Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - July 21, 2013

Mayor Dave Bing (D-Detroit)
Van Jones
Matthew Dowd
Dana Perino
Pierre Thomas
Cokie Roberts

Stephanopoulos: omg the President quietly
admitted this Friday that's he black!!

Audience: no!

Obama: people used to hold their
valuables tightly when I was around

Stephanopoulos: to be fair that
still happens to Vladimir Putin

Obama: could Trayvon had
stood his ground?

Audience: oooh

Obama: we're a more perfect union

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Detroit is bankrupt

Bing: we're coming back!!

Stephanopoulos: did you ask the
government to bail you at?

Bing: not yet – first we have
to talk to our creditors

Stephanopoulos: but everybody
these days gets federal help

Bing: I know – that's part of the problem
Obama might say no

Stephanopoulos: oh come on –
you know you want some of
those sweet federal dollars

Bing: George you don't understand –
we don't just need a little cash –
the city is in big trouble!

Stephanopoulos: some low-level judge
threw out your bankruptcy claim

Bing: screw that George – we're in a crisis!

Stephanopoulos: do white people
in Michigan hate Detroit?

Bing: of course but that's not important
right now – anyway it will hurt
white suburbs if Detroit fails

Stephanopoulos: is Detroit going to change?

Bing: the Downtown is hot!

Stephanopoulos: it's hot everywhere

Bing: but our neighborhoods
are awful and services suck

Stephanopoulos: sounds delightful

Bing: we're coming back! I swear!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Chandler

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Obama stood
his ground as a black man!

Dowd: it was important to quell
all the black violence after the verdict

Stephanopoulos: what violence?

Dowd: the riots in my mind

Jones: Matthew Dowd there
was no violence

Dowd: there still could be
[ fingers crossed ]

Jones: the President words
were very personal

Stephanopoulos: too personal?

Jones: other Presidents have talked
openly about being black Irish

Perino: Obama is trying to calm
people down to stop black people from
rioting when there are no civil rights
charges against Zimmerman

Thomas: at least Zimmerman isn't
going to get his damn gun back

Roberts: I think Sasha and Malia
made their Dad talk to the nation

Dowd: let's face it – Stand Your Ground
makes people want to shoot other people

Roberts: Trayvon should've carried
and gun and shot the nut stalking him

Thomas: if Trayvon had shot that
guy he would be in prison for life

Perino: the President should have
addressed the case where two
black teenagers shot a baby

Jones: a black woman fires a warning
shot and gets 20 years while Zimmerman
kills a kid and gets off

Stephanopoulos: it happens

Jones: white conservatives keep bringing
up shootings in Chicago – what if there is
a silent majority of Jack-Kemp-conservatives
who care about urban areas and black people?

Stephanopoulos: indeed and what if
flying unicorns take over the Senate?

Dowd: if I were a Republican candidate
for President I would focus on
fixing inner cities – GOP primary
voters would love that

Perino: George W. Bush showed he cared about poor people by enacted No Child Left Behind

Stephanopoulos: he united a divided
nation hating that law

Roberts: and now we are less divided as a nation

Dowd: but we have a huge class divide
between the rich and the rest of you peons

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming everyone

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