Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – July 28, 2013

Jeff Zeleny
Glenn Greenwald
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Sec. Jack Lew (Treasury)
Stephen Rattner
Katrina Vanden Heuvel
George Will
Peggy Noonan

Stephanopoulos: OMG Anthony Weiner's
campaign manager quit!

Zeleny: Nany Pelosi said he should get
a clue just because he said can't stop
sending strange women pictures 
of his reproductive organs

Stephanopoulos: wow

Zeleny: it's all quite bizarre

Stephanopoulos: welcome Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald: hi George

Stephanopoulos: could Ed Snowden
really wiretap anyone?

Greenwald: low-level private contractors
have access to trillions of phone calls

Stephanopoulos: good lord

Greenwald: also all your e-mails and
your browsing history

Stephanopoulos: criminy

Greenwald: there may be legal limits but
nothing to stop low-level employees
from listening to anyone's phone calls

Stephanopoulos: is there any evidence
that NSA employees have abused this

Greenwald: sure there is – plus no one
knows what they are really doing

Stephanopoulos: where is Ed Snowden now?

Greenwald: he's somewhere in Russia
and happy to be out of the spotlight

Stephanopoulos: I'm sure – thanks for coming Glenn

[ break ]

Chambliss: Saxby can low-level NSA
employees really listen in on your phone calls?

Chambliss: I was just at the NSA headquarters
and they assured me that they can't monitor
e-mails or phone calls

Stephanopoulos: well that settles that question

Chambliss: yep – I was convinced

Stephanopoulos: Dick what about the vote
in the House to stop metadata collection?

Durbin: it was a close vote and
we're going to get more oversight

Stephanopoulos: do you support limits?

Durbin: absolutely – we should stop
all this data collection and completely
reform the FISA court too

Chambliss: look we have plenty of oversight
now and we should never invade anyone's
privacy ever but also if had the metadata
collection program in 2001 we
would have prevented 9/11 and
saved thousands of lives

Stephanopoulos: what's going on in Egypt?

Durbin: we have to make it clear to
Egypt what is unacceptable for us
in their country

Chambliss: we need to stay our of their
country but also make it clear what
we will and will not tolerate in their country

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming guys

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: is Congress going
to insist on shutting down the government?

Lew: it would be nice if the Congress didn't
actively threaten the U.S. economy

Stephanopoulos: interesting concept

Lew: last time there was a debt
ceiling fight it did great damage

Stephanopoulos: so will we go through
it all over again?

Lew: we need to work together to create jobs

Stephanopoulos: but both sides are dug in

Lew: we need to break the logjam in Congress

Stephanopoulos: how do yo do that?

Lew: try to find some reasonable
people in elective office

Stephanopoulos: good luck with that

Lew: look we learned in 2011 threatening
not to raise the debt ceiling is a terrible idea

Stephanopoulos: but the President has to negotiate

Lew: even agreeing to negotiate over
whether to pay America's debts sends
a bad message and Obama won't do it

Stephanopoulos: who is going to
be the next Fed Chair?

Lew: that's a secret

Steph: you're not seriously considering
Larry Summers are you?

Lew: um maybe

Stephanopoulos: will Obama bail out Detroit?

Lew: no

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Jack

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: isn't the recovery weak
because of GOP threats over the debt ceiling?

Will: Obama's recovery from the Bush
recession is not as good as George Bush's
economic peak or Reagan's recovery

Van Den Heuvel: the GOP keeps
sabatoging the economy

Noonan: the American people just
reelected Obama which proves
how much they hate him

Rattner: Congress is doing nothing!

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