Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - May 31, 2009

Matthews: OMG Sotomayor is a hawt Latina!!

Obama: you're fucking right!

Whitaker: she's a three-fer -- hispanic, female and from the Bronx

Kornbluth: the Republicans would have opposed Joan of Arc

Matthews: that uppity hallucinating bitch!

Heileman: she's actually a centrist but she helps them with 25% of the population

Chris: irish catholics?

Heileman: no Hispanics dumbass

Matthews: she's such a risky choice what with the Yale degree and the ovaries

Cooper: it's not risky, it's brilliant

Matthews: let me quote Rush Limbaugh on her legal decisions

Cooper: of course

Heileman: hey stupid - in Ricci she let the local government decision stand that's judicial restraint

Matthews: but Reverse Discrimination! Reagan Democrats! la Raza!

Heileman: that was 30 years ago weirdo

Matthews: how can someone get on the court if they were ever reversed by the Supreme Court?!?

Cooper: that hasn't happened - but if it did that would be bad - it would prove she's stupid

Whitaker: no it would show the Courts interpreting law

Matthews: will she ramrod the men?

Kornbluth: did you miss you psychiatric appointment this week Tweety?

Matthews: what if Obama continues favoring minorities and women???

Heileman: get used to it Tweetums

Matthews: it will be hot fight this summer!

Cooper: hola!

Whitaker: ay caramba!

Kornbluth: y quiero sotomayor!

Heileman: ayyi!

Matthews: Obama can't possibly compete with a heroic WWII veteran like Ronald Reagan when he goes to Normandy

Heileman: that's irrelevant - this trip is about reaching out to crazy muslims

Cooper: right he has to unite Arabs and Israelis which should be easy for him

Whitaker: he will reach out in public and then tell the moderates in the middle east it's up to them

Matthews: which moderates?

Whitaker: Bibi and Hamas

Kornbluth: Obama is trying to talk around the Muslim filter

Matthews: pierce the veil!

Whitaker: Obama is hoping liberals get elected in Iran

Matthews: or else what?

Whitaker: Obama will have to declare war

Kornbluth: California is utter crisis - it's fun!

Heileman: California will have a new reverse ballot initiative to repeal the old ballot initiative to rewrite the Constitution again

Tweety: wow!

Matthews: talk Gitmoe to me!

Cooper: lose it

Whitaker: hey ho it's got to go!

Kornbluth: it's not as much fun as you've heard

Heileman: NIMBY wins as always!


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