Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - - April 22, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - April 22, 2007

Matthews: Alienated young men - what's up with that

Fineman: Bureaucracy to blame - why, when i was a kid we had loco parents

David Brooks: We used to use logic like good v. evil and god v. satan - now because we chucked out god, it seems like we're living an absurd universe and what i'm saying on your show is proof of it

Katty Kay: dood you're deeply weird, it's called mental illness

Matthews: dood was crazy and not only was not cast off campus - he was offered a show on NBC

Kelly: yeah its a pattern

Katty: on or off campus he would have killed anyway

Matthews: these kids today are used to foreigners - it's wild

Fineman: I blame federal gun laws

Matthews: i was lonely and strange when i was young but i only murdered the english language

Katty: there's no place for average people in teh usa -- i mean if you're below average you can work for Bush

Fineman: this would never have happened when we young -- kids today have too much freedom

Bobo: he was a suicide bomber

Matthews: whats up with all the suicides at NYU

Bobo: what's up is that your full of shit

Matthews: more federal laws yes or no?

Fineman: the burden is always on democrats to solve america's problems created by Republicans and if they don't they are teh suck

Matthews: well, of course

Fineman: so mentally ill can buy an AK-47

Matthews: so i assume the democrats will pay a price

Katty: the whole world thinks you Americans all crazy when it comes to guns

Fineman: yeah but that's because you're all Eurowimps who won't kick ass in Iraq

Katty: oh yeah, that's really it

[rolls eyes]

Bobo: All Republicans and all Democrats are offended by the late term abortion procedure

Matthews: I fear my chromosomal abnormality will be detected then all the little Tweetys will be aborted

Bobo: its proven that fetuses are dreaming of electric pundits

Norah: Rudy only supported abortion because he was dating his cousin

Fineman: this is the first decision by the court that says the fetus is a person and has the right to vote if its white

Bobo: In her press releases Hillary never uses the words fetus or blowjob

Matthews: my baby beat me up

Tell me something I don't know!

Katty: hat trick of incomptence will resign - Gonzalez, Wolfie and Bliar

Fineman: Barack will turn to Colin Powell for advice - between them they're almost black

O'Donnell: Bush will hire an implementation manager to run America - so young Regents grads be sure to send in your resume

David Brooks: New AG will be either Ted Olson or Orrin Hatch -- between them they're almost sane


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