Sunday, December 27, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – December 27, 2015

Host: Jon Karl

Donald Trump
Gov. Jon Kasich (R-OH)
Matthew Dowd
LZ Granderson
Bill Kristol
Mary Bruce

Karl: OMG Donald Trump was 
on a twitter tirade!

Trump: Hillary is a sexist!

Karl: to my credit I've covered 
Trump since 2013!

Karl: 2015 was the Year of Trump!

Trump: America sucks!

Karl: ha ha

Trump: God wants to me to be President!

Karl: did even you think
you would be this awesome?

Trump: no I didn't – I underestimated
how wonderful I would be this year

Karl: to be fair to you Mr. Trump we
all underestimated how great you are

Trump: understandable

Karl: we covered him two years ago
when the elites dismissed him

Trump: [ 2013 ] I may run for President

Karl: I would be shocked if you ran

Trump: I may surprise you

Karl: then he rode down
the escalator like a boss

Karl: why do you people
love you so much?

Trump: we make bad deals –
the special interests control politicians

Karl: he sort-of pledged he
won't run a third party campaign

Trump: I probably won't destroy the GOP!

Karl: he insulted women, Mexicans 
and Muslims

Paul Ryan: Trump is not what 
this country stands for!

Karl: are you tapping into 
white people's anger?

Trump: I'm not tapping into anger –
I'm merely exploiting the rage of the
emasculated white male

Karl: I can relate to that

Trump: If we elect Hillary Clinton after Obama
white men are not going to have a country

Karl: so true – all the really sexist countries
are run by brown people or Muslims

Trump: Hillary got schlonged!

Karl: people love the Trump!

Karl: He's got the poll numbers!
Magazine covers! Saturday Night Live!

Karl: Poltifact gave Trump the award for 
Lie of the Year

Karl: not just for one lie – for all the 
many lies he's told

Trump: I tell the most lies! I tell the best lies!

Karl: he's the greatest at everything 
– even lying

Trump: political correctness is 
killing this country

Jeb: you can't insult your way to the Presidency

Trump: hey Jebbie I'm at 43% and 
you're at 2%

Karl: he's been leading for 5 months now

Karl: can he win any votes?

Karl: and what if he loses in Iowa?

Karl: so many questions

[ break ]

Karl: welcome Jon Kasich

Kasich: nice to see you again Jon

Karl: you too Jon

Kasich: and you Jon

Karl: Obama may be going to deport illegals!

Karl: Trump is claiming credit 
for this crackdown

Karl: are we seeing a 'Tump Effect'?

Kasich: everyone undocumented
person should be in prison

Karl: whoa

Kasich: it wasn't Trump – 
my good friend Bill O'Reilly started 
all this hating on immigrants

Karl: so why is Trump so popular

Kasich: poor white guys hate lobbyists

Karl: who will speak for the white men?

Kasich: there's no unemployment in Ohio

Karl: really?

Kasich: yep we got rid of it

Karl: so that sly Obama
wrecked America except for Ohio

Kasich: and we give you free
health care if you have autism

Karl: that's nice of you

Kasich: attacking women and
Muslims and Hispanics is not smart

Karl: when you put them
together that is a lot of people

Karl: Cruz wants to deport
11 million undocumented people

Kasich: dumb

Karl: you say that so are you
out of touch with the GOP voters?

Kasich: I've done more town
hall meetings than anyone else

Karl: I'm sorry to hear that

Karl: what's your plan?

Kasich: finish the border

Karl: is it not finished?

Kasich: we're not going to split up
families and deport 11 million people
it's just not going to happen

Kasich: ignore the polls – I'm begging you!

Karl: okay

and also please ignore who ever wins Iowa

Karl: all right then

Kasich: also New Hampshire

Karl: will you support Trump
if he's the nominee?

Kasich: well he's toned down the rhetoric

Karl: he has?

Kasich: Ohio voters don't
want a bunch of windbags

Karl: so picky

Kasich: you can't win the White House without Ohio

Karl: you really want to be
Vice President don't you

Kasich: we give you free health care!

Karl: do you have to win the
New Hampshire primary?

Kasich: I have to come in
third or maybe fourth

Karl: aim high Jon

Kasich: I will catch fire and then who knows

Karl: stop drop and roll?

Kasich: I will do New Hampshire
town halls even after the primaries!

Karl: that is just sad

Kasich: please vote for me –
oh god what have I become

Karl: you're about to get bumped
down to the kiddie table debate

Kasich: I hope to be allowed on the big stage

Karl: you hope?

Kasich: I got a great ground game
that's what wins elections

Karl: no the best ideas or best 
proposals or best party or best track 
record or the best person?

Kasich: no it's organization and money

Karl: well thanks for coming Jon

Kasich: you too Jon

[ break ]

Karl: welcome panelists

Karl: Matthew Dowd in September
you predicted Trump would be the nominee

Dowd: nailed it

Karl: what could stop Donald Trump?

Dowd: a self–inflicted wound – for example
if said something really embarrassing

Karl: ??

Dowd: heh

Karl: like calling American soldiers murderers?

Dowd: no I get what you're saying –
it's Trump's nomination to lose!

Rick Perry: as I quit I would just like
to say Donald Trump is an idiot
and is wrecking my party

Scott Walker: God asked me to run 
and now God wants to me drop out and 
as I leave I would just to beg everyone to 
drop out too or we'll end up with that nut 
Trump as our party's nominee

Jindal: I am dropping out because
voters don't want policy – they want
that racist demagogue oh lord what 
have we created

Lindsay Graham: I have to drop out but
I am warning y'all this is not a game show

Karl: nothing can stop Donald Trump!

Kristol: GOP voters hate the media 
and their leadership and the 
establishment and America 
and also reality

Kristol: their irrational hatred of 
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and 
has transferred to Republican leaders

Karl: you loved it and nourished it when
it was Vince Foster and Birthers and
now you can't control it

Kristol: I still think Trump will collapse

Karl: dream on

Kristol: he's vulnerable! I swear!

Bruce: when he loses Iowa will he freak out?

Karl: probably not

Bruce: he has no pollsters or
anyone on the ground

Karl: he has no campaign staff –
but who cares he's winning

Granderson: these are the chickens are
coming home to roost – Republicans coyly
flirted with birtherism and they're 
stuck plucking the chicken that hatched 
from the egg they layed

Karl: well put LZ

Granderson: now they can't control 
the monster they stitched together from 
the dead body parts of George Wallace 
and Strom Thurmond and Rush Limbaugh

Karl: Limbaugh is still alive

Granderson: have you checked lately

Karl: when Trump was birther 
they ignored him

Granderson: no they didn't 
– they embraced him!

Dowd: the American people want
strength that why Trump is winning

Karl: who wins Iowa and New Hampshire?

Dowd: Iowa is between Cruz and Trump
with Cruz winning a close one

Dowd: more interesting is who 
comes in third?

Dowd: Trump wins South Carolina too

Granderson: Cruz wins Iowa
then it goes Trump and Trump

Kristol: Trump doesn't win either

Karl: oh really

Kristol: Cruz wins Iowa and Christie wins
New Hampshire then Trump wins South
Carolina because why the hell not

Kristol: but I could be wrong – I usually am

Karl: that's true

Kristol: one of the many things I've
been wrong about is the idea Trump
bubble would burst

Kristol: also he's a got a bigger 
staff than people think

Bruce: I predict Trump wins Iowa 
– Christie wins New Hampshire and 
then Trump South Carolina

Dowd: it's a state-by-state race 
for the first four states and then 
it's a cage match free for all

Karl: so exciting!

Dowd: by mid March we'll have nominee

Granderson: what can stop Trump – nothing!

Kristol: but he's not even leading in Iowa!

Granderson: you're desperate

Kristol: he won't be the nominee!

Karl: you're hoping and praying

Kristol: what is life without prayer

Karl: so what stops him?

Kristol: Ohio and Florida are winner-take-all
and they're home to Kasich and Rubio

Bruce: then we'll have a brokered
convention will run by Paul Ryan!

Karl: the fun is just starting!

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