Monday, October 05, 2015

Meet The Press – October 4, 2015

Donald Trump
Michael McFaul – Former 
Ambassador to Russia under Obama
Stephen Hadley – Former 
National Security Advisor under Bush
Ruth Marcus
Rich Lowry
Mark Leibovich
Amy Holmes

Todd: OMG nine people were killed
in another mass shooting

Todd: how could this have 
happened for the thousandth 
time in the last few years?

Reporter: the shooter's father said he
had too many guns and one survivor
said there should be more guns

Todd: there have been 294 
mass shootings this year

Todd: there have been 994 since Sandy Hook

Todd: that's like one per day

Todd: our gun death rate is 49 times 
higher than in France although we 
have fewer baguette beatings

Todd: polls show people want 
background checks but also love guns

Obama: somehow this has become routine!

Obama: damn right this is something 
we should politicize!

Rubio: criminals don't follow laws!

Kasich: laws don't work!

Jeb: look stuff happens

[ break ]

Todd: welcome to the show again Mr Trump

Trump: good to see you Ted

Todd: the President says this mass shooting
shows we need new laws on guns

Trump: look no matter you do mentally
ill people will fall through the cracks

Todd: but does American have more
mentally ill people than other countries?

Trump: oh definitely

Todd: really?

Trump: yes as I travel the country
and see people at my rallies I've seen it

Todd: you have?

Trump: it's not politically correct to
say but most people at my events 
are fucking nuts

Todd: 155,000 people have been
killed by gun fire since 9/11 –
should there be a sense of urgency?

Trump: Chicago has strict gun laws 
and they have a lot of murder

Todd: but people can go a place
nearby and buy a gun and then 
return to Chicago with a gun

Trump: hmm hadn't thought of that

Todd: do we have too many
guns in America?

Trump: it might be better if people
had more guns in Oregon

Todd: you believe that?

Trump: sure because if everyone in
the classroom were packing one of
them could fire back at the mass shooter

[ break ]

Todd: panelists there were 3,000 terror
deaths and we've had 155,000 gun
deaths – should be we panicked?

Lowry: no because there is a
fundamental right to own a machine gun

Todd: you have to pass a test to drive
and must register every car but any
wacko can buy a killing machine

Marcus: Rich Lowry is right –
we can't take away people's guns!

Lowry: win

Marcus: but with 150,000 people
dead we should not have to live in terror

Holmes: it's not about guns it's about
the media giving these crazy young 
men free publicity

Leibovich: Obama predicted the whole
pro and anti gun debate and then it all
played out exactly that way

Lowry: background checks wouldn't always
work so Obama is bad for talking about them

Marcus: just because something isn't
perfect doesn't mean we shouldn't try

Lowry: we don't need guns laws at all
need to disempower the norm of murder

[ break ]

Todd: welcome back Donald

Trump: thanks Tim

Todd: you have a new tax plan

Trump: I would cut taxes for everybody!

Todd: sounds good

Trump: it's a great plan

Todd: no doubt

Trump: why can't we have 3 percent growth?

Todd: we just got 4 percent

Trump: well China does 7

Todd: but they're a third world country

Trump: we can get 6 percent!

Todd: we've never had 6

Trump: everyone is leaving to go to Ireland

Todd: so you would cut the
deficit through growth

Trump: I would also cut spending
like the Department of education

Todd: you get rid of it?

Trump: not all of it

Todd: what else

Trump: cut the EPA!

Todd: problem solved

Trump: George W. Bush sent a
washer too Texas for $900,000

Todd: that was fraud

Trump: we should not have fraud!

Todd: all right then

Trump: the Pentagon buys
hammers for $800!

Todd: politicians have been
saying that for 30 years

Trump: yeah but I'll do it

Todd: you welcome Putin in Syria

Trump: the Soviet Union went 
bankrupt in Afghanistan and hopefully 
that will happen again

Todd: so you think it will backfire

Trump: yeah I hope he goes all
in Syria and it screws him over

Todd: but he's bombing our best friends

Trump: we don't know who these people are

Todd: I've heard they're nice people

Trump: I'm not saying Assad is a good
guy although I like dictators who win

Todd: right

Trump: but he couldn't be worse
than Saddam and don't we miss him now

Todd: you think the Mideast would 
be better off if Qaddafi and Saddam 
were still in power

Trump: of course – not even close

Todd: really?

Trump: sure – ISIS came out of Iraq

Todd: true

Trump: and Libya is a total disaster

Todd: so you really think things would
be more stable with Saddam and
Qaddafi ruling with an iron fist

Trump: of course I do you idiot

Todd: and you also like Vladimir Putin

Trump: he's bombing ISIS
who are bad guys

Todd: why do you trust him
and no one else does?

Trump: we're destroying America
with all our spending in the middle east

Todd: you would pull out of the
middle east and retreat from the world

Trump: right now we're fighting for
so-called rebels who are worse than Assad!

Todd: maybe

Trump: I'm usually very proactive 
as you know

Todd: oh I know

Trump: but now I would sit back and watch

Todd: that's no fun

Trump: Putin will get trapped
and he'll be begging to get out
and will laugh in his face

Todd: are you thinking of going
back to being a game show host

Trump: I'm a positive person but 
I'm also a realist

Todd: you are

Trump: I'm leading in the polls which are usually right

Todd: true

Trump: if you stopped calling
me I'd go back to my business

Todd: I will never stop calling you Donald

Trump: thank you Tom

[ break ]

Todd: Fresh polls! Trump and Carson
still lead but Fiorina is gaining!

Todd: Jindal is above 5 percent!

Todd: in New Hampshire Trump is
dropping and Fiorina has jumped to 2nd place

Todd: in New Hampshire Jeb
doing better and Kasich is dropping

Todd: Clinton still leads in Iowa but
Bernie is ahead in New Hampshire

Todd: panelists Carly is doing great in
New Hampshire but the one constant is
Trump leading all places everywhere

Leibovich: but does Trump have 
a national organization?

Todd: this race is still fluid

Holmes: it totally is – anything could happen!

Marcus: Trump's numbers keep
dropping and he doesn't really want this

Todd: McCarthy said the purpose of the
Benghazi committee was to bring down
Hillary Clinton's poll numbers

Todd: Republicans want him
to withdraw that statement

Todd: they are really mad –
is McCarthy is trouble?

Lowry: yes because he's popular 
but a total moron

Lowry: his best case is that no
one else wants that terrible job

Todd: why are no stars running for Speaker?

Holmes: Jim Jordan controls the Freedom
Caucus which is a group of influential lunatics

Todd: when McCarthy spoke Hillary cheered

Marcus: Clinton needed this gift

Leibovich: she can now undermine
every attack on her

Marcus: it makes the whole thing 
look political

Lowry: what he was trying say was the
committee uncovered information that
proved Clinton is untrustable

Todd: he should have just said
that and the Beltway would loved it

Holmes: he wasn't even right – the Benghazi
hearings didn't drive down her poll numbers
it was the fake e-mail scandal

Todd: U.S. airstrikes killed 19 people
at a Doctors Without Borders hospital

Todd: Russia bombed anti-Assad fighters

Todd: even Republican Bob Corker 
attacked Obama!

Obama: Putin is weak! Assad was crumbling!

Todd: was Assad crumbling and
if so should we have taken him out?

McFaul: we should have taken 
him out four years ago

Todd: wow

McFaul: but Obama is right –
Putin is bombing because Assad 
was teetering

Todd: are we stuck with Assad?

Hadley: the United States needs
to be more involved the Middle East

Todd: I heard we didn't attack Syria
because Obama was afraid to drive
Iran away from bargaining table

McFaul: excuse me but we've
been at war with ISIS for a year

Todd: perhaps

McFaul: there have been 7,000 bombing raids!

Todd: what's the deal with the 
moderate rebels

McFaul: they may be terrorists but
we need friends somewhere in Syria

Todd: Iran and Russia have
to be part of discussion of Syria

Hadley: sadly yes

Todd: ooh

Had: yes but to get a ticket to a
seat at the table you have to pay
by saying Assad has to go

Todd: no fly zone?

McFaul: why the fuck not

Todd: Trump says we should stay
out of the middle east and Assad 
is a good guy

Hadley: that's totally insane – he's a murderer!

McFaul: I agree with Steve!

Todd: panelists Trump is for real!

Leibovich: hell he leads in all the polls

Todd: he also said he might
drop out if I don't keep calling him

Leibovich: it was an honest answer

Lowry: he doesn't want to risk humiliation

Marcus: he wants the adulation

Holmes: people like the idea of
someone who doesn't need the job

Todd: are we so sure Trump and Carson 
and Fiorina will fade?

Leibovich: this isn't a moment –
Trump has been leading for months now

Lowry: remember when we
were all sure Scott Walker would win?

Todd: whatever happened to Jeb?

Marcus: it's time to talk about electability

Todd: omg Hillary Clinton appeared
on Saturday night live and did an
impression of Donald Trump

Holmes: I give her credit for
poking fun at herself

Todd: I'm surprised it wasn't
Trump on the season premiere

Leibovich: Lorne isn't stupid

Todd: so maybe Trump will be on!

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press