Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - August 11, 2013

Martha Raddatz
Lon Snowden
Bruce Fein
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA)
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX)
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
Donna Brazile
George Will

Stephanopoulos: hey Martha are those
embassies ever going to re-open or what?

Raddatz: we scared those terrorists
off with our panic

Stephanopoulos: Obama said Ed Snowden
is 'not a patriot' and a 'dweeb'

Raddatz: they want him to come back but
also that he's terribly damaged American security

Stephanopoulos: is your son open to a deal?

Snowden: I'm not

Stephanopoulos: not at all

Snowden: the goal should be justice!

Fein: we're going to visit Ed in Moscow

Stephanopoulos: that should be fun
just don't be openly gay

Fein: Ed is a patriot since he saved
his nation from his government

Stephanopoulos: clever

Snowden: the President is a in tough
spot but my son has sacrificed a lot

Stephanopoulos: are you insisting
on choosing the venue for his trial?

Fein: no just not Virginia which is
full of government bureaucrats and spies

Stephanopoulos: well he did break the law

Fein: not necessarily - he had a First Amendment
right to disclose those secrets

Stephanopoulos: that seems like a stretch

Fein: how is supposed to go to Diane Feinstein
- she thinks he's a traitor and
kept all these secrets for seven years

Snowden: if my son went to Peter King
he would have him killed an buried under
the Capitol with William Howard Taft
and Jimmy Hoffa

Stephanopoulos: Bob would Ed Snowden have
gotten a fair hearing if he had gone to Congress?

Menendez: oh sure he would have –
but instead he undermined the national
security of the United States

Stephanopoulos: Dana Rohrabacher thinks
Snowden is a hero for exposing how evil Obama is

Royce: the Master Bombmaker is teaching
his apprentices to make bombs in America!

Stephanopoulos: oh my

Royce: this guy Snowden helped
Al-Qaeda kill Americans!

Stephanopoulos: yikes

Royce: also Putin is a former head of the KGB
hardly a civil rights advocate

Menendez: Putin is an authoritarian gay-hating jerk

Stephanopoulos: can Ed Snowden get a 
fair trial in the U.S.?

Royce: sure he can – a lot better than people
get in China or Russia

Stephanopoulos: Jon what's up in Iowa?

Karl: I got an exclusive interview with Donald Trump!

Stephanopoulos: sweet

Karl: will you run for President

Trump: well I am amazing

Karl: are you a joke?

Trump: I am a beautiful man with a lot of money

Karl: how much would spend to run for President?

Trump: a million dollars

Karl: what about Paul Ryan?

Trump: He's great but he wants to cut Medicare
which people seem to like

Karl: what about Chris Christie?

Trump: he's a loudmouth bully - I love him

Karl: you were obsessed with the 
President's birth certificate

Trump: it's very important issue also
we're not supposed to use the n word anymore

Karl: you believe the President was 
born in America now

Trump: no why should I?

Karl: are you crazy?

Trump: our country is being ripped apart by China!

Karl: is Ted Cruz eligible to be President
even though he was born in Canada?

Trump: maybe not

Karl: maybe he is?

Trump: who can say?

Karl: should the government be shut
down to eliminate Obamacare?

Trump: sure why not

Karl: how can Republicans beat Hillary Clinton?

Trump: nominate me

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what if Hillary Clinton doesn't run?

Brazile: Democrats like Elizabeth Warren 
or Biden or Cuomo

Stephanopoulos: interesting

Brazile: but if Hillary runs it will be a coronation

Stephanopoulos: Sarah Palin is on
the Rand Paul runaway train

Gohmert: people go to Iowa for the fried butter

Will: the Democrats will win again in 2016
count on it

Castro: if the GOP nominates a tea partier
it will be 1964 all over again

Gohmert: we can win on a platform
of eliminating all income taxes

Will: Rand Paul has the inside track!

Castro: the GOP will probably disappear soon

Stephanopoulos: wow

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