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Meet The Press – March 27, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)
Richard Engel
Keir Simmons
Andrea Mitchell
Katy Tur
Kristen Welker
Hallie Jackson
Michael Leiter
Ben Ginsberg

Todd: wow this week Bernie Sanders
won big but Clinton still has more delegates

Todd: this week we have ISIS attacks
and history made in Cuba but Trump
somehow forced in the media to talk
about Ted Cruz's sex life

Todd: the week began with Trump's
stupidity and ended with insults about wives

Cruz: he's a sniveling coward!

Cruz: Trumps henchmen are after me!

Todd: this campaign is dominated by Trump

Todd: he is a master of chaos!

Todd: he is the MC of the insult!

Todd: he creates storylines!

Todd: he makes everyone talk
about whatever he wants to!

Todd: Trump shifts the conversation!

Cruz: we should patrol Muslims

Todd: Trump sets the terms 
of the campaign debate!

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Governor Kasich

Kasich: good to be here Tad

Todd: should we patrol Muslims?

Kasich: no that's a knee jerk reaction

Todd: sometimes those are the best

Kasich: we need intimate relations 
with the Muslims

Todd: do tell

Kasich: we need a dramatically 
reformed NATO

Todd: all right

Kasich: NATO needs to be policing

Todd: what else

Kasich: Europe is getting nativist

Todd: that's not good

Kasich: we should work together 
to solve problems

Todd: bold statement

Kasich: and that includes Muslims

Todd: you said Obama should 
overreact to terror

Kasich: I wouldn't go to a baseball game
I would gather my national security experts

Todd: but they were already in Cuba with him

Kasich: I would have told my 
top people to go to Europe

Todd: can't he do that by telephone

Kasich: you can't banning Muslims
but you can't go to baseball games either

Todd: by still running you are 
only helping Donald Trump

Kasich: Kasich is the best President!

Todd: okay then

Kasich: Just pick me!
What is wrong with you people??

Todd: I don't know

Kasich: frankly the delegates should
just fucking name the President already

Todd: whatever you say

Kasich: the idea of me not being President
by universal acclamation is just absurd

Todd: the campaign has become 
a schoolyard spat

Kasich: you don't attack families

Todd: one would think

Kasich: how about some decency?

Todd: we've tried everything else

Kasich: I will prevail in Cleveland!

Todd: good luck Jon

Kasich: thanks Chet

[ break ]

Todd: so panel Donald Trump gave 
an insane interview with The 
Washington Post this week

Mitchell: he's uninformed and crazy 
– it's remarkable

Todd: it is unusual

Mitchell: why doesn't he attack
Obama and Hillary Clinton
– god I would love that

Todd: I know!

Mitchell: he might cancel defense
treaties with Japan and Korea!
It would be like MASH was for nothing!

Mitchell: he would stop importing Saudi oil
we need that morally tainted crude!

Mitchell: he didn't even know Iran is under sanctions!

Mitchell: he's just stupid!

Todd: he has no advisors – 
he just watches television

Mitchell: we might as well 
elect Chauncey Gardiner

Tur: his idiocy may hurt him in the general election

Todd: you think

Tur: he seems not to understand
basic information about the military

Welker: Hillary Clinton gave a very
substantive foreign policy speech
and he ranted incoherently

Todd: and now we're talking about sex lives

Jackson: Trump can shift the
conversation with a single tweet!

Todd: truly his power is unlimited

Jackson: this week Cruz was emotional
and authentic which was somehow even more off-putting

Jackson: will you support Trump 
if he's the nominee?

Cruz: he's immoral scum so maybe

Todd: will he totally reject Trump?

Jackson: he's opened the door
to going back on his pledge

Todd: let's talk about the National Enquirer some more

Mitchell: that's good stuff!

Todd: Trump probably planted the story

Mitchell: it's remarkable how he
can control what we in the media say and do

Todd: what if the media every reported on how terrible Trump?

Mitchell: what indeed

Todd: I guess we'll never know

[ break ]

Todd: omg the syrian army retook Palmyra!

Todd: but there were terror attacks in Brussels and Baghdad

Simmons: they just arrested a terrorist in Italy

Simmons: the victims in Belgium 
came from 19 different countries

Todd: did the first arrest 
trigger the terror attack?

Simmons: yes the publicity from
the arrest caused terrorist to panic
and launch attacks

Todd: so they arrested a terrorist
and it led to more attacks

Leiter: big mistake by Belgians!

Todd: sheesh

Leiter: the is the first time since 9/11
there was a terror attack and the
cell survived to attack again

Todd: cripes

Engel: they got new members 
and struck again

Todd: France and Belgium 
don't share information!

Engel: one suspect was arrested for
sneaking into Syria and got back to Europe

Todd: wow

Engel: there are 1,500 ISIS
members wandering around EU

Todd: my god

Engel: thankfully most of them
are stuck in traffic circles

Todd: in Europe a safe haven for terrorists

Leiter: Europe is a borderless society
except when it comes to sharing information

Engel: is the EU doing enough 
to stop terrorism?

Kerry: well they did catch that one guy

Engel: the Belgians really screwed up

Todd: mon dieu

Engel: intelligence stops
at the border – it's crazy

Todd: nationalism is on the rise in Europe

Leiter: if that alienates Muslims
it will only cause more problems

Todd: Chatter Creates The Ghetto

Engel: I love that band

[ break ]

Todd: wow Sanders won big in
Alaska and Hawaii and Washington

Todd: it means he's big with 
Bigfoot and Menehune

Todd: welcome Senator Sanders

Sanders: good morning Teddy

Todd: can you catch Clinton?

Sanders: I just won 5 out of 6!

Todd: good point

Sanders: we have the momentum!

Todd: what if you don't get enough delegates to win

Sanders: well I think I will you idiot

Todd: all right

Sanders: we have a corrupt
campaign finance system

Todd: people keep booing 
Hillary Clinton at your rallies

Sanders: boo! ha ha

Todd: you like it when people boo Clinton

Sanders: she raises money from Wall Street!

Todd: indded

Sanders: she voted for the war in 2002!

Todd: are you worried she wont debate you

Sanders: yes I want more in New York city

Todd: you have a list of demands
in exchange for your support

Sanders: my views are imperative

Todd: you will support her 
if she's the nominee?

Sanders: I did not say that!

Todd: so there are conditions 
for your support?

Sanders: I'm running to win!

Todd: but what if you don't win

Sanders: it's too early to answer that

Todd: stay safe Bernie

Sanders: you too Eddie

[ break ]

Todd: let's take deep dive into the data!

Todd: 70% of women hate Trump

Todd: even GOP women dislike him

Todd: Clinton just crushes him

Todd: Romney beat Obama with white women

Todd: but Trump loses white women

Todd: so Trump needs a lot more
white people but guess what – he loses
a majority of the white population!

Todd: he also loses suburbs 
because of women

Todd: this isn't a gender gap 
– it's a gender Grand Canyon

[ break ]

Todd: if Trump doesn't win outright
they gonna try take it away from him

Todd: but he could take New York 
and New Jersey

Todd: maybe Christie could help him with that
New Jersey voters: don't count on it Chuck

Todd: zombie delegates are those pledged to losers

Todd: free agent delegates go to losers – how does that work?

Ginsburg: because you can 
rig the system if you're smart

Todd: whoa

Todd: zombie delegates are unbound –
they used to belong to Marco Rubio or 
Ben Carson or Jim Gilmore

Ginsberg: Jim Gilmore?

Todd: ok not him

Ginsberg: you've got to rig state conventions

Todd: Cruz seems to know how 
to game the system

Jackson: they're looking back
and grabbing delegates left and right

Tur: Trump also has a team to 
woo zombie delegates

Todd: he's a dealmaker!

Delegate: the Convention Rules 
trump everything

Todd: what are the Rules?

Ginsberg: there aren't any

Todd: holy crap this is going to be so great!

Todd: Hillary Clinton is terrible
but she keeps winning

Mitchell: Trump is the gift 
that keeps on giving

Todd: do the Democrats want
Trump or do they fear him

Welker: there is so much negative 
on Trump it's hard to know what 
to do with all of it

Todd: and yet he beat Jeb Bush 
like a cheap rug

Tur: the Trump campaign is not
worried about women – they've got Ivanka!

Mitchell: Hillary Clinton is so 
vulnerable on foreign policy and 
she's tied to that total loser Obama

Todd: Trump and Clinton need each other

Jackson: hey the primaries aren't over yet!

Todd: there are more days in
the primaries still to come that
there already have been

Audience: dear god

Jackson: it's so exciting!!

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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