Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment - October 25, 2015

"Aggressive Government"

It was a fun day on the Sunday Talk Shows, with appearances by Donald Trump and 
Ben Carson, the Democrats partying in Iowa, 
and Hillary Clinton having her Best 
Ten Days Ever.

Trey Gowdy, apparently still recovering from his eleven-hour grilling of Hillary Clinton, popped up on NBC to complain that 
Sidney Blumenthal had “unfettered access”
to Clinton.

He also complained Clinton had somehow tricked the Republicans into embarrassing themselves on national television, whining that public televised hearings lead to grandstanding, that no one forced Clinton 
to appear before the committee, and that 
she was the one who wanted the 
hearings to made public.

Chris Christie showed up on CBS to claim credit for firing his corrupt employees, and claimed, “There's lawlessness in this country. The president encourages this lawlessness. He encourages it.” He supported this claim by saying the President “does not support the police. He doesn't back up the police. 
He justifies Black Lives Matter.”

On 'Black Lives Matter', Christie said “I don't believe that that movement should be justified when they're calling for the murder of police officers.” Host Jon Dickerson said “But they're not calling for the murder of police officers.” Christie replied, twice, 
“Sure, they are,” and claimed he knows how 
hard it is to be a police officer because “I was 
a law enforcement officer.”

Donald Trump appeared on ABC and CBS. Back in Iowa he expressed doubts about Dr. Ben Carson's religion, saying “I'm Presbyterian. Boy, that's down the middle 
of the road folks, in all fairness. I mean 
Seventh Day Adventist I don't know about. I just don't know about it.”

But in his interviews he simply said “I don't know about that. I don't know about what that is. I'm not that familiar with it.” and “that wasn't meant to be insult, obviously. It's just that I don't know about it.” To which Jon Dickerson said, “So an expression of ignorance, not raising questions about it?,” which Trump thought was a harsh way 
of putting it.

Trump also claimed if we had strong borders, the terror attacks of 9/11 might not have occurred, and said he would deport 11 million people “through very good management that will happen and the people that are really good and outstanding and have had outstanding records will come back in and they’ll come back in legally. They’re going to come back in legally so we have a country,”and “The ones that are bad – 
and we have some real bad ones in this country – they’re going to get out so fast your head will spin.”

Bizarrely, Trump said defaulting on U.S. debts would be “fairly catastrophic,” but that is what makes it “an amazing tool to negotiate” and argued the Republicans should “use the debt limit as a very strong negotiating tool to make other changes and to cut costs elsewhere.”

Trump said he will unite the country, observing “The country right now is terribly divided by a president that doesn’t know how to lead and he’s a very divisive person,” and “I will be a great unifier. You will be surprised to see that, but you will see that.”

Trump added “Our country is in serious trouble,” and “our country’s in bad shape,” and “Our military doesn’t perform because it’s not allowed to perform and it’s not in great shape,” and the United States of America is “the laughingstock all over the world.”

But the strangest moments came during Chuck Todd's interview with the current leader in Iowa, Doctor Ben Carson. On NBC, Carson pushed back against the idea that he is sleepy, or low energy, pointing out he has performed 18-hour surgeries, and that while he is “relaxed” now, “As a teenager. I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers,” and “many people know the story when I was 14 and I tried to stab someone.” Carson assured viewers “fortunately, you know, my life 
has been changed. And I'm a very 
different person now.”

Carson proposed the government give everyone $2,000 per year to put in health savings accounts, and disputed that he wants to get rid of Medicaid, but acknowledged, “The money from Medicaid, it's going to take care of those health savings accounts, yes.”

Chuck Todd asked, “Why should we hire you as president when you have no experience in government or the political field?" Carson replied: “Well, the Constitution was written at a eighth grade level for a reason,” and “common sense is a lot more valuable than many years in the political arena.”

Comparing abortion to slavery, Carson said he would outlaw all abortions, except possibly for the life and health of the mother, noting “that's an extraordinarily rare situation,” and saying “I'm a reasonable person. And if people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to
kill a baby, I'll listen.”

He called the right to abortion “perverted,” and commented “We've allowed the purveyors of the division to make mothers think that that baby is their enemy and that they have a right to kill it.”

Todd asked “Why do you so easily go to Nazi metaphors?” Carson responded, “I've heard from many people in the Jewish community, including rabbis, who said, 'You're spot on. You are exactly right'." But he also blamed the media, who he said, “quite frankly who like to try to stir things up and try to make this into a big, horrible thing.” He said people who don't get this Nazi metaphors are “people who aren't really thinking deeply,” while his supporters are “people really do think for themselves.”

On whether Jews could have defeated the Nazis if they were armed, Carson said “it is generally agreed that it's much more difficult to dominate people who are armed than people who are not armed,” and “we should never compromise the Second Amendment,” and “Noah Webster said that America would never suffer under tyranny because people were armed,” and stated the principle that people should have “access to whatever they needed in order to protect themselves from an overly aggressive government.”

Having said that, he then seemed to backtrack, referencing 18th century muskets, saying we should “keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of mentally unstable people,” and on whether a citizen should be able to own a surface-to-air missile, said “we have laws that, you know, to take care of that.”

So, Chris Christie questions Clinton's honesty, then lies so brazenly the host corrects him; debt default would catastrophic, but Republicans should credibly threaten to do it anyway; Donald Trump is a unifier, and he will forcibly deport 11 million residents.

Abortion is like just slavery, and the right to make that decision must be taken away from women; but we must never compromise on the Second Amendment, in order to oppose a potentially aggressive government. Except for the mentally unstable, Americans must have any weapons they might need to oppose a tyranny and defeat the U.S. military, which luckily is not in “great shape” anyway, which is why America is a laughingstock.

And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.

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