Friday, April 06, 2007

Hardball - Wednesday, April 4

Tweety: why bother showing up for work when you know Bush won't bend or break?

Eijah: dood we speak for the people not Captain Pissypants

Tweety: yeah but they don't play hail to the chief when you walk in the room who blink first

Elijah: not us

Tweety: how can you possibly defend doing when James Baker and Lee Hamilton and crazy people like that recommend?

Elijah: honestly Bush has lost his mind

Tweety: bad behavior being rewarded is Assad into S&M?

Elijah: not at all

Tweety: too bad i could've hooked him up

GravatarBlackburn: i think we should support the President and others of his kind. If you disagree, you become a subversive mother

Tweety: oh yeah

Blackburn: please cut off the funding! please! please!

Tweety: Congress declares war what's up

Blackburn: inappropriate for Congress to leave the country without Condi Rice's permission

Tweety: Republicans did the same thing

Blackbird: i don't what they discussed, maybe cutting taxes or abortion which is different

Tweety: ok how do we fix this

Blackbird: cut off the funding please!

Twety: ok future of America

Blackbird: the terrorists might put a toe in the middle east can you imagine if we let that happen heaven forfend

Blacksmith: Congress only has one job that's to yank all funding from teh State Department otherwise stay out of it and let Dictator George II get on with his Magnificent Rule

Tweety: how is that compromise?

Blacksmith: they put in money for spinaich that's fine for sailor men but an insult to teh army

Tweety: scary college students attacking Karl Rove look a me smirking

O'Beirne: Actually he's great company but seriously i'm very concerned that this will hurt the LEFT

Carlson: those students aren't at risk but for god's sake how do you protest a man who lives in a bunker

O'Beirne: oh no that's a phallacy Bush knows the election results and he's a liberal now

Tweety: oh bullshit

O'Beirne: ok how about this they send him everything he wants that's a good compromise

Tweety: How about a re-authorization?

OBeirne: Why should teh Emperor give in his horse is an excellent Senator!

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