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The McLaughlin Group - September 2, 2007

The McLaughlin Group
September 2, 2007

John McLaughlin Intro: Behold The Great Orange Sataaaaaaaannn!!!!

Anyone can log on the Intertubes can create a "web blog" and it's crazeeee!!!!!!
Why they're better than NBC but what about the unwashed masses!!!??

McLaughlin: blogs are too bloggy yes or no!?!?!?!?

Buchanan: Drudge Rulez my World!!

McLaughlin: but that's not journalism that's news aggregating

Scott Grant: dood there's some good blogs but it's all about freedom and first amendment!

Randall: dood why not there are small newspapers and big ones and some big ones and the big ones suck

Ana: who cares it's just a term

McLaughlin: but what about journalism?

Ana: dood have you read some of the crap in the famous papers??

McLaughlin: In order to be a journalist You Have to Use the Telephone Before Reporting a Lie

Buchanan: dood when was the last time someone from the McLaughlin made a phone call jeez

Ana: not to mention there are better journalists on the net

McL: The Internet took down George Allen and CNN!!! Look at the dood who asked Obama is wanted to meet Kim Jong-Il cause he could totally hook him up

Ana: interesting phenomenon but really it's still about the campaigns

McL: it was an excellent question

Randall: yes it was

Buchanan: hey they selected good questions

Ana: and they had a point of view

McL: bloggers are a school of pirhanas they're gotcha journalists!!!

Ana: huh?

McL: they're all eating jelly doughnuts

Grant: that's stupid

Ana: it's all good

McL: Federal Shield Law??

Grant: it's got to be expansive

Randall: we don't need a shield law and we never have

McL: do journalists have to be paid or can unwashed bloggers do it too

Buchanan: no shield law period!!

Panel: won't pass

McL: what's the impact of the Internet and Rupert Murdoch on journalism

Ana: he's frankenstein who will create a crazy hybrid monster of news

McL: he's fundamentally a newsman

Ana: no he's fundamentally an entertainer

McL: can newspapers survive

Panel: yes or they will die


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