Sunday, August 04, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – August 4, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
General Martin E. Dempsey - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Raddatz: where is Ed Snowden?

Dempsey: I don't know – somewhere in the USSR

Raddatz: Russia

Dempsey: whatever

Raddatz: are you trying to catch him?

Dempsey: Snowden is not doing this for 
some noble purpose you know

Raddatz: how much classified material 
does he have?

Dempsey: I have no idea

Raddatz: you're so well-informed

Dempsey: I try

Raddatz: can they grab information off his computer?

Dempsey: I don't know - but they probably can

Raddatz: was Egypt a military coup?

Dempsey: we don't know

Raddatz: did Kerry misspeak when he said 
the coup restored democracy?

Dempsey: um maybe

Raddatz: is Assad winning the war in his country?

Dempsey: yes but someday he may not

Raddatz: why not?

Dempsey: if we start kicking his ass 
with some Assad-fired missiles

Raddatz: how do you view Iraq today 
– was it a success?

Dempsey: thousands of Americans died
so they could be they could be who 
they want to be

Raddatz: very violent?

Dempsey: we unleashed centuries-old animosities

Raddatz: what lessons have been learned from Iraq?

Dempsey: I learned military force can't make peace

Raddatz: should sex assault charges 
be out of the chain of command?

Dempsey: no but we may start treating 
women like human beings

Raddatz: you are a grandfather now

Dempsey: I was babysitting infants
which is harder than commanding
100,000 men in combat

Raddatz: you sang the national anthem
in public on the 4 of the July

Dempsey: I rock

Raddatz: thanks for coming

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