Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Week with Jake Tapper - May 23, 2010

Tim Kaine (Chair, DNC)
Michael Steele (Chair, RNC)
Tapper: Mike Steele your Senate nominee
Rand Paul says the Civil Rights Act was great
except for the desegregation

Steele: sure that was stupid - but he’s clarified it to say he doesn’t hate black people he just doesn’t want have to be around them if doesn’t want to

Tapper: Tim how can you lose now?

Kaine: well we’re Democrats so you never know

Tapper: good point

Kaine: forget the racism - Rand Paul says
going after BP is un-American

Steele: well he’s right - it’s terrible
to call BP nasty names

Tapper: that’s the new GOP motto
- “Accidents Happen”?

Steele: Obama is not Socialist enough!

Kaine: We have to hold BP accountable and not privatize the profits and socialize the losses

Steele: Obama is a Communist - also the government should solve the oil spill and create jobs

Kaine: Rand Paul also loves racial discrimination
in housing

Steele: that’s his philosophy and so you
can’t criticize it

Tapper: huh?

Steele: you can’t condemn a man for his
view that racism is good

Tapper: Blumenthal said he served with
Forrest Gump and killed Col. Kurtz

Kaine: that might be true I wasn’t there

Steele: he’s just like Rand Paul -
he’s a crazy insurgent

Tapper: the GOP won in Hawaii

Steele: and that’s where Obama was born!

Tapper: Not Kenya?

Steele: oh there too

Tapper: You lost Murtha’s seat

Steele: yes but we had a good turnout

Kaine: hey if the GOP can’t win that seat there
is no way in fucking hell they can win the House

Tapper: Sestak says Obama offered to make him
Secretary of Awesome Hair

Kaine: well why not

Tapper: is the GOP still frequenting bondage
strip clubs?

Steele: no comment Jake!

[ break ]

Tapper: It seems like Rand Paul is a little crazy

Will: he’s not a racist - it’s worse - he’s a
frivolous libertarian dolt

Tapper: oh my

Will: in fact you can legislate morality
- it’s awesome

Brazille: I was struck not just by his extremism but how much of an idiot he is

Tapper: but he can still win in Kentucky

Brazille: oh sure

Donaldson: I’m don’t know if he’s a racist but
Rachel Maddow finally exposed him as --
what’s the word - oh right - stupid

Roberts: he’s perfect for Kentucky

Tapper: he’s real and genuine

Roberts: he’s a real racist

Brazille: the GOP created a Tea Party monster
and it’s name is Racist Rand Paul

Will: back in the 19th century we solved the issue
of Free Coinage of Silver

Rand Paul: no I hate that too!


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