Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - March 22, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show
March 22, 2009

Matthews: OMG the AIG bonuses!!! If Obama continues to take all this criticism he will only be elected 4 times like FDR!!!

Kay: Obama is too aloof and out of touch with the public - you can tell because he was just elected President in a landslide

Klein: the little people are angry - the rest of us are smart

Parker: Obama should have known that one penny out of $1,000 was spent on bonuses

Whitaker: Obama has stoke the angry but recall that eventually they guillotined Guillotine

Matthews: Populism is bad! Also we need to get the bad guys!!

Kay: Obama appears to support Geithner

Matthews: where's my money!! I want my money back!!

Klein: Um Chris.. George W Bush took your money

Matthews: When do I get my money back??!!

Klein: Reagan presided over a recession 2 years in!!!

Whitaker: yeah but he was a wonderful white cowboy

Matthews: Matthews Meter - Is Obama finished?

Kay: sure because AIG is a black hole that sucks in all US money

Klein: no that's stupid

Parker: He's toast

Whitaker: and he's black

Matthews: If we have another Depression are at least going have dancing singing newsboys and good music??!!

Old Guy: look I'm a poor man's woody guthrie!!

Matthews: we lost a newspaper this week

Kay: did you look under the couch?

Matthews: no it went out of business

Kay: oh then i'd look on the internet

Matthews: OMFG the internet killed the newspaper i loved and held in my hands is dead

Klein: it's a daily act of devotion and an addiction

Matthews: Our Lady of WaPo and Heroin

Whitaker: the Seattle Post is going to survive - it will just go from 210 reporters to one teenager with a blog

Kay: In Britain newspapers are loss leaders for inbred royalist psychopaths

Parker: in the US they are non-profit centers for conservative lunatics

Matthews: but the beauty of a newspapers I am exposed to extreme weirdness which you can't get on the Internet

Klein: no - I still have a blog

Matthews: no wait I am going to show you a demonstration of something cool I did when i was a paper boy

[ rolls newspaper in a tight tube, masturbates on tv ]

Klein: wow

Kay: oh my god

[ fap fap fap fap fap ]

Matthews: let's you do that with the Huffington Post

Parker: words fail me chris

Chris: tell me something I don’t know

Kay: 100,000 people are dying in Darfur

Klein: I miss Ron Silver - he was crazy but he wuz mah fwend

Parker: Blue Dogs love Obama

Whitaker: AIG owed billions to French and German banks

Chris: mein gott!

Matthews: winners of AIG scandal?

Kay: Jon Stewart and Colbert

Klein: Sarah Palin

Parker: Rush Limbaugh

Whitaker: whoever runs against Chris Dodd

Matthews: Andrew Cuomo! Cuomo Smash!!

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