Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meet The Press – July 28, 2013

Sec. Jack Lew (Treasury)
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)
Christine Quinn (D-NYC)
David Axelrod
Harold Ford
Maria Bartiromo
Mike Murphy

Gregory: wow dozens of people have
been killed in Egypt and Obama
wants to talk about the economy

Audience: woot

Gregory: Jack are we going to have
another government shut down?

Lew: the threat not to raise the
debt ceiling in 2011 hurt the economy

Gregory: news reports say that Obama
will refuse to slash spending which
could shut down the government

Lew: Obama won't accept slashing
domestic spending to fund more
wasteful defense programs

Gregory: will Obama go to the
brink on this issue?

Lew: Washington has to stop playing
these brinksmanship games!

Gregory: will Obama go to the mat?

Lew: Congress has to fund needed programs

Gregory: but will Obama fight?

Lew: yes!

Gregory: Republicans say we need
to reduce the deficit

Lew: Obama has cut the deficit more
than any President since WWII

Gregory: but the debt is so high!

Lew: the IMF said the U.S. is cutting
the debt too much!

Gregory: even so

Lew: lifting the debt ceiling just pays
the bills for money we already spent!

Gregory: can we achieve a grand bargain?

Lew: forget that – we need to help
people live their lives

Gregory: Obama claims we're better
off than we were during the recession

Lew: we've added jobs 40 months in a row

Gregory: oh that

Lew: our recovery is the admiration
of the rest of the world

Gregory: 60% of Americans think
we're on the wrong track

Lew: here's what I do know Fluffy –
another fight over the debt ceiling
is not going to help

Gregory: the reality is that we have
long-term unemployment and
The Wall Street Journal says Obama is
worse for the middle class than any President
ever and is hooking poor people
on a drug called Obamacare

Lew: that's stupid – the last President was named
George W. Bush and he wrecked the economy 
– maybe the WSJ didn't hear about that?

Gregory: why are so many people on food stamps?

Lew: we need to do more to help everyone

Gregory: is it Obama's fault that the
recovery is so anemic?

Lew: we inherited an economy in
freefall and we're doing better than
other countries that tried austerity and failed

Gregory: was the IRS scandal a phony scandal

Lew: after weeks and weeks of hearings
and investigations there is no evidence
at all of political involvement and we
have to distinguish reality from fantasy

Gregory: what's going on in Egypt?

Rogers: the military rose up on
behalf of the people!

Gregory: 205 members of the House
voted to stop the NSA from collecting
everyone's phone records

Rogers: we all should be very concerned
about Obama stealing our medical records

Gregory: um... what

Rogers: look before 9/11 there was a
guy in San Diego who was making calls
and he flew into the Pentagon and we missed it

Gregory: do you really need to collect all call records?

Rogers: there is more information on
an envelope you send in the mail than
in this massive database

Gregory: for reals?

Rogers: there have been zero privacy
violations and 54 violent terrorists caught

Gregory: I'm sold

Rogers: also there is no content or
names or addresses – just numbers called

Gregory: how scary is Ed Snowden?

Rogers: he is getting soldiers in
Afghanistan killed

Gregory: yikes

Rogers: also he's empowering the Russians

Gregory: is he coming back?

Rogers: he could have been a heroic
whistleblower and instead he just
gave all our secrets to the Chinese

Gregory: that is so sad

Rogers: if he really thinks he did the
right thing he should come back America
and bring back the stuff he stole
from the American people

Gregory: what did he steal?

Rogers: all the information about the
phone records we took without permission!

Gregory: of course

Gregory: we cannot discuss
Anthony Weiner because the details
are so icky but let's try

Axelrod: Huma is a friend of mine
but this is getting ridiculous – he's an idiot

Gregory: that seems right

Axelrod: how can we miss him
when he won't go away?

Gregory: Maureen Dowd says the Clintons
survived scandal because he actually
had a good track record

Bartiromo: most New Yorkers
want less regulation of businesses

Murphy: he wasn't even a good
Congressman – who cares?

Gregory: Bob Filner is the Mayor
of San Diego and even more pervy
and he's not resigning

Ford: I should be Mayor! Why the hell not?

Gregory: why do these weirdos hang on to power?

Axelrod: Some are pathological and others delusional

Murphy: whatever happened to
honor and shame - we have a narcissistic
culture where you do something bad 
it's ok as long you say you feel bad about it

Gregory: welcome Christine Quinn –
what's your take on Anthony's weiner?

Quinn: we need people to believe in 
government did you know I am an 
awesome city council speaker?

Gregory: do you believe Weiner is disqualified?

Quinn: he's a loser

Gregory: is he disqualified?

Quinn: it's not appropriate for me to
say he's not qualified – but he's not qualified
not just because he's a perv but because
he's a talentless hack

Gregory: why do you support stop-and-frisk?

Quinn: we can use stop-and-frisk
to bring the whole city together –
who doesn't love a good frisking?

Gregory: I don't know

Quinn: we need high-quality stops and frisks!

Gregory: thanks for coming Christine

Gregory: let's talk about Weiner
some more

Murphy: the Democrats have a weak
field like this woman we just talked
to Christine O'Donnell

Gregory: Quinn

Murphy: all those damn Irish are the same

Gregory: the economy is terrible!

Bartiromo: actually the economy is
doing pretty well but we do need to
create jobs by giving businesses
whatever they want

Gregory: please bash Obama for me

Murphy: the debt is high and everyone
hates Barack Obama and also he's a big liberal

Gregory: right

Murphy: if Obama would just move
to the center everything would be great

Axelrod: Obama rescued the American
economy and John Boehner

Murphy: both sides are equally
responsible for the dysfunction in Washington

Ford: we just need to approve a giant
pipeline and pass an infrastructure bill
and give the Republicans whatever they want

Axelrod: Harold he's done that

Ford: but the pipeline!

Axelrod: the pipeline is stupid and the
Republicans just oppose Obama at every turn

Gregory: is it up to the states rescue America?

Murphy: Republican are afraid of the
tea party and Democrats are afraid
of those evil teachers unions

Ford: Obama is talking about jobs and
the GOP is focusing on abortion –
is that really the most pressing issue right now?

Gregory: businesses are making record profits

Bartiromo: there's low-hanging fruit –
for example everyone agrees that we
should cut taxes for the rich

Gregory: Executive Producer
Betsy Fischer Martin started as
an intern and has been been
with MTP for 22 years

Martin: love you too Fluffy

Axelrod: she's why I love this show

Murphy: she's a combination of
mother hen and drill sergeant

Gregory: we will miss you Betsy –
and that's another episode of Meet The Press

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