Monday, March 16, 2009

The Chris Matthew Show - March 15, 2009

The Chris Matthew Show
March 15, 2009

Matthews: can Obama cure my illness?

Fineman: no he must explain how all lending works

Tweety: I love you - you’re the best! -- but you’re not bashing Obama enough

Burnett: did you know Banks are not America’s biggest lenders!

Tweety: who are?

Burnett: mafia loansharks

Tweety: Timmy Geither is confusing!!

Sorkin: Look who talking

Fineman: he’s too much of an insider - he’s a green eyeshade guy

Tweety: so who’s doing the White House public relations?

Fineman: Larry Summers

Tweety: oh no

Burnett: all we know is that it’s very important that the big bankers stay rich

Tweety: will Obama give me more money?

Sorkin: everyone thinks we should have a bigger stimulus

Fineman: it will never happen

Tweety: who will stop it?

Fienman: John Boehner and the Electric Randians

Tweety: what’s wrong with America?

Burnett: we borrowed too much money

Tweety: so let’s borrow more money?

Burnett: yes also let’s name some more airports after Ronald Reagan

Tweety: are we all bottoms now?

Burnett: not yet

Sorkin: Jon Stewart will get me for whatever I say

Tweety: don’t flatter yourself opie

Tweety: OMG Obama has abdicated all his power to Rahm Emmanuel!!!

Fineman: that’s right - Congress is writing all the spending bills!!

Tweety: I love it!!

Kornblut: it’s crazy just because Obama is trying to get things done

Tweety: but it’s not like Hillary with health care in 1993!

Tweety: Obama is scaring the money people!!

Sorkin: that’s all you ever say idiot

Tweety: Obama is doing everything which means he has given away all his power!

Fineman: he’s a stud but he needs to get on the road

Sorkin: you just complained that he was on the road too much!!

Fineman: that’s true -- but the point is that he sucks

Burnett: Wall Street thinks he’s doing a good job

Tweety: no no no!

Burnett: the good news Nebraska is hiring telemarkers and casinos in Iowa are doing well!

Fineman: If Franken finally the nasty pro-unions bill will pass

Kornblut: people love the troops which will be good when martial law comes

Sokin: Hank Paulson was right!

Burnett: recovery by 2010!

Sorkin: recovery by 2009 but you just won’t feel it

Kornblut: the Dems will fail!

Fineman: Nes! No!

Tweety: you’re all so smart!

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Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is an embarrassement to the news media!!!