Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meet The Press – September 29, 2013

Kelly O'Donnell
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID)
Gary Samore
Andrea Mitchell
Dee Dee Myers
Jon Hunstman
Chris Matthews

Gregory: OMG the government 
is going to shut down!

O'Donnell: the GOP will shut down the
entire federal government unless the
Dems cut taxes on medical devices

Gregory: that's eminently reasonable

Gregory: welcome Ted Cruz – are you in
control of the federal government?

Cruz: Obamacare is hurting millions of people
and polls show the American people hate it

Gregory: polls say a majority 
want to uphold the law

Cruz: I don't care about polls – 
just hold a town hall and watch 
the crazies roll -bussed in by 
the Koch brothers

Gregory: what about the government shutdown?

Cruz: Harry Reid should call the Senate back

Gregory: the Senate just voted

Cruz: yes but Harry Reid told the
American people to jump in a lake

Gregory: I see

Cruz: Harry Reid said 'I will shut 
down the government'

Gregory: he passed a bill to keep it open

Cruz: yes but with Obamacare which I don't like

Gregory: of course – my mistake

Cruz: Harry Reid likes corporations
more than little people

Gregory: you don't want to change
the law – you want to kill it

Cruz: no the Democrats are the
real extremists and purists

Gregory: how so?

Cruz: we only want to delay the law not kill it
why won't Democrats compromise?

Gregory: because it's law and we had a
Presidential election and it was upheld by the
Supreme Court and 56% say they want the law

Cruz: but I hate Obamacare

Gregory: that's it?

Cruz: Jimmy Hoffa said Obamacare
is destroying America

Gregory: so why don't you pass a
law changing the law?

Cruz: Harry Reid is a thug

Gregory: what else

Cruz: Obama keeps ignoring the law
benefiting big corporations and
ignoring single moms and their
right not to have health care

Gregory: Obama says Ted Cruz is really
terrified that people will like Obamacare

Cruz: it's not working!

Gregory: it hasn't been implemented yet

Cruz: Obamacare is killing jobs

Gregory: not the recession?

Cruz: no Obamacare caused the
recession in 2007

Gregory: what is your plan for giving
people health insurance?

Cruz: canceling Obamacare to create jobs

Gregory: that's it?

Cruz: SeaWorld had to fire Shamu!

Gregory: do you want a government shut down?

Cruz: yes but we should pay our soldiers

Gregory: that's not much of a plan

Cruz: Obama is holding the 
American military hostage

Gregory: by the way you don't have the
votes to overturn Obamacare even if
it came to a vote

Cruz: that's true but things could change

Gregory: that's a terrible argument

Cruz: Congress is exempt from the exchanges!

Gregory: that's not true

Cruz: the American people don't like Washington

Gregory: no one likes you either

Cruz: big businessesmen should have 
to have medical insurance also

Gregory: they do

Cruz: that can't be true

Gregory: Dems don't like you but
Republicans despise you

Cruz: some of them

Gregory: Peter King calls you a fraud
and George Will thinks you've lost your mind

Cruz: we must delay Obamacare!

Gregory: what else?

Cruz: Harry Reid hates the American
people and holds them hostage

Gregory: who is the legislator you most admire?

Cruz: Phil Graham for killing Hillarycare
and banking regulations and then
cashing in after leaving the Senate

Gregory: that is admirable

Cruz: remember when the American 
people rose up against Obama's attempt 
to start a war in the middle east

Gregory: you compared Obamacare
to Nazi Germany

Cruz: no I compared myself to those who
bravely went to the moon, fought the Civil War
and won World War II

Gregory: you're shamelessly running for President

Cruz: Obamacare is killing jobs

Gregory: there's no evidence for that

Cruz: that could be true Fluffy

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Gregory: wow – there might be peace
between America and Iran!

Mitchell: amazing

Gregory: what led Iran to this point?

Samore: it's simple Fluffy – 
Obama's economic sanctions

Mitchell: will Iran really give in though?

Gregory: maybe

Mitchell: they spent billions on a 
heavy water reactor it's not like can 
convert it into a swimming pool or a wine cellar

Gregory: how can we stop them building a nuke?

Samore: the U.S. will demand strict limits

Gregory: but we've had inspections before

Samore: this would go beyond that –
they'd have to file weekly TPS reports

Gregory: but Iran is very scary

Mitchell: but if it works it could be an incredible
breakthrough – it could remake the whole region

Gregory: interesting – but Bibi doesn't trust Iran

Samore: Obama won't trust them 
– but we have to try

Gregory: is Iran faking or is this real?

Samore: the sanctions are real

Mitchell: the problem is that Obama is
not tough enough because he didn't
bomb Syria like he said he would

Gregory: But Syria blinked

Mitchell: look all Democrats are wimps and
all Republicans are tough – I have to repeat
this for the rest of my life

Gregory: who gets blamed in 
a government shutdown?

Matthews: Obamacare was enacted into
law and Ted Cruz has some vision
that it must meet his approval or we
don't get a budget

Labrador: Obama has delayed 
the law for his friends and all 
we asking for is a one-year delay

Myers: you're tried 41 times to repeal
the law and now in desperation
you are demanding shut down
of the entire government

Huntsman: Bob Corker is a hero 
for standing up to the crazies

Gregory: he is awesome

Huntsman: we created health insurance
exchanges in Utah to see if it works

Gregory: forget the substance – look at politics

Huntsman: you are petty

Gregory: I love petty politics

Matthews: Obama is not going to 
compromise on his greatest achievement

Huntsman: government shutdown is
a loser for Republicans

Labrador: that's true

Huntsman: so why do it

Labrador: Democrats want a government
shutdown so they can blame Republicans
who want a shutdown

Gregory: I see

Labrador: John Boehner is willing to negotiate

Gregory: John Boehner hates your guts

Labrador: Tip O'Neill shut down the
government 10 times

Matthews: that's not true

Gregory: why can't Obama shut down
the government over something he wants?

Labrador: you're taking away our 
First Amendment right to protest

Matthews: you're crazy

Labrador: Obama crammed his law down
the throats of American people by using
Democracy which is unfair

Matthews: but holding the government
hostage is fair?

Labrador: exactly!

Myers: people will like Obamacare

Gregory: will you refuse to raise the debt
ceiling over Obamacare?

Labrador: no I will refuse to pay America's
bills to get what I want on other issues

Gregory: Chris you have a book about
compromise in politics – Ted Cruz hates that

Matthews: Tip O'Neil and Reagan were
both popular and both compromised

Gregory: amazing

Matthews: O'Neil and Reagan were
drinking buddies after 6:00 p.m.

Gregory: alcohol – is the no problem 
it can't solve?

Matthews: Maybe Obama and Boehner
could smoke together – ha!

Gregory: McConnell and Rand Paul
could bond over meth

Matthews: no you're talking

Gregory: sadly the Tip/Gipper are gone
and now politicians demand what they want
or the government shuts down

Matthews: it was old-fashioned horse trading

Gregory: what is Obama's 
problem with horseplay?

Matthews: Reagan was better at
connecting with other politicians also
he was popular with white people

Gregory: good point

Matthews: one was a passionate conservative
and another a die-hard liberal but they
both liked each other

Gregory: mister we could use
two old Irishmen again!

Matthews: those were the days!

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