Sunday, September 23, 2007

60 Minutes - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

60 Minutes Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
September 23, 2007

Scott Pelley: dood what the fuck are you thinking trying to go Ground Zero - you have to know we don't let scary brown muslims visit out sacred sites

Ahmadinejad: what the fuck dood why not

Pelley: dood look at you - you make Bush look normal

Ahmadinejad: hey i just want to be loved

Pelley: you're killing Americans in Iraq you've got blood on your hands

Ahmadinejad: well that's what Cheney says

Pelley: no i'm sorry the evidence is irrefutable Members Only

Ahmadinejad: fuck dood do you work for Bush or what

Pelley: that's not your business - now stop laughing at me

Ahmadinejad: whatever dood

Pelley: are you sending weapons to Iraq yes or no

Ahmadinejad: well if i were - what the fuck you invaded the damm place

Pelley: hey Bush invading Iraq is the best thing that ever happened to you

Ahmadinejad: yeah that Bush is a fucking genius

Pelley: you've got an evil nuclear program

Ahmadinejad: no i don't

Pelley: the Security Council gets to tell everyone in the world what to do everyone knows that

Ahmadinejad: yeah and we've been inspected by the IAEA

Pelley: and they didn't find your evil shit omg you are so secretive

Ahmadinejad: we're all about peace

Pelley: i want to smack you right now

Ahmadinejad: calm down Scott

Pelley: tell me something you really, really admire about Bush

Ahmadinejad: dood tell me something YOU love about Stupid you seem obsessed about the subject

Pelley: well he's religious

Ahmadinejad: did Jesus tell him to kill one million Iraqis? by Allah you're gullible

Pelley: Bush says you've isolated your nation, and made your country a pariah in the whole world

Ahmadinejad: holy crap - projection much?

Pelley: will you pledge not build a bomb

Ahmadinejad: I don’t know let me think about it

Pelley: you won't answer my question

Ahmadinejad: thank you

Pelley: answer my questions you evil rug-kissing motherfucker

Ahmadinejad: this isn't Gitmo you obsequious twit

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