Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Daily Show with Newt Gingrich - May 19, 2009

Stewart: so what r teh 5 principles to a successful life

Gingrich: lie, smear lie lie and teh smearing

Stewart: let me bash pelosi for u

Gingrich: Nanci bashed teh CIA in teh middle of
teh awesomest war and that's very very bad

Stewart: true

Gingrich: teh CIA will never tell Nanci teh best secrets about thumbscrewz and teh
iron maidens nao!!!!!

Stewart: Nanci lied but so waht

Gingrich: she coulda admitted she was teh female and had teh hysteria but instead
she tortured peeps

Stewarts: heee heee

Stewart: the Repubicans are teh suck but u say
its teh awesomest ever!!!

Gingrich: teh american peeps hate liberls democrats so they elected liberasl democrats!!!

Stewart: is obama a tyrannical socialists!?

Gingrich: hes a commie!!!

Stewart: Bush gave bailouts to AIG

Gingrich: no that wuz tim geithners fault!!

Stewart: thats crazeee

Gingrich: they iz in ur industriezz taking over ur carz

Stewart: Bush is teh socialisz?

Gingrich: is just dumb and dumberz

Stewarts: bush is dumb?

Gingrich: he iz!!!

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