Sunday, December 20, 2015

Meet The Press – December 20, 2015

Donald Trump
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)
John Podesta
Jose Diaz-Balart
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Maggie Haberman
Hugh Hewitt

Todd: omg Donald Trump still leads
in all the polls!

Todd: on the other hand polls at 
this stage are meaningless

Todd: then again Trump may rewrite the rules

Todd: Clinton says ISIS watches 
you to recruit

Trump: just another Hillary lie

Todd: Trump never campaigns 
or takes out ads but draws big crowds 
and leads in the polls

Todd: and he rules social media

Trump: I'm the Earnest Hemingway of Twitter

Todd: and he's covered on 
television more than anyone else

Todd: meanwhile Ted Cruz has
practically moved to Iowa

Todd: and he's feuding with Marco Rubio

Cruz: He supports amnesty

Rubio: so does Ted

Cruz: he's lying

Rubio: he's a poopyhead

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Donald Trump

Trump: just get to the questions Ted

Todd: Hillary Clinton said terrorists use
your crazy-ass statements about Muslims
to recruit more terrorists

Trump: Hillary lies like crazy – she's a liar!

Todd: if terrorists used your speeches to
recruit would you change your language

Trump: no because Hillary is weak
and no stamina

Todd: what?

Trump: she left the stage
because she's weak

Todd: what the fuck are talking about?

Trump: Obama is also weak

Todd: are you any medication?

Trump: we need cunning and 
strength and stamina which I have 
and no one else does

Todd: well she traveled the world

Trump: she sat in a luxurious airplane

Todd: so do you

Trump: she killed lots of people

Todd: really?

Trump: hundreds of thousands of people!

Todd: where?

Trump: she wrecked Libya and Syria

Todd: oh okay

Trump: the Iran deal is a bad deal

Todd: why do you praise Putin?

Trump: no I never did

Todd: you called him a strong leader

Trump: of course I did because he
is a great leader with an 80% approval rating!

Todd: yes it's very high

Trump: I never said anything nice about him

Todd: you just did

Trump: no I didn't

Todd: yes you did

Trump: Putin doesn't like Obama

Todd: so you have something in common

Trump: I will work with Russia!

Todd: they are allied with Iran and Syria

Trump: that Iran deal was a terrible deal!

Todd: oh?

Trump: we don't get our prisoners back!

Todd: it was nuclear deal

Trump: Bush handed Iraq to 
Iran on a silver platter

Todd: would the middle east 
be more stable with Qaddafi 
and Hussein still in power?

Trump: 100% – there's no doubt at all

Todd: so you would let Assad stay

Trump: let's fight ISIS first

Todd: that's what Bernie Sanders believes too

Trump: who gives a shit
what that old man thinks

Todd: some people do

Trump: when we support so-called
rebels anywhere they become bad guys

Todd: Jeb Bush said 'Donald Trump is a jerk'

Trump: his people gave him that quote

Todd: probably

Trump: he's a weak and ineffective
and is low energy

Todd: right

Trump: he's a corporate puppet

Todd: ouch

Trump: I'm at 41% and he's a 2%

Todd: true

Trump: hes' an embarrassment
to the Bush family although he's
running away from the Bush name

Todd: Ted Cruz has passed you in Iowa

Trump: frankly I'm doing really well
there since I converted to evangelism

Todd: no doubt

Trump: I'm through the 
roof in New Hampshire!

Todd: do you like Ted Cruz

Trump: believe it or not I
get along with everyone

Todd: I don't believe it

Todd: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Trump: yeah yeah yeah loser

[ break ]

Todd: welcome panelists –
what did you think of Trump?

Hewitt: I love how he took
the fight to Hillary Clinton!

Todd: Jeb Bush got under Trump's skin

Habermen: Jeb came close to getting
Donald to blow up but then he backed off

Todd: of course he did

[ break ]

Todd: the Democrats clashed last night!

Clinton: we need a long term plan for Syria

Sanders: we need to forget Assad 
and go after ISIS

Todd: welcome Senator Sanders

Sanders: nice to see you again Chet

Todd: you say the Middle East would
be more stable with dictators in charge

Sanders: of course it would be more stable

Todd: you may be right

Sanders: it's easy to topple a dictator

Todd: so it would seem

Sanders: I was right about
the invasion of Iraq and also Libya

Todd: that's true

Sanders: we need to create broad coalitions

Todd: okay but Saudi Arabia is
more worried about Assad than ISIS

Sanders: good point Chuck

Todd: so it's a catch 22

Sanders: but we have leverage
and we should use it

Todd: how much will you raise 
taxes on the middle class?

Sanders: we will tax money hidden in the
Cayman Islands and Wall Street speculation

Todd: what else

Sanders: raise the estate tax!

Todd: okay but what about the middle class

Sanders: but I also think we should
tax everyone to pay for family leave

Todd: is that all?

Sanders: yes it is

Todd: do you think the DNC is treating you fairly?

Sanders: no the DNC is not competent

Todd: I see

Sanders: my staff screwed up 
but the DNC overreacted

Todd: you staff stole Clinton's data

Sanders: yeah but that information
just came into our campaign

Todd: by magic?

Sanders: no by incompetence

Todd: so you got it by accident?

Sanders: my staff screwed up okay

Todd: thanks for coming Bernie

Sanders: you too Tad

[ break ]

Todd: welcome John Podesta

Podesta: hiya Charles

Todd: Hillary said ISIS used Trump videos
to recruit but there's no proof of that

Podesta: ISIS uses Trump as a recruitment
tool on social media – it's a well known fact

Todd: really

Podesta: yes go look at their Facebook page

Todd: I don't use Facebook
I'm not a senior citizen

Podesta: well my grandparents love it

Todd: you stand by it your 
statement about ISIS?

Podesta: yes we do

Todd: what about the voter data

Podesta: Sanders' people act like
'oops this pilfered data just fell in our lap'
they searched for it and they got caught

Todd: okay

Podesta: and the guy who did it wasn't 20
he's a 39 year-old Ph.D. and senior campaign guy

Todd: fair point

Podesta: they did something unethical
and act like we're the bad guys

Podesta: this is a pattern and cultural problem
where they say don't want to fight dirty or
have a Super PAC and then they do

Todd: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Todd: nice to see you Mr. Speaker

Ryan: great to be here Chuck

Todd: the budget deal was
a huge win for liberals

Ryan: hey you can't get everything you want

Todd: you used to hate Omnibus bills
were you naïve?

Ryan: I took this job knowing I would get hit

Todd: and you were right

Ryan: look we gave stuff to oil industry
and cut taxes for rich people

Todd: conservatives feel
betrayed by you

Ryan: screw those people

Todd: strong language

Ryan: it's talk radio nonsense
I'm getting things done

Todd: you raised spending and
cut taxes – what about the deficit?

Ryan: wrong because tax cuts raise money

Todd: right I forgot

Ryan: also we didn't cut taxes
we just didn't raise them

Todd: what else can you get done?

Ryan: criminal justice reform

Todd: what about the trade bill?

Ryan: I haven't read it

Todd: ok I won't spoil it then

Ryan: Obama has succeeded
in transforming this country!

Todd: you criticized Trump but 
he's more popular that you are

Ryan: I want to cut taxes and welfare

Todd: but you don't hate Muslims

Ryan: hey it's a big tent

Todd: are you concerned about
his remarks about Muslims

Ryan: religious freedom is a natural right

Todd: are you enjoying this job

Ryan: yeah it's not all that bad

Todd: that's nice

Ryan: I want to run Congress
they way the Founders intended
from lower Manhattan

Todd: we're in a polarizing time
can we get along?

Ryan: no because Barack Obama
is very polarizing

Todd: you keeping trying to repeal
Obamacare – isn't that polarizing?

Ryan: because it s a bad law!

Todd: but it is polarizing

Ryan: yeah I suppose so

Todd: so how do we get out of this cycle?

Ryan: appeal to what unifies us

Todd: what's that

Ryan: identity politics divides us

Todd: I see

Ryan: both sides do it and it's wrong

Todd: it's so sad

Ryan: leaders should lead
and unifiers should unify

Todd: fine sentiments

Ryan: I'm a Jack Kemp Ronald Reagan
Happy Warrior Conservative

[ break ]

Todd: so panel is conservatism cracking up?

Goodwin: they're breaking up
over immigration and war

Todd: this is like Teddy Roosevelt's
split with the GOP

Goodwin: just like 1912!

Diaz-Balart: Cruz flip-flopped

Todd: a bit

Diaz-Balart: they use words like 'amnesty'
and 'legalization' but they don't know
what they mean

Haberman: Cruz is running against 
Washington and Rubio is saying 
we're not all that different

Todd: so who's the winner in that fight?

Haberman Donald Trump

Hewitt: Christie wins by not fighting

Todd: awesome

Hewitt: I love mark Levin but he's
wrong – Paul Ryan is young and
handsome and awesome

Todd: December leaders never win in
2012 it was Gingrich and in 2008
Clinton was ahead and in 2004 Howard
Dean was the front-runner

Goodwin: maybe this time is different –
Trump has gotten so much free publicity

Balart: it's about Demographics –
they're going to lose Hispanics

Hewitt: this is going to be a national 
security election and Clinton embraced 
Libya last night - we win!

Hewitt: this was a good weekend for
the Republicans! It was a good week for
the Republicans! It was a good month!
A good year for the Republicans!

Todd: calm down Hugh

[ break ]

Todd: Clinton ISIS loves Trump which 
is probably true but no one can find proof

Haberman: it will be a problem for her

Haberman: Although this is post truth election

Haberman: also Obama is bad President

Goodwin: she's showing real confidence now

Todd: she's running for the general 
lection already

Diaz-Balart: families are being torn
apart because of immigration laws

Hewitt: everyone at Christmas dinner will
be talking about Clinton's comment about Trump

Todd: Hugh do you really think 
Trump can win?

Hewitt: no one trusts Hillary!

Todd: no one trust Trump either

Diaz-Balart: feliz navidad

Todd: I speak Spanish - I'm from Miami

Diaz-Balart: lola

Todd: I asked the candidates –
what's the first concert you went to?

Kasich: I hate country music

Sanders: Pete Seeger

Cruz: Men at Work

Trump: the Beatles

Jeb: Say it loud – I'm black and I'm proud

Balart: Santana

Haberman: Madonna!

Todd: Neil Diamond

Todd: and that another
episode of Meet the Press

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