Sunday, October 06, 2013

Meet The Press – October 6, 2013

Host: Savannah Guthrie
Jack Lew – Sec. of Treasury
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH)
Steve Inskeep – NPR
Rich Lowry – National Review
Mike Murphy

Guthrie: Hi Jack – what's the threat level?

Lew: America only has $30 billion in cash
that's dangerously low

Guthrie: could you find more cash somewhere?

Lew: we've gone through the White 
House couch cushions – 
we only found six billion dollars

Guthrie: could we default?

Lew: we might

Guthrie: is that bad

Lew: Reagan said it would terrible
to default on the US credit limit

Guthrie: would it be calamitous?

Lew: in 2011 even the threat of
default roiled the markets

Guthrie: you say there are all these
dire consequences but you won't negotiate

Lew: look in 2011 the Tea Party decided
they could get what they want by threatening
to wreck America – it's a terrible idea

Guthrie: so you must give in to their demands

Lew: it's Congress' job to pay our bills!

Guthrie: why should Republicans 
give up their leverage?

Lew: it's not a favor to Obama to
pay the bills Congress ran up

Guthrie: why won't Obama come to the table?

Lew: because he won't give in to 
their insane demands

Guthrie: the health care websites are down

Lew: because it's so popular

Guthrie: you should have planned better

Lew: sure – but it only proves how
necessary Obamacare is

Guthrie: thanks Jack

[ break ]

Guthrie: Rand you say don't
want the shut down

Paul: I hate it - I really do

Guthrie: if you want to end the
shut down so much why not
pass a clean budget bill?

Paul: we've passed clean bills all week long

Guthrie: no you haven't

Paul: we passed lots of them!

Guthrie: that's piecemeal

Paul: no it's not

Guthrie: yes it is

Paul: ok it is - but this is historically
how it's done

Guthrie: that isn't true either

Paul: this is all Harry Reid's fault

Guthrie: why did you shut the government
down over Obamacare?

Paul: we didn't want to shut the
government down – it just happened because
we insisted on Obamacare

Guthrie: that's silly

Paul: Obama wants 100% of what he wants

Guthrie: he wants to the law 
to stay the way it is

Paul: we have the power
of funding – its our right

Guthrie: why not use the normal
legislative process?

Paul: we've been offering lots of
compromises on Obamacare

Guthrie: what is your compromise?

Rand: Obama gives up something
while we give up nothing

Guthrie: which parts of Obamacare 
do you like?

Paul: none of it

Guthrie: ok

Paul: I was elected to fight Obamacare

Guthrie: Obamacare is a failure but
you shut down the government and
that's the big news story and 
that makes me sad

Paul: America is out of money

Guthrie: no it isn't

Paul: the big picture is America is bankrupt

Guthrie: both sides are being petty
and the American people are 
disgusted with you

Paul: we need to pass spending
bills one at a time

Guthrie: do you take any blame?

Paul: the Senate are supposed
to pass individual spending bills

Guthrie: I'm worried this is hurting
the Republican party

Paul: this is bad for the President –
he shut down the government

Guthrie: are you serious

Paul: the Democrats like the 
government closed because it 
makes Republicans look bad

Guthrie: so are you falling into his trap?

Paul: America is out of money!

Guthrie: will Republicans default?

Paul: its irresponsible for the
President to threat default

Guthrie: um ok

Paul: it's just like when Obama
closed the WWII memorial

Guthrie: you're completely cuckoo

Paul: our credit was downgraded in
2011 because our debt is really high

Guthrie: thanks for coming Rand

[ break ]

Guthrie: people can't get Obamacare!
Obamacare is terrible!

Costello: the website crashed

Guthrie: Republicans says it's so popular it
proves no one likes Obamacare

Costello: 8 million people visited the site
but how many got insurance?

Guthrie: a pox on all your houses!

Fudge: we should not respond
to a ransom to do our job

Guthrie: voters don't agree with shutting
down the government even if they
don't like Obamacare

Murphy: can we talk about the
Obamacare website? [ laughs ]

Guthrie: ha

Murphy: I would not Congress'
popularity is 5% which ten times
lower than Obamacare

Guthrie: interesting point

Lowry: clearly the GOP is hostage 
to some nuts but Democrats are 
to blame for caving in to the nuts

Inskeep: it's unfair to blame Republicans
for the shut down – my friend
Grover Norquist says Democrats
might cave on the sequester

Guthrie: isn't Obama wrong to 
refuse to negotiate the full faith 
and credit of the U.S.?

Fudge: no because it's not negotiable

Murphy: it's Obama's job to save
America from crazy conservatives

Lowry: the Democrats want the NIH
defunded because they hate sick people

Guthrie: ha ha the Obamacare 
website is down!

Inskeep: the Republicans were right!

Guthrie: ha ha loser Democrats

Inskeep: dumb Obama!

Guthrie: damn if only Republican had
let Obamacare fail that would make me happy

Murphy: it was a mistake to take
attention away from Obama's failures

Lowry: no one will sign up for the exchanges
the proof it all the traffic on the exchanges

Guthrie: thanks for coming everyone

[ break ]

Guthrie: didn't you fail on Syria?

Power: this is first time Syria even agreed
to give up chemical weapons

Guthrie: didn't you fail on Syria by
not arming the rebels in Syria?

Power: no

Guthrie: but if you had armed the
rebels it might be a peaceful paradise now

Power: some of those rebels al-qaeda
and those are the reliable ones

Guthrie: Bibi says Obama is being
tricked by those wily Persians

Power: Obama is a pretty cagy
motherfucker himself

Guthrie: you called Hillary a monster
and got booted off the campaign

Power: I felt bad about that

Guthrie: I heard you cried

Power: I called her a rock star

Guthrie: you are not writing about problems
you are in charge of these problems

Power: turns out it's easier to be a
pundit and activist than making decisions

Guthrie: but you can't compromise
you're the agitator

Power: I am the danger!

Guthrie: has bureaucracy softened you

Power: I hope so?

Guthrie: oh noe

Power: but it's not easy –
I'm a loudmouth and Irish

Guthrie: ha

[ break ]

Guthrie: some say the name
Redskins may offend some people

Obama: if I owned the team
I would think about changing it

Snyder: I will never change the name!

Native American: it's denigrating

Player: I was proud to be called Redskins

Guthrie: lightning round – Redskins!

Inskeep: call them the Debt Ceilings

Murphy: the Vikings offends norsemen

Lowry: what about the Cowboys vs Redskins?

Fudge: change the name!

Guthrie: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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