Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - September 16, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
September 16, 2007

Matthews: Bush says we're staying 50 years

Dan Rather: he's giving to the next President it's like a handoff in football

Andrea Greenspan Mitchell: its not all about strategery Iraq will be an enduring relationship - it's like my love with Alan it's enduring but it won't last long

Joe Klein: Petraeus wants to stay forever but with fewer troops - it's a great idea

Katty Kay: Al Anbar is very safe unless you're a sheik allied to the US government

Matthews: when you go into a Pottery Barn and you break something you have to stay in the store and keep breaking stuff or else your original breaking will have been in vain

Joe Klein: so true

Matthews: does Bush's insanity help Hillary

Mitchell: yes now she is can move to left where everyone else is anyway

Klein: she's smart she said Bush took credit for the sunrise

Matthews: the debate in 2008 will be how do we stop Bush

Klein: Jim Webb says we should fight the war but from here

Matthews: which bush will veto

Klein: so let him

Matthews: I love Petraeus's charts there so cool and zigzaggy

After all Powell showed us cartoons of biological weapons and Ross Perot married his daughter off to Madonna

Joe Klein: we will keep showing the Iraqis Powerpoint presentations until they surrender

Kay: McCain says Americans are finally behind the war and believe in Bush

Mitchell: no they are only turning to him because the others are empty suits

Klein: he's gone off the deep end he's a demagogue

Mitchell: but he did well in that debate!!!

Klein: you have no morals do you Andrea

Mitchell: what are those

Kay: Bush's BFF Musharraff is less popular in Pakistan than Osama

Rather: Afghanistan is fucked

Mitchell: Bill Clinton still bringing in Asian donors its bad

Klein: look at me I'm obsessed with Iraq

Tweety: i thought you were obsessed with Glen Greenwald

Klein: don't say that naaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeee!!!!!

Matthews: will Bush fight for ted olson?

Kay: are you kidding

Mitchell: of course

Klein: fucking liberals hate America


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