Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Chris Mattews Show - April 2007

Matthews: Does Bush have a new man date gosh i hope so

Joe Klein: Tal Afar was a success before it wasn't look i'm an expert on counter insurgency

Andrea Mitchell: Republicans are doing crack

5th columnn Sullivan: Can be Bush be broken in teh saddle? There are places in New York where that could be done for a fee

Matthews: Put a leash on teh President

Andy: yeah good idea of course that costs more

Matthews Meter: GOPS no like Dubya

Klein: It is very unfair to cut everything in August what crazy liberal came up with that deadline???

Panel: President Bush did

Klein: See that proves Bush is a liberal

Andrea: But that's crazy

Klein: Ok let me explain the Democrats are smart and right woo hoo look at me I see where my bread is butterd

Zachia: Violence is bad

Sully: Oh please it's a Republican war for sure

Andrea: wake me when September ends

Sully: bush will never do crack he stopped in 1974

Klein: Bush should be overridden and hard

Matthews: Let's talk about Bill Clinton's sex life

Panel: yeah that's fun

Tweety: Bill Clinton is like Lucy and Hillary is like Ricky are you following me I'm feminizing Clinton making seem whiny and weak yeah I have serious psychogical issues

Joe Klein: The Clenis is a multitasker he can get do a crossword get a blowjob and watch MASH reruns all at once

Matthews: Republican party is in freefall

Sully: i want to be a Republican but then it was fun in teh 80s those were some crazy parties but then i found about the whole lampshade thing

Chris Matthews: The whole US Attorney thing is not important but dammit get teh fascism right

Klein: when you think government sucks you tend to suck

Tweety: Ken Duberstein!! Bush can still be on Mount Rushmore!

Mitchell: Gates is a master stroker

Sullly: smaller government!

Greenspan: Ruckelshouse!

Klein i hate Dems

Sully: i hate Hillary

Klein: this is natural evolution not intelligent design dems are little scurrying mammals kicking dino ass

Klein: Israel wants to talk to Syria but Bush won't have it

Andrea: Fred Thompson won't run he's going to succeed Paul Harvey that's the rest of story

Tweety: i really really luv gruff men like fred Thompson