Friday, April 01, 2016

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 27

Host: Jon Karl
Donald Trump
Bill Kristol
Michael Eric Dyson
Mary Kissel
LZ Granderson

Karl: omg its Easter!

Karl: and our politics is still awful

Karl: and we're all gonna die from terrorism

Karl: oh also Obama went to Cuba

Karl: and the GOP campaign got even worse!

Cruz: Trump's henchmen are after me!

Trump: Cruz is a liar!

Cruz: you're a sniveling coward

Trump: I'll spin the beans on your wife!

Cruz: he fears strong women!

Karl: 74% of women hate Trump

[ break ]

Karl: happy Easter Donald

Trump: yeah whatever buddy

Karl: did you plant the story about
Ted Cruz in the National Equirer?

Trump: no we had nothing to
do with it – also he's disgraceful

Karl: I see

Trump: anyway he started it – 
his campaign bought a photo of
my wife and gave it to a super PAC

Karl: do you condemn the National Enquirer?

Trump: it's a great newspaper!

Karl: it is?

Trump: don't forget I call him Lyin' Ted!

Karl: what beans will you spill on Heidi Cruz?

Trump: I could talk about it but I won't

Karl: you sent out an unflattering 
picture of his wife

Trump: what he did was far worse 
– how am I the bad guy?

Karl: because what you did is awful
and he didn't do what you say he did

Trump: the press always make me
the bad guy and he started it!

Karl: will you act this way as President
getting into late night twitter wars 
with world leaders?

Trump: yes because I have many followers

Karl: good to know

Trump: no one protects our country 
and we can't beat ISIS

Karl: is europe a safe place

Trump: I am the only one who 
predicted terrorism

Karl: Is that right

Trump: the big thing on the Internet 
is that Trump was 100% right

Karl: I did not know that

Trump: oh it's true George

Karl: is Europe a safe place?

Trump: I don't think America is a safe place

Karl: all right

Trump: the whole world is weak!

Karl: whoa

Trump: there are thousands of 
terrorists are in the U.S.

Karl: do you think NATO out of date?

Trump: NATO is obsolete

Karl: fascinating

Trump: NATO doesn't have the
right countries in it for terrorism

Karl: oh no

Trump: look at Ukraine we're the
only one fighting on the Ukraine

Karl: we're not fighting in Ukraine

Trump: NATO is so useless
they never defend Ukraine

Karl: Ukraine isn't in NATO

Trump: I never hear anything from anybody

Karl: you expect Germany
to call you on the phone?

Trump: NATO sucks

Karl: some people like it

Trump: terrorism is out of control!

Karl: what are you talking about

Trump: I don't hear from
other countries on Ukraine

Karl: what do you want to hear

Trump: we're always telling Russia what to do

Karl: I have no idea what 
you are saying right now

Trump: NATO is so expensive
it's just a bad deal

Karl: right

Trump: its obsolete and 
everyone is agreeing with me

Karl: no doubt

Trump: frankly I am very smart

Karl: of course you are

Trump: now everyone is saying
Trump is right about immigration

Karl: not quite

Trump: now everyone is saying
Trump is right about NATO

Karl: would you favor internment 
camps for American citizens
who happen to be muslim

Trump: no but we have to
be very rigid and strong

Karl: good to know

Trump: we have to be extremely strong!

Karl: right you mentioned that

Trump: muslims cover up for
other muslim terrorists!

Karl: should there be guns
at the Republican convention?

Trump: I'm gonna have to dodge the question

Karl: okay

Trump: I am very strong on guns!

Karl: well why not have guns 
at the convention?

Trump: frankly I would like
to dodge that question again

Karl: you won Louisiana but
Cruz is getting more delegates

Trump: the whole system is 
corrupt and rotten!

Karl: that's true

Trump: Ted Cruz is a liar and thief

Karl: he only lied about being a thief

Trump: millions of people love me!

Karl: how nice for you

Trump: he's stealing my delegates!

Karl: that's a tough charge

Trump: it's so unfair

Karl: do you want a binkie?

Trump: the Republican party is a total disgrace!

Karl: says the GOP front-runner

Trump: I will beat Hillary Clinton!

Karl: what does Easter mean to you?

Trump: it's all about family
and religion all that stupid stuff

Karl: thanks for coming Donald

[ break ]

Karl: well panel polls have Clinton
beating Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
and Kasich can't win anything

Kristol: he alienating everybody!

Karl: he's being out-hustled

Kristol: Hillary will crush him!

Kissel: Ted Cruz is not stealing delegates

Karl: true

Kissel: also you said Kasich cant
win which also isn't true

Karl: oh really

Kissel: there Republicans would rather
vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump

Karl: mind blown

Kissel: who knows what could
happen at an open convention?

Granderson: the GOP should just
write off 2016 and focus on 2020

Karl: could Trump wreck the party!

Dyson: it sure looks that way

Dyson: but the GOP can't just 
scapegoat Trump –
they need to do some real soul-searching

Karl: that's not their strong suit

Dyson: this whole situation
is the GOP's worst nightmare

Kristol: oh god