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Meet The Press - March 1, 2009

Meet The Press
March 1, 2009
David Gregory
Harold Ford
Joe Scarborough
Dee Dee Myers
Mike Murphy

Gregory: holy shit Obama is reversing the ideas of ronald reagan!!

Scarborough: Obama is just another liberal big liberal spender like liberal George W Bush - it's so sad i thought we were getting change from the past eight years - finally some conservative government!

Murphy: It’s disappointing just because Republicans suck Obama is taking advantage of it to be liberal

Gregory: just terrible - as usual he is cheating by being popular

Murphy: if we're going to get a French Revolution we're should guillotine some peasants too out of fairness

Gregory: the Heritage Foundation say Obama is very unfair

Ford: oh please the rich control half the wealth in this nation and Republicans said Bill Clinton's first budget was going to kill America and they were proven fucking wrong

Scarborough: no the good economy in the 90s was due to good Republicans like Bill Clinton not a liberal Democrats like George Bush

Gregory: [high pitched squeaky voice ] OMG Congress is free-spending!!

Myers: so?

Gregory: but Judd Gregg says it's bad!!

Myers: Obama's trying to solve real problems dude

Murphy: there is not enough money for killing brown people in this budget but at least he did cut money for the elderly

Gregory: Where are the cuts?!? Where are the cuts?!?

Ford: you're like Ayn Rand with Tourette's

Scarborough: i'm so disappointed with Obama - i thought he was a conservative republican would eliminate Medicaid [ begins weeping ]

Murphy: indeed it's so so sad - so so disappointing

Gregory: omg i've been asleep since 1980 - spending is bad!!!!

Ford: Obama should be primaried by a young black man if the deficit is not cut in half in 4 years

Gregory: you said it!

Ford: Joe Scarborough is probably right

Obama: Bring it on fuckers!!

Myers: you want a piece of him!?!

Scarborough: it's like me threatening an intern

Murphy: it's such a trick - he's cheating because people want to live like the French

Ford: i disagree with Joe Scar - Obama should adopt some Republican policies!

Murphy: he's just like Bush!

Gregory: I want to talk about Republicans

Ford: weren't we?

Gregory: let me quote Rush Limbaugh

Audience: [ oh for god's sake ]

Murphy: we have to step back and figure out what the fuck went wrong with the GOP

Gregory: not dickish enough?

Murphy: we all worship ronald reagan

Gregory: of course

Murphy: but we must reach out to more people than the Rush-loving crazies

Gregory: tell us how Republicans can please restore Republican ideas please!

Scarborough: vote for a third party - "the RePUBlican party"

Murphy: the good news is that Obama has turned Left

Gregory: why is he such a terrible radical Lefty?

Ford: Because this is what Americans want

Murphy: France! The French! France!

Scarborough: only I know what works - I was so successful in Congress I had to quit

Ford: hey Bush got Dems to go along with him and look what that got him

Gregory: let's return to bashing Obama and shilling for Republicans

Ford: indeed Dancin’ Dave

Gregory: look at my running tally of Government Spending

Scarborough: i love you man

Gregory: wait I'm not finished - Obama also brought the Dow down!!!

Ford: Obama is crippled!!

Gregory: Obama will fail and people hate him!!

Scarborough: exactly - the National Debt is Obama's fault!!!

Gregory: so clearly the GOP will sweep in 2010

Scar: sure we all know that - but by then America will be fucked

Murphy: Democrats are worse that Republicans who got us into Iraq!!!

Scar: of course - vote RePUBlican!!

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