Sunday, July 07, 2013

Meet The Press – July 7, 2013

Tom Costello
Debbie Hersman (NTSB)
Mohamed El Baradei
Nabil Fahmy (Fmr. Egypt Amb. to U.S.)
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Robin Wright
Tom Friedman
Jeff Goldberg
Chuck Todd
Andrea Mitchell
EJ Dionne
David Brooks
Gene Robinson
Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID)

Gregory: wow what's up with the plane crash in San Francisco?

Costello: the tail slammed into the sea wall

Gregory: yikes

Costello: the FAA will listen to 
voices in the cockpit

Gregory: can they hear the voices in my head?

Costello: no David 

Gregory: welcome Debbie –
how's investigation coming?

Hersman: we will interview surviving
crew members and find out what happened

Gregory: I know you can't jump
to conclusions but just tell why
this happened right now

Hersman: I can't do that Fluffy

Gregory: what is terrorism? or a hurricane?

Herman: are you some kind of moron?

Gregory: that's not the point Debbie

Gregory: Mohammed El Baradei
was supposed to be Prime Minister
of Egypt then denied it and now
he claims he has a fever and the
only cure is to cancel his 
appearance on Meet The Press

El Baradei: and more cowbell!

Reporter: no one has any idea who
the military will install to will run Egypt

Gregory: they need a permanent guest host

Reporter: well it's utter chaos here

Gregory: who the hell is going 
to govern Egypt?

Fahmy: I have no freaking idea David

Gregory: is it right to have the military
overthrow a democratically elected official?

Fahmy: this was like having 50 million
people protesting on Capitol Hill –
the military had to do something!

Gregory: we don't cover protests -
my god they're full of hippies

Fahmy: any President where half
the country hates his guts has a problem

Gregory: that never stopped George Bush
and he wasn't even popularly elected

Fahmy: well that's your problem

Gregory: won't islamists now
believe that democracy doesn't work?

Fahmy: no I love the islamists -
I just don't want them in power

Gregory: what about Americans
vacationing in Egypt right now?

Fahmy: did they hear not hear we
have mass protests, riots and a military coup?

Gregory: sorry all the news networks
are covering the Zimmerman trial

Fahmy: oh right

Friedman: I was just in Egypt and
my cabdriver told me what the
country needs is unicorns and ponies

Goldberg: the muslim brotherhood
is totalitarian, misogynist and just
generally a bunch of jerks

Gregory: but they were elected

Goldberg: if the protesters has just been
patient the Brotherhood would 
have collapsed but now they'v
got people feeling sorry for them 
- as Deep Throat said of Haldemen
- I didn't think that was possible

Robin Wright: this coup set a bad
precedent for middle east democracies

Gregory: yes a coup will do that

Mitchell: free and fair elections
do not mean democracy –
the brotherhood was elected
but did not represent the people

Gregory: of course this makes
Obama look bad and uninvolved

Todd: this time Obama is hands-on and involved

Gregory: I don't care I like
my narrative and I've memorized it

Todd: The United States owns Egypt

Gregory: I did not know that

Todd: Obama won it in a poker 
game in Turkey in 2009

Mitchell: don't kid yourself the U.S.
is behind this coup Fluffy

Gregory: but how does this 
make Obama look bad?

Friedman: we are freaks! 
Americans are freaking freaks!

Gregory: have you been reading 
my diary again Tom?

Friedman: well don't post it online Fluffy

Wright: the Egyptians have to
decide what kind of government they want
not just who they want in charge

Goldberg: the Muslim Brotherhood
waited for decades to take 
power and they blew it

Gregory: but they are martyrs in a coup

Goldberg: they staged their own
coup last year when they tried
to seize absolute power

Gregory: Bob please bash Obama for me

Menendez: we should use 
our leverage in Egypt

Gregory: how do we do that?

Menendez: strongly recommend Egypt
get a new and better Constitution with
an electoral college and right to bare arms

Gregory: should Obama pressure Egypt to respect Islamists?

Menendez: Morsi was a dictator you know

Gregory: but he's a handsome man

Menendez: that's true

Gregory: what should we do if other
countries offer Ed Snowden asylum?

Menendez: we should cut off all
trade if they accept that hacking fool

Gregory: what about delaying the
employer mandate in the health
care reform law?

Menendez: 96% of companies were
not affected by the mandate anyway

Gregory: panel health care reform 
is difficult isn't it?

Brooks: we should work through
the messiness rather than 
putting off the messiness

Gregory: Eric Cantor told me that mandates are bad

Dionne: Congress will never fix
the health care law because they want to destroy it

Gregory: I don't understand
health care reform but I do understand
that I'm paying more taxes and
it makes a lot of people mad

Robinson: which people?

Gregory: a lot of people

Robinson: ok

Mitchell: Obama has made a
concession to critics and it 
politically damaging

Robinson: is it a good law?

Mitchell: how should I know?

Todd: Republicans are 
trying to sabotage the law

Brooks: but they are trying to destroy
a rube goldberg law – which shouldn't
have employer health care at all

Dionne: um what?

Gregory: Raul talk tea party to me

Labrador: the health care law just
doesn't work – if it affected so few
employes why was this big law necessary?

Gregory: will Republicans pass
immigration reform is George W. Bush 
asks them to?

Labrador: I'm all for immigration
reform but only if we close the border first

Gregory: right

Labrador: I don't trust Janet Napolitano
because she says the border is pretty
secure right now

Robinson: it's 2,000 miles long –
the border will never be impregnable!

Brooks: the Republican argument
against the immigration reform is
one of the worst i've heard – it's mystifying

Labrador: that's ridiculous – 
the American people want a 
100-foot high wall topped 
with razor wire 1,000 miles long

Gregory: I like it

Labrador: also local police
should enforce immigration laws

Brooks: the law would cut illegal
immigration – isn't what you want?

Labrador: but not by enough!

Brooks: but a lot more than the current law!

Labrador: we need walls not amnesty

Brooks: generally when something
is an improvement you support it

Labrador: booo!!

Gregory: George W. Bush is 
throwing his enormous prestige 
behind immigration reform

Todd: he was becoming less unpopular
because people forgot all about him

Gregory: Obama has no real
second-term agenda and I hate him

Mitchell: there is no House
version of Marco Rubio

Todd: it was supposed to be
Paul Ryan but it turns out he's a weasel

Gregory: Raul don't you want hispanic votes?

Labrador: if we enact a bad bill it
will be the death of the Republican party

Gregory: whoa

Labrador: but if we can cut down
on illegal immigration it will be 
a big achievement

Gregory: we already have – it's way down

Labrador: 20,000 guest workers per
year is much too low

Gregory: Michelle Obama called
the White House a prison!

Mitchell: the nuts in the conservative
blogosphere totally lied about that

Gregory: I'm shocked they're
usually so reliable

Mitchell: indeed

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press