Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - May 3, 2009

Matthews: OMG Specter is now a pretend-Democrat!!!

Fineman: this is good news for the Republicans because the last time this happened was 1979 and the Dems were destroyed

O'Donnell: i asked Arlen if he lacked principles and he said i have to take a poll to answer that question

Matthews: Arlen's flip is only good news for Republicans

Matthews: OMG will the SCOTUS force us to get gay married!!!

Fineman: the GOP is stronger than ever!!

Klein: Reid held out for Arlen promising to consider voting for his bills before voting against them

Matthews: health care??

Fineman: Obama is a Jedi Knight and will make it happen

Klein: Obama is like Nixon and Hillary Clinton

Parker: Obama needs to just go to the GOP and give them whatever they want

Klein: it's all up to Ben Nelson

Fineman: the Democrats rigged the rules so that the majority wins

Matthews: cheaters!!!

Matthews: Rush says Olympia Snowe is the devil

O'Donnell: Haley Barbour will save the GOP and make it more moderate and accepting

Audience: [ snort! ]

Parker: the problem is the GOP has no ideas, agenda, or leaders

Klein: their DNA is authoritarian psychoses

Matthews: also they are insane

Fineman: they are comfortable with their message of total hypocrisy

Matthews: aha

Fineman: oddly Pure Hate only gets you so far

Klein: hey even the White Men get screwed under GOP rule

Matthews: will the Maineiacs switch

Fineman: that would be good news for Republicans

Tweety: of course

Tweety: tell me something I don't know!

Parker: gay married is takin over

Klein: we have to invade Tunisia

O'Donnell: we can get the torturers on perjury

Matthews: wow like al capone

Kelly: exactly

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