Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet The Press - July 21, 2013

Marc Morial - President of the
National Urban League and
former Mayor of New Orleans
Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) &
Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus
Tavis Smiley – PBS
Charles Ogletree - Harvard Law School
Michael Steele - former Chair of the RNC
Chuck Todd
Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI)
Fmr. Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI)

Gregory: the President come out as a black man!

Fudge: the President made it clear
that Trayvon had rights not to
be followed and killed

Obama: Trayvon Martin could have
been me and African-Americans have
a history that doesn't go away

Gregory: Tavis you said the
President's comments were weak

Smiley: his statements don't count
because he was pushed to make
those remarks and anyway Obama
lacks moral leadership

Gregory: I love it

Smiley: Obama's failure to speak out
on race is this is just like Bill Clinton
allowing genocide in Rwanda

Gregory: is Obama responsible for genocide?

Ogletree: no

Gregory: dammit

Ogletree: he's not a black President –
he's the President who happens to be black

Morial: he started the process which
will hopefully lead to real action

Steele: I agree with Tavis -
it's Obama's fault that we
don't have gun control

Gregory: nice

Morial: the President can't
do it all alone

Smiley: he's weak! Weak I tell you!

Morial: let me finish Tavis

Smiley: Ogletree is wrong –
Obama has tried to avoid
race at all costs

Ogletree: not true

Smiley: Obama said only athletes
can solve our racial problem!

Ogletree: that's crap Tavis

Smiley: screw you Harvard

Ogletree: excuse me – he's pushed
health care reform and gun control

Fudge: the House is trying to
eliminate food stamps!

Gregory: Stand Your Ground laws
have redefined the concept of self-defense

Steele: those laws are probably
bad but the federal government
should mind its own business

Gregory: good point

Steele: Stand Your Ground was
not used by the Zimmerman defense

Morial: but it was used in the jury instruction

Smiley: why hasn't the NRA argued
that Trayvon should have carried
a gun to defend himself from
George Zimmerman?

Morial: why wasn't George Zimmerman
arrested after killing a child?

Gregory: is that sill illegal in Florida?

Ogletree: that's unclear Fluffy

Smiley: the President said Friday
there ain't going to be a civil rights case

Gregory: The Washington Post's
Richard Cohen asked who will be
brave enough to admit we must assume
all black men are criminals

Fudge: police stop and frisk black kids
no wonder they get convicted more!

Smiley: I want Obama to lead!

Morial: we need economic opportunity

Gregory: Obama said in 2008 we
are not going to get past race easily

Ogletree: President Obama put
Trayvon Martin in American history

Smiley: Obama must leads the
nation in a moral conversation!

Gregory: but conservative says race
had nothing to do with Trayvon Martin case

Steele: well that's stupid isn't it

[ break ]

Gregory: Governor Snyder you said
in 2011 you not allow Detroit
declare bankruptcy – what happened?

Snyder: I changed my mind –
the citizens of Detroit deserve better services

Gregory: half the street lights don't work

Snyder: it's a bit of a problem

Gregory: clearly

Snyder: I'm bullish on Detroit –
we just need to get rid of the city government

Gregory: you have some very lazy greedy retirees

Snyder: shit's gettin' real

Gregory: how will you tell these retirees to suck it

Snyder: it's going to be ugly

Gregory: that's true all over America –
I hate these awful retired teachers
and cops and firefighters

Gregory: what about a federal bailout?

Snyder: in the next month we will remove all blight

Gregory: thanks for coming Rick

[ break ]

Gregory: in 2012 Obama said 'we refuse
to let Detroit go bankrupt' but
he meant the auto industry

Granholm: it's simple - Detroit lost
90% of its manufacturing jobs

Gregory: conservatives blame unions
and blame you for boosting your state
when you were governor

Granholm: to be fair this is a
problem all across America

Brooks: San Francisco lost manufacturing
jobs and they're doing well

Morial: true

Todd: the problem is cronyism –
also businesses failed too

Morial: poor people don't get bailouts
quel surprise

Gregory: laissez les bad temps roulez

Brooks: Detroit is just like the fall of
the Roman Empire - entrenched elites
engaged in orgies and were overrun by goths

Gregory: is American declining?

Brooks: not if you're white and
college educated – the problem is class

Morial: we need to address that too

Gregory: my mother is from Detroit
thank god she left

Granholm: Germany is creating
middle-class manufacturing jobs

Gregory: white people say Obama
doesn't care about race

Brooks: yes but Obama's ability to see
both sides comes from the fact that
he has a white mother and Kenyan father

Gregory: but conservatives say now
is not the time to talk about white
people killing unarmed black teenagers

Brooks: well that's stupid

Morial: this was deep in his consciousness
but he has addressed civil rights and
health care and predatory lending

Todd: Tavis says he was too cautious 
on race but people said that Obama is
too cautious on every issue

Gregory: true

Todd: also Obama is an anthropologist
who studies human beings from a distance

Gregory: and a law professor who
poses tough questions to us all

Todd: also to Obama just winning the
Presidency was a big statement
to young African-Americans

Brooks: he's also pushing immigration reform
it's about more than just black and white

Gregory: Helen Thomas was a White House
reporter pioneer who asked tough questions

Audience: what an amazing concept

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet the Press

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