Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - June 29, 2008

Tweety: omg Hillary endorsed obama!!

Kay: she took her lumps and did what she needed to do to position herself for 2012

Tweety: what about teh scary women?? why won't they vote for john McCain??

Gregory: dood he's a man too

Tweety: yeah but he's sexier than Obama

Tweety: a pole came out that said Obama is only leading by 15 points -- he's gonna lose!!

Borger: he's fucked -- 80% of the country say we're on the wrong track

Tweety: those scary angry women!

Brooks: yes they are irrational but those little pretty haids will come to their senses

Tweety: Obama’s so cool

Tweety: he won so he has to supplicate himself to teh Hillary people

Gregory: like Bill

Tweety: ha!

Borger: they ran an inept campaign so Obama has to ask them for all their great ideas

Tweety: how many white women can he seize?

Kay: the supreme court!

Tweety: the war!

Tweety: Bill Clinton wants to remain the first black president

Gregory: he wants cash

Borger: is Bill Mandela or dirty laundry?

Kay: i hope you get psychiatric help someday chris matthews

Tweety: who are the hardest - women or blue collar dudes or oldsters??

Kay: Reagan dems

Brooks: independents

Matthews: ha! Obama and McCain are not baby boomers!

Tweety: omg Obama will choose a qualified veep in case he's killed!

Tweety: dan quayle told us george bush was an idiot

Borger: hey they did win

Tweety: so who does he choose

Borger: bentsen made dukakis look small

Gregory: he needs a good smart guy

Brooks: he needs to make a marriage with a handsome man like joe Biden

Matthews: Biden can carry catholics and pedantic dicks

Gregory: evan bayh has electric charisma and youthful vigor

Kay: are you all fucking kidding??

Tweety: Biden will carry the working class

Kay: Joe Biden??? what the fuck??

Tweety: doesn't he need a war monger??

Borger: he needs someone smart in foriegn affairs unlike Obama

Kay: he and john edwards get along

Tweety: but he's a lightweight

Brooks: it's all about governing he should choose Sam Nunn

Kay: have you ever once left the Beltway?

Brooks: i did once it was a horrible experience i was served a steak that was not medium-medium rare

Matthews: oh god no one suffers like we do

Tweety: sum up the week!

Kay: Bush was right about Zimbabwe it is a shitty place

Gregory: Hillary will not be on the ticket - he needs a war-talking guy

Borger: young voters this time will beat the shit out of older people

Brooks: Pelosi voted for FISA out of a favor to Obama

Tweety: do voters want change or national security - dems or GOP?

Kay: change

Borger: change

Gerogry: change

Brooks: change and to stay the same

Tweety: pick brooksie!

Brooks: why not change to create security?

Tweety: omg you just blew my mind


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