Sunday, April 29, 2007

This Week on ABC - April 22, 2007

ABC This Week - April 22, 2007

Sam Donaldson: Newt Gingrich has called for a more civilized society -- yes, i said that with a staight face

George Will: Hard for me to believe a copycat would act based just on this video

Donaldson: I knew lee harvey oswald and this kid was no lee harvey Oswald

Stephanopolous: Begun the abotion wars have

George Will: Abortion decision is no big deal its a synthetic fundraising issue no abotions will not be prevented

Donaldson: So then why uphold law?

Will: Uh, because that's what courts do, dood

Cokie: Very foolish for pro-choicers to make this fight it's so icky and girlsy

Step: They didn't choose this fight

Cokie: Yeah but it's exactly the same as cop-killer bullets

Donaldson: Banning a medical procedure is not good -- what if hair plugs are next?

Cokie: Justice Kennedy's paternalism offends me

George Will: I had an affair with Roberta Flack and she snapped my skinny white ass like a wishbone


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