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Meet The Press – September 9, 2013

Dennis McDonough (White House Chief of Staff)
Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM)
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA)
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX)
Fmr. Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
Fmr. Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA)
Chuck Todd
David Axelrod
Savannah Guthrie
Anthony Weiner

Gregory: OMG Assad used chemical
weapons in Syria!

Gregory: welcome Dennis

McDonough: hi David

Gregory: why isn't Congress
in favor of bombing Syria?

McDonough: no one doubts that Assad
used chemical weapons killing civilians

Gregory: I guess not

McDonough: so should he face
consequences or not?

Gregory: you say Hezbollah and Iran
will use nukes if we don't bomb Syria

McDonough: right

Gregory: so is this about Syria or Iran?

McDonough: it's about a 100 year-old ban
on gas as a weapon of war which
protects our soldiers the world over

Gregory: the people don't want another
middle east war as fun as the last ones were

McDonough: this is not an invasion
or long bombing campaign –
it's not Iraq or Libya or Vietnam or Korea -
it's more Panama or Grenada or the short Libya

Gregory: so why bother?

McDonough: it will make Assad think
twice before using these dastardly weapons

Gregory: any doubt Assad ordered it?

McDonough: no – no one questions it

Gregory: the American people question
if bombing will work and they are
experts in Syria as we all know

McDonough: we are going to make
Congress endorse this or accept
responsibility for not doing anything

Gregory: are we taking sides in
a Syria civil war or not?

McDonough: we support moderates there

Gregory: it that yes or no?

McDonough: it's a kind of yes
since it will weaken Assad

Gregory: are we getting in a civil war?

McDonough: our bombs will help 
both sides reach an agreement

Gregory: Obama has referenced
the Holocaust - how can you not bomb?

McDonough: because this only makes
it more likely that a Holocaust in the future
not one happening right now

Gregory: doesn't Obama have to bomb?

McDonough: no - but Congress has 
to approve bombing

Gregory: Obama raised eyebrows
when he said his credibility is not
on the line when it is

McDonough: Fluffy the ban on chemical
weapons is bipartisan and 100 years old

Gregory: but I hate Obama

McDonough: Obama sent a clear
signal to Assad that there would be
consequences if he used chemical
weapons and Assad did it again

Gregory: Charles Krauthammer says
Obama is a weakling by going to
Congress and left our enemies gleeful

McDonough: Obama is leading the
international effort to bomb Assad –
who's weak now motherfucker?

Gregory: will you kill Assad like you did bin Laden?

McDonough: we'll leave that up to the Syria people

Gregory: thanks for coming McD

[ break ]

Gregory: Senator why you don't 
you support bombing Syria?

Udall: Assad is despicable and my
heart is broken over his use of
chemical weapons

Gregory: so why not bomb?

Udall: because we don't need to get
involved in a middle east civil war

Gregory: if you say so

Udall: I'm sad Obama has given
up on rallying the world
- Obama got Congress on the record
let's get Russia and China on the record too!

Gregory: if we don't bomb no
one will believe America any more

Udall: not true – we're rallying
the world on Syria

Gregory: you just said Obama
gave up on rallying the world

Udall: a few Tomahawks won't help

Gregory: perhaps not

Udall: let us take this to a public vote in the U.N.!

Gregory: thanks Mark

Udall: Tom

Gregory: whatever

[ break ]

Gregory: how will you all vote ?

Sanchez: no

McCaul: no

King: yes - although I hate Obama

Gregory: why not support bombing?

Sanchez: how does Assad's use
of chemical weapons on
children affect Americans?

Gregory: dunno

Sanchez: we will get sucked
into a Syria civil war!

King: if the middle east collapses
that's in our interest – but I wish Obama
was more commander-in-chief
than community organizer

Gregory: what do you mean?

King: Obama is weak! He must bomb
without going to Congress!

McCaul: Once we launch one
cruise missile we will be entering a
civil war defending al-qaeda
on the eve of 9/11

Gregory: uh huh

McCaul: if we bomb Syria then
American kids will probably be gassed

Sanchez: cruise missiles are
like potato chips – you can't just launch just one

Gregory: good analogy

Sanchez: the UN Charter is American law!!

Gregory: sort of

Sanchez: let's go to the UN council!

Gregory: I hear a lot of opposition
and support from people who hate Obama

King: we can isolate al-qaeda and
I represent 9/11 families and the
UN is useless and Obama flinched

McCaul: If Assad falls Al-Qeada
will take over but also a few
missiles won't do any good

Gregory: I don't follow

McCaul: the international community
should just secure all those
chemical weapons in Syria

Gregory: why didn't stupid Obama think of that?!

[ break ]

Gregory: what's the latest news Andrea?

Mitchell: John Kerry in Paris announced
that all Arab leaders have condemned Assad
and that Saudi Arabia secretly supports bombing

Gregory: what did the French say?

Mitchell: they swooned after he
delivered a speech in flawless French
and chanting Allez le bombing!
Etas-Unis! Etas-Unis!

Gregory: play inside baseball for me Chuckie

Todd: everyone hates Obama –
it's so awesome

Gregory: I love it

Todd: Obama is doing interviews
tomorrow where he will wave a
foam finger and chant USA USA USA

[ break ]

Gregory: Dennis McD says Iran will get nukes

Gingrich: normal people don't understand this

Greg: I love what a terrible
awful person you are –
don't ever change!

Harman: limited bombing to
promote our values is a great idea

Gregory: People don't want another long war

Axelrod: Obama doesn't war either

Gregory: maybe not

Axelrod: these weapons have
been banned for 100 years for a reason

Gregory: but we were wrong in Iraq

Axelrod: no you were wrong –
Obama was right

Audience: oh snap

Gingrich: Peggy Noonan is right –
Americans are now tired of getting
involved in un-American place like
the middle east where people fight all the time

Todd: I am as cynical as anyone but
what will happen on the fourth day of bombing?

Harman: four calling bombs three french planes
two anti-war doves and Assad up a tree

Gregory: but Bush was wrong in
Iraq and also Benghazi!

Axelrod: inaction is action too

Gingrich: people in the middle east
hate each other and engage in
endless senseless shootings which
Americans just cannot relate to

Axelrod: middle east problems have
a way of coming here whether
we like it or not

Harman: by letting Congress pretend
to vote on war we are sending the
world a message about democracy

Gregory: how can Obama not bomb?

Todd: offhand I'd say by not bombing

Gregory: hmmm

Todd: we will kill innocent civilians!!

Gingrich: if Obama had just bombed
without consulting Congress there
would have no negative consequences

Gregory: OMG I just love what a
liar you are – I beg you to never change

Gingrich: never Fluffy

[ break ]

Guthrie: why on earth are you
still running when everyone
hates your guts?

Weiner: let's see when I win and serve two terms

Guthrie: you sound a little crazy

Weiner: I got people from Malaysian
tv yelling at me about underpants texts

Guthrie: you knew that would happen

Weiner: it's about helping the City of New York

Guthrie: you're embarrassing the whole city

Weiner: I dunno - New York is pretty
hard to embarrass

Guthrie: you portrayed yourself as
contrite and you were still doing it!

Weiner: I was very honest about
the fact that I cannot be trusted

Guthrie: your wife said you had
changed and you were still lying to her

Weiner: I was better then

Guthrie: you were lying though

Weiner: I was down to only two
sexy texts per day

Guthrie: does your wife just
basically hate you now?

Weiner: yes but I'm all about
the middle class now

Guthrie: does she regret standing with you?

Weiner: oh you have no idea

Guthrie: do you regret running now

Weiner: well being Mayor for 8 years
will be tough but I'm ready!

Guthrie: you crazy nut

[ break ]

Gregory: gimme some more

Todd: McConnell is in danger and
Obama is gonna twist some
black caucus arms

Gregory: so basically Obama is
finished – what else you got?

Todd: less than a year after Sandy Hook
the NRA have found a way back from
the wilderness supporting guns

Gregory: amazing

Todd: also Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton
are best buddies

Gregory: I love it - that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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