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Meet The Press – April 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton
Reince Priebus – Chair RNC
Ron Johnson
Charles Benson
David Brooks
Helene Cooper
Amy Walter

Todd: omg Trump might finally be collapsing

Todd: his campaign manager
was charged with battery

Todd: the he said there should more nukes

Todd: he was said women
should be punished for abortion

Todd: the he flip-flopped on abortion
and now he's going to lose Wisconsin

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Secretary Clinton

Clinton: nice to be here Ted

Todd: so how about that Trump?

Clinton: Trump is outrageous!

Todd: you're running an ad saying
we should not punch people which
is a jab Trump

Clinton: it's time to argue for basic values
good old fashioned New York city values

Todd: got it

Clinton: immigrants built the statue of liberty!

Todd: you include footage of a Trump
supporter punching someone
which is pretty provocative

Clinton: he's inciting violence –
we need to bring people together

Todd: and you're attacking someone
just for committing an unprovoked assault
Clinton: Trump said he would pay legal

fees of violent criminals who hurt people!

Todd: Trump has five positions on abortion
isn't that better than you because you only have one

Clinton: I can't tell what's up with that guy

Todd: what's you position?

Clinton: it's a constitutional
right to make that decision

Todd: okay

Clinton: it goes to core of the right to privacy

Todd: what does a unborn have 
constitutional rights

Clinton: they don't

Todd: not even the right to carry a gun?

Clinton: of course we should help
mothers get medical care but that
doesn't include taking away women's rights

Todd: are there any limits on the right to choose

Clinton: sure under roe v wade 
in the third trimester

Todd: whoa hold off on all the lady parts medical jargon

Clinton: some say would not even
have exceptions for the health of the mother

Todd: would you

Clinton: I've seen forced abortion in
China and forced birth in Romania

Todd: I've seen fire and I've seen rain

Clinton: truly you get around

Todd: what is the Sanders campaign lying about?

Clinton: I've been working to
get us off fossil fuels for years!

Todd: how's that coming?

Clinton: I woked on worked on global
climate agreements as Secretary of State

Todd: good for you

Clinton: Sanders' claim got three pinocchoios

Todd: gonna fact-check that

Clinton: the kids don't do their research

Todd: who can these days

Clinton: the American people want manufacturing again!

Todd: Sanders accused you of bribery again

Clinton: what else is new

Todd: will you release your speeches 
to Goldman Sachs?

Clinton: I have a record of being
tough on Wall Street

Todd: you do

Clinton: they all hate me!

Todd: you must be so proud

Clinton: we need to take on the hedge funds!

Todd: but you have a history of being secretive

Clinton: that's not true

Todd: oh no?

Clinton: yes but all the documents
that prove that are hidden

Todd: all right then

Clinton: where are Trey Gowdy's e mails?

Todd: has the FBI reached out to you?

Clinton: no but I'd love to talk to them

Todd: you would?

Clinton: yes I've heard
Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer

Todd: are you worried?

Clinton: not at all

Todd: are you going to debate

Sanders in New York?

Clinton: we keep offering Sanders
dates and he keeps turning them down

Todd: that's weird because
old people love prunes

Todd: do you want to debate?

Clinton: I'd love it

Todd: he's proposed Sunday night

Clinton: I can't do Sunday night
I live tweet The Walking Dead

Todd: of course

Clinton: how about Thursday?

Todd: no – Sanders can't miss
How to Get Away With Murder

Clinton: ok well nice to be here

Todd: you too

[ break ]

Todd: omg Donald Trump had five
positions on abortion in one week

Trump: there has to be some 
form of punishment

Trump: Mexicans are rapists

Trump: I love soldiers who aren't captured

Trump: Carly Fiorina has an ugly face

Trump: We should ban muslims

Trump: torture works!

Trump: Islam hates us

Trump: I might nuke Europe

Coulter: I like him but he's mentally ill

Todd: 77% of hispanics hate him

Todd: but he may still be the nominee!

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Reince

Priebus: hi Todd

Todd: will there be an open
and contested convention?

Priebus: yes it is likely
god help me

Todd: gosh

Priebus: we will respect
the voice of the voters

Todd: are you sure about that?

Priebus: the delegates choose the
nominee but they are chosen by the people

Todd: are there any rules at all?

Priebus: I have no idea

Todd: are you really head of the RNC?

Priebus: the old rules were written
by Romney and he's an idiot

Todd: I see

Priebus: the new rules will be 
written by smart people like Donald 
Trump and Ted and Cruz

Todd: Trump is mad about the
delegate process – is that fair that
some Trump delegates hate him?

Priebus: they're bound to Trump 
for two whole votes!

Todd: okay then

Priebus: look Trump should have 
gamed the system

Todd: can Trump win an election?

Priebus: when Clinton is indicted
the democrats may have an open convention!

Todd: will the RNC help vet the Vice President?

Priebus: did you know the delegates 
choose the VP too?

Todd: oh my god

[ break ]

Todd: Wisconsin invented
the primary – so thanks for that

Todd: then in 1960 JFK took
the primary and won the Presidency

Todd: and in 1976 Gerald Ford
won because of Bart Starr

Todd: and Jimmy Carter took a
late win from Udall

Todd: Trump is in trouble in Wisconsin!

Benson: conservative talk radio
has been hammering Trump for weeks!

Benson: then Walker endorsed Cruz!

Todd: how are you doing David

Brooks: I'm sad and defeated

Brooks: the Republican party 
can't stop Trump

Brooks: the only way he can be
stopped is if kills a guy on live tv

Todd: they're trying to game 
the system to stop him

Walter: they either wreck the party
with Trump or without him

Walter: of course they can stop him –
but it will look unfair and he will
take his followers with him

Todd: what do folks at the
Pentagon think of all this?

Cooper: they're appalled

Todd: whoa

Cooper: I was on a battleship 
and they're shocked

Todd: that makes sense

Cooper: contrast Trump with the
mature statesman Barack Obama

Cooper: he's scaring the Beltway 
with nuke talk

Todd: do people like Cruz?

Benson: no the just they hate Trump

Trump: so why not support Jon Kasich?

Benson: because they're desperate to stop Donald Trump

Trump: so who will be the nominee?

Brooks: it will be Trump and it will
be a disaster may he rot in hell

Todd: omg will Trump destroy 
the Republican party?

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Senator Johnson

Johnson: nice to be here Ted

Todd: who are you voting for?

Johsnon: hell if I know

Todd: you won't say or you're undecided?

Johnson: who the heck knows

Todd: you say Trumps helps the GOP

Johnson: I'm a complete
outsider like the Donald

Todd: right

Johnson: he will grow the economy!

Todd: perhaps

Johnson: here in Wisconsin we have
some of America's best talk show hosts

Todd: you're implying you're anti-Trump

Johnson yes I am

Todd: oooh

Johnson: Mitt Romney told me
he would be a one-term president

Todd: interesting

Johnson: I've decided not to vote for Clinton

Todd: what advice would you 
give Trump to win?

Johnson: show the voters your 
vision of how to defeat Clinton 
because it won't be easy

Todd: true enough

Todd: if Garland were replacing a 
liberal would you have a vote?

Johnson: no it's a firm principle

Todd: so no votes on a nominee
ever in 8th year of a Presidency

Johnson: no he just doesn't
love guns enough

Todd: thanks for coming

Johnson: you too

[ break ]

Sanders: we've won 6 out of 7 caucuses
so super delegates should vote for us

Todd: if superdelegates did what Sanders
wants she would increase her lead lol

Walter: he's very impressive
but Sanders can't win – it's math

Todd: Todd: he's toast isn't he

Walter: democrats are having a
skirmish but the GOP is having nuclear war

Benson: in 1910 Milwaukee 
elected a socialist mayor

Brooks: Sanders voted in the election

Todd: LOL

Brooks: Clinton is also unpopular

Cooper: you asked Clinton about abortion
and she gave a thorough informed answer
and Trump is asked the same and sounds 
like a crazy person

Cooper: Trump is nuts which benefits Hillary

Todd: GOP delegates may see
this and reject Trump

Walter: Republicans don't want to
win in 2016 – they want guys who share
their wacko values like Trump

Cooper: well then they will lose again

Todd: and that's another

episode of Meet The Press

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