Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - May 17, 2009

Matthews: OMG Dick Cheney says Obama a bad guy!!!

Fineman: his daughter says dick iz teh BEST!!!!

Matthews: he takes a decision not to torture innocent people as a personal insult

Fineman: no one questions Cheney's love of America and torture

Guthrie: sure people hate Cheney - but if they didn't that would be bad for Obama

Sullivan: the guy is a fucking psychopath and a war criminal!!!

Matthews: he wanted a guy tortured so he could prove al qaeda-iraq connection

Sullivan: that's a horrible abuse of power!

Norris: Cheney is trying to poison the jury against him

Matthews: using the media to muddle the message - that's smart

Norris: no he's actually trying to use poison to kill his enemies

Fineman: the big question is - does torture make us safer?

Tweety: is Cheney still calling the shots ha!

Panel: no!

Tweety: so your saying the White House is listening to Cheney

Panel: umm, no stupid

Norris: OMG Pelosi denied she knew about torture you know how the Beltway likes a denial!

Matthews: she's against a truth commission because she'll be under oath

Norris: actually she's in favor of it

Fineman: she may be telling the truth but that just means she's stupid or something

Sullivan: i think US soldiers deserve a war with integrity

Guthrie: this whole torture debate makes everyone look bad - both the people telling the truth and the liars

Matthews: OMG laura ingraham and Rush hate empathy!!!

Guthrie: Obama will be pragmatic but a liberal with his Supreme Court appointment

Fineman: he believes in teh law and not politics

Matthews: will he give us a grandstanding liberal activist?

Norris: yes he's going to nominate sean penn

Matthews: OMG!!!!

Norris: he wants someone with real world experience like in corporate law

Sullivan: human beings are important to Obama

Matthews: wait til Cheney find out!

Matthews: no drama obama?

Norris: Obama wants someone who can tell Scalia to fuck off

Sullivan: and challenge the firepower of Thomas

Tweety: huh?

Sullivan: just kidding mate

Fineman: Obama's West Wing work harder than any other administration ever

Tweety: wow where does that come from?

Fineman: Obama, fucker!


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Anonymous said...

Hee hee.

Steele is "off the hook"? Sounds more like someone should "get the hook" for him. He's done.