Sunday, October 06, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - October 6, 2013

Martha Raddatz
Eric Greitens – Navy SEAL (Ret.)
Speak John Boehner
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Stephanopoulos: wow the Navy SEALS
killed some terrorists

Raddatz: they attacked from the
ocean and shot up terrorist's
beachfront a house

Stephanopoulos: and they captured
a terrorist in Libya

Raddatz: he was the mastermind of
the Kenya embassy bombing –
we've been after this guy for 15 years!

Stephanopoulos: Eric you're a Navy SEAL
what's that like?

Greitens: we do a lot of rehearsals –
it's like a Broadway show without 
the vicious reviews

Stephanopoulos: sounds scary

Greitens: you gotta roll with the punches George

Stephanopoulos: a Black Hawk Down
scenario must worry you

Greitens: there are a lot of risks,
people could get killed, and
civilians can get in the way

Stephanopoulos: why two raids on the same day?

Greitens: element of surprise dude

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what about 
this terrorist raid?

Boehner: al-qaeda is still a threat –
but we have great soldiers

Stephanopoulos: Democrats say you
are the one person that could open
the government by having a vote
on a clean budget bill

Boehner: look we are going to keep
the government shut down until
we get rid of Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: it's the law

Boehner: well I don't like it

Stephanopoulos: what about 
a clean funding bill

Boehner: there aren't enough votes to pass it

Stephanopoulos: that's not what I've heard

Boehner: look we demand Obama
have a simple conversation or we
won't open the government

Stephanopoulos: the Dems say they want
to talk but they want you to
open the government first

Boehner: so it's my way or the highway!

Stephanopoulos: Harry Reid says you
promised to pass a clean bill

Boehner: We hate Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: clearly

Boehner: it's time to stand and fight

Stephanopoulos: is the Tea Party
pushing you around?

Boehner: no

Stephanopoulos: it seems like they are

Boehner: they are forcing Americans
to buy a product they do not want

Stephanopoulos: people don't 
want health insurance?

Boehner: no they don't – they want guns

Stephanopoulos: you can't shoot a
cancerous tumor with a shotgun

Boehner: obviously you haven't tried

Stephanopoulos: one Congressman
said you are Ted Cruz's bitch

Boehner: [ weeps uncontrollably ]

Stephanopoulos: calm down John

Boehner: we are going to pay federal workers even when they are not working

Stephanopoulos: then why not 
have them on the job?

Boehner: we need those people not working!

Stephanopoulos: how long does this go on?

Boehner: all Presidents negotiate
over the debt limit

Stephanopoulos: no they don't

Boehner: Obama is putting America's
credit at risk by not caving into Republicans
who are putting America's credit at risk

Stephanopoulos: I see

Boehner: the debt and deficit 
are a terrible problem

Stephanopoulos: the deficit is coming down

Boehner: [ sobs ]

Stephanopoulos: experts say not raising
the debt ceiling would be a disaster

Boehner: it would!

Stephanopoulos: so raise it

Boehner: Obama's refusal to give in threats to

Stephanopoulos: that's crazy

Boehner: no American family can maintain 
a $700 billion deficit

Stephanopoulos: probably not

Boehner: after 55 years after overspending
we must cut spending now that a
Democrat has been re-elected

Stephanopoulos: of course

Boehner: I refuse to raise the debt limit
without massive spending cut

Stephanopoulos: Obama's refusal to give
me what I want is putting the nation at risk

Stephanopoulos: so what are your demands

Boehner: we have too many old people

Stephanopoulos: so you want to 
cut Social Security

Boehner: yes

Stephanopoulos: are you willing to raise taxes

Boehner: not at all

Stephanopoulos: what are you 
willing to give up?

Bohner: nothing

Stephanopoulos: so your final position
is that if Democrats don't give you what
you want you will keep the government
shut down and default on Americas debts

Boehner: I am nothing if not reasonable

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming 

[ break ] 

Stephanopoulos: John Boehner says there
aren't enough votes to pass a clean budget bill

Schumer: man up John – prove it

Stephanopoulos: what about the debt ceiling?

Schumer: if we default it will cause
a bad recession and maybe a depression

Stephanopoulos: so you should negotiate?

Schumer: if the President gives in to
hostage-taking over full faith and credit
of the U.S. it will send a terrible signal

Stephanopoulos: you're playing with fire

Schumer: Boehner keeps moving the
goalposts because Ted Cruz is pulling his strings

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Chuck

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Anonymous said...

Boehner: we are going to pay federal workers even when they are not working

Stephanopoulos: then why not
have them on the job?

Boehner: we need those people not working!

These Bobblespeak translations are brilliant. Thank you.