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Face the Nation with Rahm Emmanuel - March 1, 2009

Face the Nation
March 1, 2009
Rahm Emanuel

Schieffer: OMG there are 9,000 earmarks!!

Emanuel: we will reduce them greatly

Schieffer: by how many?

Emanuel: down to 8,785

Schieffer: why not get rid of all earmarks unlike every President ever?

Emanuel: because fuck you

Schieffer: Republicans like Newt Gingrich say Obama is a bad man

Emanuel: um yeah fuck him Bob

Schieffer: this is probably the biggest budget since like ever

Emanuel: Probably?

Schieffer: eh I'm old

Emanuel: Asshole

Schieffer: Let me quote Newt Gingrich extensively on all your big spending and debt and socialist agenda

Emanuel: recall dipshit we inherited the debt and big spending and the lies

Schieffer: No!

Emanuel: i agree with Newt that Obama doesn’t want to subsidize big businesses and criminals and lies

Schieffer: no no no you are big spenders - i mean look at this funding for sick children and dental work - isn't this just Bridgework To Nowhere???

Emanuel: Fuck off old man

Schieffer: well ah do declah

Emanuel: We've have 30 years of a Republican Culture of Debts and Spending and Irresponsibility

Schieffer: Newt Gingrich says you will raise taxes on regular people

Emanuel: well he's lying

Schieffer: No!

Emanuel: Yes!

Emanuel: we're going back to the tax rates we had under Ronald Reagan

Schieffer: that damnned socialist!?

Emanuel: we also will help poor people, increase energy efficiency, and end stupid wars

Schieffer: speaking newt and of raising taxes on rich people

Emanuel: you senile bastard

Schieffer: what about the poor charities who will get no donations anymore??

Emanuel: you are a silly shill for Newt Gingrich

Schieffer: sorry he's got compromising pictures of me with some beavers

Emanuel: people are shocked Obama is keeping his promises

Schieffer: you failed to get bipartisanship - so sad

Emanuel: no we succeeded

Schieffer: but only you only got three GOP votes

Emanuel: no you liar we got lots on the employment bill and children's health and we got GOP Governors supporting the Stimulus

Schieffer: they don't count - everyone knows the GOP is represented six crazy House Members and Rush Limbaugh

Emanuel: ah the Leader of the GOP - who wants Obama to Fail

Schieffer: Indeed let’s talk Rush

Emanuel: Rush is the Intellectual Force of teh GOP and all Republicans grovel at his feet

Schieffer: you really believe that??

Emanuel: oh yeah they all kiss his fat boil-ridden pasty-white ass

Schieffer: Is Obama going to give GM $20 billion??

Emanuel: these assholes tried to sell us Hummers for 10 years

Schieffer: so what's the answer?

Emanuel: they will have to agree to support our energy and health care plans

Schieffer: very clever

Emanuel: That's the Chicago Way fucker

Schieffer: now liberal Democrats say Obama's not leaving Iraq fast enough

Emanuel: Nancy Pelosi - what's she gonna do, impeach Obama??

Schieffer: maybe

Emanuel: she can impeach my ass

Schieffer: will the Commanders follow Obama

Emanuel: you bet they will fucker

Schieffer: Can you really expect Congress to get something done?

Emanuel: they will or I will take a crowbar to their car windshields

Schieffer: what if that doens't work?

Emanuel: i go after their families

Schieffer: sounds like Mexico

Emanuel: i gotta admit i like their style

Emanuel: we're going to sic Napolitano on the Mexican drug dealer's ass

Schieffer: is she up to it?

Emanuel: she's an Italian from the American West - her grandmother will kill you

Schieffer: okay then

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