Monday, October 05, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment – October 4, 2015




It was an interesting day on the Sunday talk shows, with all the macho Republican candidates and activist pundits agreeing there's nothing we can do about a problem that has killed 150,000 Americans since 2001.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump, appeared, yet again, on ABC and NBC. George Stephanopoulos pointed out the the Conservative Tax Foundation said his tax plan would increase the deficit by $10 trillion over 10 years, but Trump explained “I am going to bring back so many jobs,” and “We're going to do cutting,” including cuts to the Department of Education and the EPA.

Chuck Todd pointed out his plan enormously benefits the very rich, but Trump countered 

“If we do 6% or 7% under my plan, everybody benefits.” Todd replied “We've never had a year of 6% or 7% growth.”

On foreign policy, Trump argued “I'm very proactive, as you probably know,” but conceded, “I'd sit back and – this is not usually me talking,” and “this does not sound like me very much - but I want to sit back 

and I want to see what happens”

But the conversations were mostly about the American epidemic of gun violence.

Struggling candidate Chris Christie came to say bash his own state's gun laws, saying violence in Chicago proves gun laws don't work, but also called for more enforcement of current gun laws. He also wants to “get tougher on mental health,” and said “Let's make involuntary commitment of people 

who 'speak violently' easier for doctors.”

Trump also pointed to violence in Chicago, arguing we don't need to act on guns, saying “no matter what you do, guns, no guns, it doesn't matter.”

He called President “a great divider” on the issue; then divided the country into “the Second Amendment folks and the non-Second Amendment folks. He is a non-Second Amendment person.”

Indeed, far from seeing guns as a problem, Trump said “you could make the case that it would've been a lot better had people had guns because they had something to fire back,” and that perhaps “if there were guns 

in that room other than his, fewer people would have died, fewer people 
would have been so horribly injured.”

In fact, the aspiring President doesn't 

think society can do anything to cut 
down on gun violence.

Saying of President Obama “I think he was actually being a divider because, you know, George, no matter how you cut it, you have people that are mentally ill and they have problems and they're going to slip through the cracks. And no matter how you do it, no matter how you try, and if you go back 2,000 years and if you go forward 2 million years, you're going to have problems.”

George Stephanopoulos said “You sound pretty passive. Trump explained “whether it's this type of crime or other crimes, they've taken place forever, from the beginning, and it's going - you go out a million years from now, you're going to have problems.”

And “no matter what you do, you will have problems and that's the way the world goes.”

So, Donald Trump's economic plan is great, if we have 7% growth, and he's a man of action but on the Middle East, would sit back and watch, and on recurring mass murder of the citizens of the nation he hopes to lead, no matter what you do, it's going to happen, 

and that's just the way it is.

And that's what happened this Sunday.

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