Friday, April 15, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Paul Manafort – Trump campaign
Maynor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC)
Glenn Beck
Joy-Ann Reid
Molly Ball
Matt Bai
Rich Lowry

Todd: omg Sanders has won 7 out of 8 contests!

Todd: but Clinton left Wyoming 
with more delegates

Todd: Trump has drawn big crowds
while Ted Cruz won all 34 delegates 
in Colorado

Todd: Cruz keeps winning delegates
while Trump is asleep on the job

Todd: Ted Cruz is running circles 
around Donald Trump

Todd: Trump lost lost in Colorado 
and North Dakota

Trump Supporter: we would have lost
Colorado anyway – people here are
sane and not racists

Todd: Trump is hoping to crush
Cruz in New York state

Todd: meanwhile Paul Ryan is
putting out a campaign video

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Mr. Manafort

Manafort: nice to be here Chet

Todd: you're the Delegate Whisperer

Manafort: it's what I do

Todd: Trump completely failed
on getting getting delegates

Manafort: we won a county in Nevada

Todd: oh come on you're were out gunned

Manafort: it's true

Todd: right

Manafort: Trojan delegates have 
no protection!

Todd: you said you will win in May

Manafort: no I said there will be a path

Todd: I see

Manafort: I feel good about
some unbound delegates

Todd: are you in charge now?

Manafort: no Mr Trump is in charge

Todd: good lord

Manafort: along with top advisors
Meatloaf and Gary Busey and Ted Nugent

Todd: you're worked for Gerald Ford
do you even know any delegates under 90?

Manafort: I know how to work 
the process Chad

Todd: Roger Stone threatened any
delegates who don't support Donald Trump

Manafort: he's crazy

Todd: did Stone hire you?

Manafort: no I've known Donald Trump
for 30 years – ever since we were
negotiating a real estate deal and
Roy Cohn helped mediate

Todd: oh how did he do that

Manafort: he put kidnapped my
cocker spaniel and I changed my mind

Todd: Is threatening delegates fair?

Manafort: Ted Cruz is doing that!

Todd: really?

Manafort: he's using Gestapo tactics

Todd: whoa

Manafort: we will be filing complaints

Todd: do you plan on whining your 
way to the nomination

Manafort: I just am totally focused 
on delegates

Todd: is bribing delegates ok?

Manafort: look everyone hates Ted Cruz

Todd: that's true

Manafort: Trump can win
states Romney lost

Todd: you worked for the
corrupt dictator of Ukraine

Manafort: I am the Tom Hagen of politics –
I have only one client Trump and he
insists on never hearing bad news

Todd: will you be careful with
your clients in the future?

Manafort: I'm always careful

Todd: thanks for coming

Manafort: [ slinks off wordlessly ]

[ break ]

Todd: so panel Trump has finally hired
some muscle to get some delegates 
– will this work?

Lowry: this is a campaign built on the
deranged fantasies of one megalomaniac
racist billionaire with a twitter feed 
and a dream

Todd: amazing

Lowry: a convention will favor Ted Cruz
who may be a lizard-person but knows the rules

Todd: Trump says they're going to win

Ball: well what else would they say?

Todd: good point

Ball: the new message is 'Trump isn't 
totally incompetent'

Bai: can Trump convince delegates 
to back him?

Todd: can Ted Cruz?

Reid: no one likes either of them

Todd: but Trump is fun and charming!

Reid: they forget the nuts and
bolts of winning in politics

Todd: he said Trump is in charge
of his own campaign – and he is!

Ball: he really believed he changed
politics and guess what he was wrong

Lowry: people who go to GOP conventions
are fiercely conservative and activists
and those are Ted Cruz people

Todd: as usual Sanders won the
votes but Clinton won the delegates

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Senator Sanders

Sanders: good to be here Ted

Todd: you won Wyoming but lost in delegates

Sanders: yes we are losing
but not by as much as before

Todd: right

Sanders: I can beat Trump

Todd: do you gotta win New York?

Sanders: it's hugely important

Todd: indeed

Sanders: but she's from New York

Todd: can you win without winning New York?

Sanders: darn tootin I can

Todd: all right

Sanders: its too late for anything 
but a revolution

Todd: Claire McCaskill says its
sexist to call Clinton unqualified

Sanders: that's absurd

Todd: it is?

Sanders: Hillary's team has
has gone after us very hard

Todd: I see

Sanders: look at this headline
written by the Washington Post!

Todd: it's something else

Sanders: she loves Henry Kissinger!

Todd: don't we all

Sanders: she has terrible judgment

Todd: she does

Sanders: she supported NAFTA and
loves fracking and raised money 
from Wall Street

Todd: you haven't released tax returns

Sanders: my wife is working on it

Todd: I see

Sanders: we're doing out
best to get copies of them

Todd: okay then

Sanders: the wealthy are getting wealthier!

Todd: thanks for coming Bernie

Sanders: you too Chad

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Mayor De Blasio

De Blasio: it's great to be here Charlie

Todd: why is Bernie Sanders so popular?

De Blasio: Hillary is going to win New York!

Todd: how is Hillary different from Obama?

De Blasio: she's going to get things done!

Todd: all right

De Blasio: Hillary she knows Washington!
She knows where all the bodies are buried! Literally!

Todd: what change does she change offer from obama

De Blasio: she's focused on
the needs of children all her life

Todd: okay

De Blasio: she took on the insurers 
back in 1993!

Todd: how did that go?

De Blasio: she has a tough plan to 
take on Wall Street!

Todd: good news

De Blasio: this isn't Political Theory 101
its about tangible change

Todd: did Bernie push her to the left?

De Blasio: she's talked about
this progressive stuff all her life

Todd: yeah but Bernie Sanders is a socialist

De Blasio: well he's driven the conversation no doubt

Todd: doubt free

De Blasio: she's the most
progressive candidate in a generation

Todd: did you break campaign finance law?

De Blasio: no we didn't

Todd: did you use a non-profit to
funnel money to your campaign?

De Blasio: no we didn't

Todd: if you say so
[ break ]

Todd: so panel Trump needs
61% of all remaining delegates

Todd: can do it if he sweeps New York
and New Jersey and Maryland

Todd: and he takes Indiana and Washington

Todd: and he sweeps Montana and does 
well in California and Oregon

Todd: then he gets 1,245 and squeaks in

Todd: but realistically Trump will do
well in the northeast, poorly in Indiana,
he loses Montana, but does well in California

Todd: and he then ends up 72 delegates short

Todd: then we get a crazy-ass multi-ballot
convention and Paul Ryan swoops in and he is the nominee

Todd: what happens them? Will the crazies
lose their minds? To find out we're
going to talk to Glen Beck!

[ break ]

Todd: conservative talk radio is furious about a possible brokered convention

Todd: Beck has endorsed Ted Cruz 
because he is also insane

Todd: welcome Glenn

Beck: good to be here Chit

Beck: what if the take nomination
away from Donald Trump?

Beck: it would be the end of the GOP!

Todd: strong words

Beck: but Ted Cruz is going to the nominee!

Todd: what if Paul Ryan plucks that chicken

Beck: you can't just disenfranchise 
millions of people

Todd: sure you can

Beck: it must be one of the two leaders!

Todd: if you insist

Beck: people already feel
disenfranchised and angry – 
this would only add to it

Todd: true enough

Beck: we don't want to play into
their anger and vitriol and hatred

Todd: you of all people would never do that

Beck: it was Martin Luther King said 
'Obama is going to put us all in FEMA 
concentration camps'

Todd: gonna fact check that one

Beck: the New World Order built
the Denver Airport to lock up talk show hosts!

Todd: Paul Ryan out out a campaign video – is he running for President?

Beck: I don't trust that dork – 
he's in on the conspiracy!

Todd: to do what?

Beck: to cover up the fake moon landing!

Todd: why would he do that?

Beck: because of what Trump's and 
Obama's fathers did at Roswell!

Todd: I don't what to know more

Beck: we need to find our principles!

Todd: so you would prefer Trump 
if it's not Ted Cruz

Beck: Trump would be a disaster
but you can't disenfranchise people

Todd: I think I follow you

Beck: I will never vote for Trump
but if he earns it he should get it

Todd: would you support a third party

Beck: I'm not voting for Trump ever!

Todd: sounds like a yes

Beck: Trump would lose to Clinton!

Todd: good to talk to you

Beck: She killed Tupac!

Todd: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Todd: omg Bill Clinton had a run-in with
people protesting the crime bill from 1994!

Todd: that wasn't Black Lives Matter 
but it looks bad

Reid: his legacy is being criticized
and it makes him mad

Bai: the crime bill was very complicated
black and poor people were the 
victims of crime

Reid: but it was also controversial even at the time

Lowry: it was passed during a
three-decade long crime wave

Reagan and Bush had nothing to do with!

Todd: the Clintons can be condescending 
even when they're right

Ball: well he is the first two-term
President Democratic President since FDR

Todd: the political pandering in New York is out of control!

Todd: Hillary tried to ride the subway!

Clinton: I love the subway

Cruz: L'chaim!

Kasich: fill me with pastrami baby

Sanders: I love pizza!

Lowry: why not – we always get 
Iowa pandering

Ball: New Yorkers love to be pandered to

Todd: Glen Beck right

Lowry: absolutely – Paul Ryan is softy

Todd: my god

Lowry: it's gonna be Trump or Cruz

Todd: wait what about Kasich

Reid: Beck is a self professed uniter who said

Barack Obama hates whites people

Reid: but he's right about Paul Ryan

Todd: he said he hates Trump
but you'd better nominate

Trump or he'll get mad

Ball: that makes no sense at all

Bai: no one is being disenfranchised!

Todd: the parties are private 
organizations after all

Ball: the Republican party not a democracy!

Todd: Trump failed the behind the scenes organization

Reid: the ultimate irony is the
GOP are ignoring base of the party

[ break ]

Todd: Herbert Hoover has joined
the Washington Nationals!

Todd: can you win?

Hoover: yes

Todd: if you don't will you have a great depression?

Hoover: that makes me sad Ted

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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