
is doomed to century of war

Raddatz: then we're doomed

Kerry: everybody believes war
should be a last resort after diplomacy fails

Raddatz: not John McCain

Kerry: that's very true

Raddatz: who killed Boris Nemstov?

Kerry: I don't know and
wouldn't tell you if I did know

Raddatz: you're no fun

Kerry: our sympathies go out to
the Russia people – he was the
last good man in that country

Raddatz: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Peter King

King: good morning Martha

Raddatz: some say the Republicans
are acting like jackass defunding
Homeland Security

King: who said that?

Raddatz: you did

King: there is a wing in the GOP
that hase no sense of reality!

Raddatz: strong stuff

King: we've got beheadings by
ISIS and these tea party nuts
vote to de-fund our national security

Raddatz: you seem passionate

King: these Republicans are
self-righteous and delusional!

Raddatz: indeed

King: we've got American lives at risk!

Raddatz: should John Boehner
find a job where he could be
useful like founding the Orange Man Group

King: we've got to bring a clean
bill to the floor – all we're asking
for is democracy!

Raddatz: then you're asking too much

King: for god's sake this is
a Republican bill – we wrote it!

Raddatz: are Americans about
to be killed by terrorists?

King: yes definitely!

Raddatz: thanks for coming Pete

[ break ]

Raddatz: we visited the site of a
victory over ISIS on the other hand
almost every building in
Kobani was destroyed

Raddatz: now the people of
Kobani live in refugee camps

Raddatz: omg christians are 
being persecuted!

Raddatz: why is ISIS attacking Christians?

Christians: they're attacking
everyone who isn't a psychopath

Raddatz: these Christians still
speak Aramaic which is the
language Jesus spoke

Audience: everyone knows
Jesus spoke english

Raddatz: ISIS is killing Yazidis
and Coptic Christians

Raddatz: then ISIS started
smashing statues

Raddatz: Matt what's the story with ISIS

Bradley: Obama says he's got
ISIS on the run but those victories 
over ISIS don't count because they 
were done by the pershmerga who are not saints

Raddatz: so can America re-take Mosul?

Bradley: Iraqi generals are outraged at Obama

Raddatz: but aren't they pathetic cowards?

Bradley: yes which makes Obama's
promise to re-take Mosul using 
Iraqi troops so hollow

Raddatz: Syria is another story

Bradley: American pounded Kobani
with bombs but there are no 
U.S. troops which is sad

Raddatz: thanks for coming

Bradley: I live here Martha