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The Chris Matthews Show - September 2, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
September 2, 2007

Chris Matthews: Geoge Bush is smaht he's got into Iraq!!

Howard Fineman: i know the guy and we're never leaving

Matthews: can he see reality?

Katty Kay: there is no indication that he can but he thinks that in 100 years there will not only be a square named after him but a whole country - The Wonderful Democracy of Busharabia

Gloria Borger: he is arrogant but in his defense he believes that he is smarter than everyone else

Richard Stengel: duh - the Generals tell Bush wants to hear - that God chose him to deliver the Iraqis to freedom he's like an incompetent moses

Fineman: He's trying to prevent the Republicans from cleaving also he needs to keep them from the men's rooms of Al Anbar

Kay: the Republicans feel they have the wind at their backs of course that could be a hurricane

Matthews: he's going to get the money for the war - he's winning this fight!!!

Borger: well of course we've had military progress but now everyone hates Maliki

Matthews: i know that's so sad

Kay: jeesus there is no military progress

Fineman: there is no reality only what gets Republicans to fake it

Matthew: War For-Ev-Ah!!!

Matthews: here are the Singing Senators gee that isn't gay at all

[ Plays Clip of Creepy Barbershop Senatorial Show ]

Tweety: John Ashcroft, who lost to a dead guy; Jim Jeffords, who throw the Pervert Party overboard; Trent Lott, Jim Crow nostalgia buff; and now Larry Craig R-Whydothesehomosexualskeepsuckingmycock

Matthews: Holee Shit you mean people who say they are better than everyone else aren't always being exactly honest OMG!!!!!!!!

Katty Kay: good god don't throw stones if you live a fucking glass house

Stengel: oh please this whole idea of hypocrisy is overplayed everyone knows it's not hypocrisy if you say one thing and do another that's just principled

Fineman: Dems should leaflet the Megachurches and depress the hell out of them

Matthews: tell me something I don’t know

Kay: people in Europe don't care about Iraq maybe if it was in techno-disco format

Stengel: this week i come out in favor of other people doing stuff for america

Borger: Sens. Chambliss and Alexander are next

Matthews: they're gay too!?

Fineman: Chris Dodd got the endorsements of firefighters this is just what he need to move up to 2% in the polls

Matthews: wow i'm gonna OD on Chris DoOD!!

Matthews: Will edwards win in Iowa

Kay: no

Stengel: i dunno

Borger: yes and no by 1%

Fineman: i don't know but he's in a lose lose situation

Matthews: next week - who will win the superbowl in 2009!!


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