Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – October 13, 2013

Jon Karl
Rebecca Jarvis
Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)
Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
David Plouffe
Paul Krugman
Peggy Noonan
Dan Senor

Stephanopoulos: OMG the government is
still shut down and we may default!

Karl: the tables have turned – the GOP
have surrendered and Democrats are
demanding more spending

Stephanopoulos: wow

Karl: Mitch McConnell is taking heat from
the tea party for admitting Obama still President

Stephanopoulos: Becky Wall Street jumped!

Jarvis: the markets like the idea of
America paying its debts

Stephanopoulos: do they really

Jarvis: October 17 is D-Day

Stephanopoulos: holy crap

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Lindsay is there
any possibility of a deal?

Graham: we need to save
John Boehner because the
alternative would be worse

Stephanopoulos: has the GOP
given up on Obamacare?

Labrador: we are willing to not
crash the economy

Stephanopoulos: how generous of you

Labrador: I thought so

Stephanopoulos: what else?

Labrador: Obama must negotiate with us

Ellison: re-open the government and
pay the bills – then we'll talk

Graham: Republicans are in a freefall but
Democrats are unpopular too

Stephanopoulos: true

Graham: my message to the GOP
is re-open the government and
keep fighting Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: sounds like a plan

Graham: Paul Ryan has a good idea
to permanently cut Social Security

Stephanopoulos: how about that Ralph?

Ellison: I have another idea –
re-open the damn government!

Stephanopoulos: if Boehner re-opens
the government is he finished as Speaker?

Labrador: no we love him –
he's so easy to manipulate

Stephanopoulos: all right then

Labrador: the Democrats are not fair
because they not willing to cut Social Security
unless we re-open the government but
then we lose our leverage

Ellison: how about we negotiate drug prices?

Labrador: if we lift the debt ceiling
you get everything you want
and we get nothing

Ellison: we want the government open
and America's bills paid!

Labrador: that is so selfish!

Graham: the best thing right now is we
can all agree to cut Social Security and
then we can focus on the flaws of Obamacare

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Peggy what is going on?

Noonan: it turns out people like
government – who knew?

Stephanopoulos: will we default?

Krugman: the problem now is
Democrats don't want to respond
to extortion and Republicans
have to be able to say we got
something for shutting down the government

Stephanopoulos: how about the Ryan plan?

Senor: all he's asking for is means-testing
in exchange or paying our debts

Plouffe: no President should have
to give stuff away just to avoid default

Noonan: Republicans made a mistake
they had no strategy and picked a bad fight

Stephanopoulos: true

Noonan: but all Presidents must
negotiate over debt limits

Krugman: that isn't true

Noonan: he must make a deal

Stephanopoulos: the Republican party and
Congress are at all time lows in popularity

Senor: yes but all voters are stupid

Stephanopoulos: I've noticed that

Senor: Obamacare has failed!

Krugman: a year from now the
website should be working

Stephanopoulos: what if we have
a six month debt extension?

Plouffe: we are already at
Republicans budget levels!

Noonan: maybe [ drinks ]

Plouffe: Republicans are doomed

Noonan: Obamacare is a big suppurating wound

Krugman: it's a software glitch

Senor: it's a third-world experience!

Krugman: buying health insurance over
the internet is not a third-world experience

Senor: Jon Kasich and Scott Walker
are the future of the GOP

Stephanopoulos: will we default?

Krugman: we'll see what the markets say

Senor: Obamacare!

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