Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment – December 13, 2015


It was a fun day on the Sunday talk shows, with Marco Rubio insisting he is in fact trying to win, another confusing conversation with Ben Carson, and a terrifying look at the mindset of die-hard Donald Trump supporters.

In addition, Chuck Todd made some news when he announced NBC News is to experiment with a brand new concept for them: Fact Checking.
John Kerry hit all three big shows to talk about the big climate change agreement with 186 countries signing on, which is interesting because the pundits keep insisting President Obama can't lead.

Marco Rubio sat down with Chuck Todd, where he said the President's speech on terror made things worse. Rubio then listed all the things he would have done as President to stop ISIS. When Todd pointed out the President is already doing all those things, Rubio replied, “Maybe rhetorically some of it is, but most of it is not.”

He also said people are not traveling for the holidays because they are so afraid of terrorism, adding “perhaps it's anecdotal, but I think it's happening.”

He denied he is now the the establishment's favorite, pointing out he has raised only $6 million, and strongly argued against the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, saying “Because states have always defined marriage.
And that's why some people get married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator.”
Ben Carson made an apperance on ABC, and commented on his lack of experience in government, saying “I've spent many a night in the operating room, a cold, sterile place with a little child's life on the line working very hard to preserve that.”

He defended his claim that Islam is not compatible with the Constitution, and said he was just in Syria speaking to refugees, and “nobody wanted to come here,” and said letting refugees from the war come to America is “just a band-aid that makes some people feel good like they've done something.”

He also said to prevent jihadists from coming into the country they should be asked their plans. George Stephanopoulos asked “You just want them to lay out their itinerary?” Carson, said yes, and the host replied “But won't a terrorist just lie?” Carson rolled his eyes and said “why don't we go to the Israelis and ask them how they do it?” Finally, he threated to leave the party if they make a back room deal over the nomination, saying if something like happens, “I'm outta here.”

Ted Koppel accused Chuck Todd of drooling on his shirt at the prospect of a contested Republican convention, while Todd said primary voters are “like a rebellious teenager, smitten with the bad boy on the motorbike in Donald Trump.”

Molly Ball said Ted Cruz scares the establishment more than Trump, because “Trump makes Cruz look reasonable.” Bill Kristol is one of those establishment Republicans that dislikes Trump, but blamed Barack Obama for Trump, saying “President Obama gives a speech Sunday night that just seems oblivious to the actual threat and the bulk of the speech is telling us we need to be very kind to Muslims both at home and abroad.”

But the most absurd moments came when CBS talked to a group of Trump supporters. Frank Luntz said he had never seen voters so passionate about a candidate, to the point that will vote him if he ran as an independent. They are “scared,” and “jumpy,” and they like Trump because they are tired of political correctness, which is weakening the country. He is “saying stuff that needs to be said,” and “He's not going to put up with any crap” and when he's President “He'll have people to coach him to make sure these things aren't said out loud.” They dislike the President, calling him clueless, cocky, full of himself, arrogant, anti-American, and un-American. They support Donald Trump, rather than any of the other Republican candidates, host Jon Dickerson said, because as they see it, Trump is the “opposite of the qualities they see in the President.”

So marriage is an ancient, sacred, inviolate ritual best preserved by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas; children fleeing a war don't really want to come here; and voters don't want a President who is arrogant, cocky, or full of himself, so they only person they do want for is Donald Trump. 

And that's the most ridiculous thing happened this Sunday.

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