Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show

March 29, 2009

Matthews: OMG people don't hate Obama!!

Ignatius: Preznit Obama! Save us! Deliver us from ourselves!!

Matthews: but I'm amazed that people don't hate him!

Norah: true but he will fail soon enough

Kelly: Dems needs to answer to constituents and that means acting like Republicans

Sully: jesus Kelly the Republicans failed!!

Kelly: but they're the daddy party!

Sully: bullshit

Norah: the ConservaDems shredded Obama's budget!!

Matthews: explain it to me Noron

Norah: me no understand

Kelly: Obama is speaking to the enemy

Chris: the Taliban, North Korea, Hamas?

Kelly: Evan Bayh

Ignatius: Obama must crush all opposition

Sully: he must thrust forward again and again

Tweety: i love it!

Bayh: i have no testicles

Tweety: ha!

Sullly: no one can resist the handsome black man

Matthews: i know!

Kelly: i'm not so sure

Noron: he got one million dollars!

Sully: no one it's one hundred million

Matthews: he's a hard leader

Matthews: OMG we have to crush Afghanistan and Pakistan!!

Ignatius: he's narrowing the mission to taking away Al Qaeda's frequent flying tickets

Norah: it's deadly and getting worse

Tweety: we're getting in deep so we should stay and leave

Tweety: it's Vietnam!!

Kelly: Afghanistan is like baseball it has a spring training season

Sully: Obama is going to use Iran as his starting pitchers
Matthews: did he just defer to the brass

Ignatius: no he let Hillary and Petraeus fight it out and the winner got to decide policy

Tweety: wow who won?

Ignatius: Hillary kicked his ass

Tweety: this was always Obama's policy

Tweety: sullivan predict the future for me

Sully: I'm a gay brit with a beard not Karnack

Norah: Obama is going to attack Pakistan!

Ignatius: Iran is going to attack us!

Matthews: oh noe!

Kelly: Congress wants to hire an outside consultant to cut entitlements

Tweety: wow! that can't fail!

Sully: Iowa is going to legalize gay marriage which proves Republicans are right to argue for states' right

Matthews: ha! You're priceless!