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McLaughlin - April 22, 2007

McLaughlin April 22, 2007

Topic: VT Shooting

Pat Buchanan: MSNBC should never have shown the shooter's video that's why he killed -- as a protest I will only appear on the network every hour instead of every 10 minutes

Clift: He was basicaly an American and therefore a young trouble dood with easy asscess to weapons of mass destrction

Blankely: Lest you think i am only pompous asshole i too was touched by this i could hardly finish my third serving of eggs benedict that morning

McLaughlin: teens are killed in Iraq all the time but Virginia has an ocean protecting it

Larry O'Donnell: Largest gun murder in the history of this country and the WMDs he had were illegal when bill clinton was President

Pat Buchanan: There were alot of killings in teh Civil War!! If only a rent-a-cop had had a machine gun!!!

Larry: dood you're fucking crazy

Pat: Guns! Kill! Kill!

John: ban guns from college campuses?

Clift: Dems won't act because the americans loves them some guns

Blankley: he could've set fire to the dorm thank god theres a right to keep and bear incendiaries

Larry: Harvard locks the riffraff out

Clift: then what was Bush doing there?

Blankely: we used to lock people up who were mentally insane but hadn't committed crimes now thanks to damm liberals we're forced to elect them to Congress

Pat: if we had concentration camps this would never have happened

McL: airport security on college campus?

Buchanan: no, round up the trouble makers

Blankely: we have to pay the price for freedom which is the occasional maniac killing people

O'Donnell: he could never have done this with a knife or a spoon or fork -- maybe a spork

Buchanan: Virginia has the toughest gun laws in the world

Clift: What The Fuck did you just say???

Buchanan: Ok look it comes down to this -- if blacks have guns i want whites to have even more

John McLaughin: I'm sick of other countries looking down on us for the VT massacre this kid was a foreigner, the 9/11 killers were foreigners, aren't foreigners to blame!!!??

Pat Buchanan: Jesus even I can't follow that logic

Clift: shit you are nuts

Blankely: no that stupid -- but i'm sick of British people coming to the USA and bitching about America

O'Donnell: we are awash in gun violence teh Aussies and Koreans are right to pity us


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